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No one ever decides to be an addict. No one intends to go through the changes and losses that accompany addiction. The truth is that no matter what changes a person goes through as part of the addiction, the real person is still there. It is possible to come back from addiction and even recover one's personal integrity and the self-esteem that may have been lost long before.

Addiction drives many people to do things they would never have considered doing when they were sober. They may lie, steal, betray friends and family. They may sell drugs to feed their own habits. Parents, spouses and other loved ones may despair of ever seeing the person they love again. But there is hope of recovery. Tens of thousands have recovered through the Narconon program.

This is a long-term program as recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse for the best result of lasting sobriety. It is a residential program which is the best way for a person to be removed from their drug contacts so they get a fresh start. In eight phases, each person learns how to overcome the trauma of the past and resolve old conflicts so they can build a new life based on their own ability to communicate and deal with daily problems. It's not easy but it is worth the result – the return of family, trust, self respect.

There is hope of the kind of future you dreamed about before drugs stole everything away. The hearts of loved ones can be healed when the days of addiction are gone and the you're back in their lives again, able to lead a healthy, self-determined life.

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