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Is long term recovery possible?

Can someone achieve a drug-free life?

Forty-eight years of success has proven that recovery from addiction is possible.

Success stories from former addicts illustrate the path to a drug-free life that is offered at Narconon rehab centers around the world. Men and women of all ages and from all walks of life have found that they could leave drugs and alcohol behind and finally build rewarding lives for themselves. In the brochure featured below, our graduates tell how they progressed from criminality, desperation and sickness to the achievement of their goals, even after failing at earlier rehab attempts.

There's Gordy, one of the first graduates of the Narconon program, who broke away from the pattern of repeated incarcerations to help found the first Narconon center in Los Angeles. There's Tempe, who was in and out of jail due to her drug addiction, and in and out of rehab centers that never seemed to help. That all ended when she found Narconon. Her cravings for drugs were gone for good after the program.

From Europe, Fermin tells his story of having to give up his career as a race car driver once his addiction became uncontrollable. After finishing the Narconon program in Spain, he married the girlfriend he had lost while he was using drugs, and started a family. From Italy, Raffaele explains that once he overcame his desire for any kind of drugs, he recovered the trust of his family and friends.

Click on the image below to open our brochure with these and many other stories from our graduates.


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