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Narconon Drug-Free Workplace Education and Training Program

  • What are the signs of employee drug use?

  • How is the increasing amount of casual drug use affecting the work force?

  • What are the current trends of drug use in society today?

  • How do you address an employee who has a substance abuse problem?

The Narconon Education and Training programs provide answers to these questions and more.

There is no area of society which is not affected by substance abuse, and this includes the business community. Lost productivity, absenteeism, errors and accidents in the workplace can often be traced back to drugs which reduce, inhibit and in many cases eliminate creativity, competence and perception.

With drug abuse rising in the workplace, many substances are being used. Prescription drugs account for 30% of the substances, which are not always detected by standard drug screens. The prescription drug of choice is Vicodin, a painkiller. Others frequently abused include Demerol, Darvon, Tylenol with codeine, anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax and Valium, and stimulants such as Ritalin. The Narconon Program helps people to fully understand the mechanics of addiction and explains what exactly drugs do to a person's mind and body. This information leads people to know why certain feelings come with drug use and how to avoid getting into the downward spiral of substance abuse.

People using drugs in the workplace not only destroy their own lives, but very often put others around them at risk as well. It is this factor that makes it so important that employees are educated in the consequences of drug abuse.

Drug Awareness Seminars

Narconon offers several seminars for both management staff and all employees that provide the essential information about drug abuse in the workplace. In addition, employees will learn information they can use to keep their children drug-free and gain an understanding of what their children are faced with today. Increased awareness is key to living life drug-free. Our methods are proven and confirmed by hundreds of thousands of responses from people sharing what they learned and how much they gained from the program.

The Narconon Drug Awareness program is provided on-site to employees in seminar format. Additional training for Human Resource professionals is also available at the Narconon International Training Center.

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Supervisor Training

Narconon seminars for management and supervisors covers the detection of drug use amongst employees, the signs and symptoms, and what to look for. Also included is information on how to handle the problem when and if it arises.

Drug use in your company may or may not seem to be an issue. There are a large number of adults using drugs today, and the so called casual user often ends up with a serious addiction. It's important to know the signs of drug use, and also have the ability to effectively handle an employee who has become an abuser. This seminar covers the most often asked questions and needs expressed by employee assistance professionals. Questions and group discussion are an integral part the program.

Participants will learn:

  • How to detect employee drug abuse

  • How to approach and address an employee who may have an alcohol or other drug problem

  • What resources are available for help

Employee Drug Awareness Seminars

With today's current culture of drug users, employees are often unaware of the real truth about drugs and their physical and mental effects. Many do not realize the consequences of "casual" drug use - it's effect on job performance, the resulting incompetence, illness, inability to concentrate, and accidents.

Employees need a basic understanding of alcohol and other drugs, and how they affect a person physically and mentally. These issues are covered and attention is given to the casual or "social" use of drugs. They will also learn how employees have a responsibility as members of the group and that drug use not only affects themselves, but others around them. Provided in an informal format this Narconon seminar gives employees an understanding of how drug use affects the person, their family and the workplace.

Participants will learn:

  • How even casual drug use seriously effects a person physically and mentally.

  • Drugs in the workplace-why drug use is more than a personal issue.

  • Common myths in today's society regarding alcohol and other drugs

Dealing With Family Issues

These seminars are provided for employees to assist them in addressing substance abuse issues that arise with their children or other family members. Family issues often reduce employees effectiveness on the job. Many of today's parents are faced with a son or daughter's drug abuse problem and are not prepared to address the situation. This Narconon seminar provides guidance and solutions.

Participants will learn:

  • How to talk to kids about drugs

  • Signs and symptoms of drug abuse

  • How to help a family member get on the road to recovery

drug awarenss seminar
Drug Awareness Seminar

drug education seminar
Drug Education Seminar

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