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Step 2

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program

How Does it Work?

Narconon New Life Detoxification Program Manual

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is a key step of each person's recovery from addiction. Those completing this step enthusiastically comment on the improvements they experience in energy, brightness of outlook, and relief from the lingering effects of drug abuse. Many people say that they no longer suffer physical cravings for drugs or alcohol after this step is complete. This change alone is a huge step forward in anyone's recovery from addiction as it is those cravings that compel a person to abuse drugs again after getting clean in rehab.

What is it about this procedure that brings about these significant results? It is just these two things:

  1. When a person abuses drugs or alcohol, he stores small amounts of residual toxins from these drugs in his (or her) fatty tissues. These toxins can remain for years, even decades, clouding thinking and affecting one's outlook on life. Complete recovery is difficult as long as these residues remain in place.
  2. When a person combines proper nutrition with moderate daily exercise and time spent sweating in a sauna, the body begins to flush out these residues, mostly through the sweat. As the residues are eliminated, thinking clears, attitude improves and most people say that their physical cravings are diminished or gone entirely.
Sauna Detox Cleansing

This improvement is absolutely critical to the process of recovery. If a person must struggle with intense cravings every day and suffer vivid drug-using dreams, life may barely be worth living. Many people talk about the way these effects are washed away by this innovative detoxification program. Most say they feel fresh and energetic again.

This process will take most people between three and five weeks. Each person is very closely monitored. His nutritional supplementation follows a precise pattern that is designed to help the body unlock these drug toxins. Every aspect of this program, from minutes of exercise to amount of water drunk while in the sauna, to milligrams of supplements consumed is monitored to ensure an ideal result is attained.

The clean new viewpoint that results prepares a person for the learning steps that will follow. Here's what a few people have said as they finished this action:

"When I first came into the sauna, I was a walking doctor's office of medications and street drugs. I began to see and feel great changes emotionally, mentally and physically. I am emotionally stable and I am starting to become the real me. I am in control of my emotions. My thinking is clear now. My memory is back due to the fact that I am no longer in the vicious cycle of drugs and drug cravings. I have a new and positive outlook on life." M.S.

"When started the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, I was tired mentally and physically. By the third week, my mind literally overnight became quite clear and my energy rose to a higher plane and has stayed there. I find myself giddy over just being alive. Everything is brighter and laughter comes easily." G.L.

"Before I started this step, I was always worn out and didn't care about anything. Everything seemed so dead to me. After about a week, it just got better and better. I don't even think about using drugs any more. My head is clearer than it's ever been and I sleep great at night. Colors are even brighter." A.F.

Narconon New Life Detox Success Snippet

"Before I got into the sauna, I was a total mess. I couldn't sleep at night and thought about leaving the program constantly. Now I am sleeping great at night and waking up energetic in the morning. I haven't had any dreams about drugs in weeks and I have no desire to use them any more. I am happier than I have ever been and I am very, very THANKFUL for this fresh start. My head is clear now and I can finally start living the life I've always wanted." E.E.

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