Drug Rehab for Copenhagen, Denmark

Lovely Copenhagen, situated just across a strait from Sweden, struggles with its opiate, cannabis, Ecstasy and stimulant drug problems. The Danes have a serious problem with opiates to fight. They have taken such measures within the city as providing drug rehabs that offer methadone or buprenorphine. City fathers are considering the legalization of cannabis. The city is working on the establishment of a clean shooting room for opiate addicts.

But what is not widely available yet is a holistic drug rehabilitation program that avoids the use of substitute medications that are themselves addictive, and that has a proven method of reducing cravings. That is the province of the Narconon drug rehabilitation center in Skellingsted, Morkov. This lovely center provides the addicted person a way to leave the drug dealers and drug-using associates behind and to find real sobriety. It is situated in the middle of the countryside, only about an hour from Copenhagen. In these quiet surroundings, each person can take all the time needed to recover from the horrific stress of being addicted, of needing to find the day’s drugs, of injecting or snorting or swallowing toxic substances.

Tolerable Withdrawal Starts Things Off

The first step to the Narconon program is a drugless withdrawal. But the addict does not need to dread this step like he might in other programs. This is, for many people, the most tolerable withdrawal they will ever experience. Generous nutritional supplementation and gentle physical and mental assists, like massages or reorientation exercises, will make the phase much less severe than earlier times.

This is followed by the practice of one of the most basic life skills they will need to progress through the rest of the program: simple communication itself. Each person learns the theory of good communication and then makes several passes through a series of exercises to improve their communication. But this step is not just about improving communication. It’s also about starting to draw away from the shattering experience of addiction. It’s about taking one’s first steps toward self-control. This will be needed as each person steers himself or herself through the remaining steps.

Detoxification is Paramount

In the Scandinavian countries, the use of sauna is common, with the health benefits well understood. Now combine that with a strict regimen of nutritional supplements and moderate daily exercise. The result is that the body’s ability to throw off old stored drug toxins is activated. These toxins must be flushed out for a person to recover their brightness of outlook and clear thinking that results from this phase of recovery. This is called the Narconon New Life Detoxification.

Just like improved communication, clearer thinking is necessary if one is to learn new life skills. And so it goes through the Narconon drug recovery program. Each step builds on the prior step, adding ability to the person who seeks a new, sober future. By the end, a person has the decision-making skills to stay sober, he (or she) has recovered his self-esteem and integrity, and has repaired his life situations that were damaged or destroyed by his addiction.

Addiction and Substance Abuse Do Not Need to be Tolerated

There are many people who have made so many attempts to help the addicted and failed that “harm reduction” has taken the place of drug rehabilitation. In other words, “They are going to use drugs anyway, let’s just reduce the amount of harm that is done while they do so.” This is the idea behind clean shooting rooms, clean needles, government-issued heroin and other steps. It is valuable to reduce the harm but when real rehabilitation can take place for those in Copenhagen, substance abuse and addiction do not need to be tolerated any more.

Find out how Narconon Denmark can help you save the life and future of someone you care about who is addicted.