Cocaine Recovery

The best thing that can happen when a person is using cocaine is that they find cocaine recovery before the drug takes everything from them. The next best thing is they find a program after they have lost everything of value. They can still build a new drug-free life and they may still be able to repair the relationships they destroyed while using the drug.

Cocaine is a very expensive habit and can quickly become the focus of a person’s life. Family members and other loved ones may be at their wit’s ends trying to understand what’s happening if they don’t know about the cocaine addiction, or trying to convince the user to get into cocaine recovery if they do know.

When the Drug Does the Thinking

When a person has used enough of the drug to really kick in a cocaine addiction, it’s like the drug is doing the thinking for him or her. Whether or not to use, to go spend whatever money is on hand for more drugs… whether to tell loved ones about the addiction… whether to ask for help or not - all these questions seem to be answered by the drug. Sometimes a frightening experience or a realization that things have gotten way out of hand can cause the user to get enough of a grip to step away from the drug’s control to ask for help. At that moment, the loved ones of this addict should waste no time in calling the Narconon drug and alcohol rehab program for help.

The Narconon recovery program for cocaine addiction has been helping addicts put themselves back into control for forty-five years. In 1966, the founder of Narconon was an inmate in the Arizona State Prison system using an early form of this recovery program to enable heroin addicts to get clean and stay clean after they were released. The program has been through considerable development over the years, to the point that now, seven out of ten graduates of the Narconon program successfully stay clean and sober after returning home.

When You Find a Loved One is Addicted to Cocaine

No matter what your loved one says to you about the addiction, you have to know that their recovery from cocaine must start now. Cocaine addicts and those addicted to other drugs and alcohol have a way of excusing and explaining things that can be terribly persuasive. It’s nothing other than manipulation. The goal of those stories and explanations is to be able to continue using the drug. Again - it’s the drug that’s doing the thinking in this instance, not the person you love and want to help. You will have to make a strong stand and never come off it for a moment. You can be the reason your loved one recovers. Or fails to recover.

Promises may flood your way when you demand that the cocaine abuse be replaced by cocaine recovery. They’ll “quit using” - they’ll “cut down” - they’ll “save money and bring it all to you.” Remember this: Addiction is characterized by a lack of control of the drug or alcohol habit. That means it is overwhelmingly likely that your loved one will likely lack the strength to control the habit until supported by a rehab program. Remember that fact as you listen to the promises and manipulation, and don’t fall for them!

Cocaine Recovery at the Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

To recover from cocaine addiction, a person must break the ties the drug has on them and then learn how, one step at a time, to get back into control of their life.

The ties are broken on this addiction treatment program by starting with a supportive and effective withdrawal phase. At a Narconon, the first phase of treatment is not just a passive time of waiting for someone to come down from their drug of choice. It’s an active time in which staff work one-on-one with each addict, working on gentle reorientation exercises so the addict starts to see the world without drugged eyes. Calming physical processes help the body relax so it can rid itself of toxins more effectively and so that the recovering addict feels better. Nutritional support begins to supply the body with nutrients that were normally lacking while drugs were being taken.

The effect of this withdrawal phase is to ready the recovering person for the real journey to sobriety. From there, each person starts a study and practice of communication skills. In nearly every case, it will be found that a deficiency in being able to face the problems of life and deal with them honestly contributed in some degree to the escape to cocaine. With improved communication skills, the recovering person is ready to take a major step forward in their cocaine recovery by participating in the Narconon New Life Detoxification. Using a sauna, exercise and a strict program of nutritional supplements, the program’s participants are able to rid their bodies of the physical remnants of drug use, locked in the fatty tissues. A brighter, more positive viewpoint results and the recovering addict is much more able to exert his or her own will and make clear, correct decisions.

But This is Not the End, it’s the Beginning

These steps just set up the person in cocaine recovery for the life skills training that follows. By the end of a study and practical application of moral codes; learning how to solve problems related to survival, relationships, business and more; understanding what destroys personal integrity and how to restore it - a person is now stably on drug-free ground.

It helps to work with people who have been there, it helps to have around-the-clock support in case one’s own will fails them for a moment. Take a moment to find out about the successes of those who have participated in the Narconon rehab program.