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Narconon South Moscow

Drug Rehabilitation Center

narconon south near Moscow

Solnechnaya street 7 Poselok Severovo Podolsk City, Moscow region, Russia Postal Address: NARCONON SOUTH Post box 20 115 211 Moscow, Russia

Phone: (7) 095-517-1930 / 772-1016

E-mail: sde@narconon.cd

Moscow residents suffer from high levels of alcohol and heroin use which shortens many lives. In fact, when people of working age die, more than half of them die of alcohol-related causes. And when a person in Moscow becomes addicted to heroin, his life expectancy is only about four years – for a krokodil addict, the life expectancy is even worse.

South of Moscow, a Narconon center provides new hope for the addicted. It doesn’t matter what drug is causing the problem. The solution is the same. A long-term rehab program in a safe location, with a thorough detoxification step can put the person on a new path.

In a tall brick building on a quiet street, Narconon Moscow can provide the answer an addicted person has been praying for. By being separated from his usual environment, a person in recovery has a chance to learn new skills in this safe environment that sits just an hour south of Moscow.

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