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Drug Rehab Center
Skopje Macedonia

Narconon Macedonia

narconon balkan rehab center in Macedonia
Drug Rehabilitation & Prevention
Centra za Edukazia Presenzia I
Rixabilitazia Od-Drogi I Alkohol Narconon
PO BOX 179 ? 3000 KAVADARCI Macedonia
Bulevar Jna, 23 ? 1000 SKOPJE Macedonia

Phone: 0038943800097/43414580


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For drug rehabilitation in Macedonia, the founder of the Narconon center chose Konopiste, a small village just a stone's throw from the border with Greece. Here is a calm, quiet environment in which a person can focus on a sober future. Two large houses, side by side, provide all the space needed to run this eight-phase rehab program.

There is a special part of the property dedicated to helping a person through drug withdrawal, a time that requires special care and supervision. Soon after, each person will be using the on-site sauna for a thorough detoxification program. At the end of this action, those completing it say they feel brighter and can think clearer. Many people add that their cravings have become manageable or may even be gone. Then it's time for the classroom and learning life skills so as to rehabilitate one's own ability to handle life's challenges.

Between classes, there's time for a walk or just relaxing by the pond adjacent to the Narconon property. This quiet village is the place where many people in Macedonia are finding the answer to the drug-free life they have been praying for.

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