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Drug Rehabilitation Center
Lake Tahoe

Narconon Vista Bay at South Lake Tahoe

Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center
South Lake Tahoe
CA 95076

Our Northern California drug treatment center can help your loved one come off drugs. Drug addiction is not an incurable disease. And a drug-free life is possible.

Lake Tahoe Drug rehab center

Our rehab center in beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA

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Tucked away in a quiet corner of South Lake Tahoe is a rehab center offering the innovative long-term program from Narconon. Here, those who lose the fight with addiction to alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine or other drugs can heal from the trauma and build a new sober life.

At this center, each person is given as much time as he (or she) needs to leave the difficult past behind and get a new start. Every person who has struggled with addiction needs to find relief from the guilt and depression that always accompany addiction. He needs to overcome his cravings so that every morning is not a struggle to stay sober. And he needs to know how to deal with life's challenges so that upsets or setbacks do not send him off in search of drugs or alcohol.

At Lake Tahoe, the calm, natural environment helps a person relax and focus on the recovery and life skills studies. Surrounded by tall pines and just a stone's throw from the lake, it's a gentle place to rebuild.

Eight Phases of Recovery

The voyage to sobriety at the Narconon facility in Lake Tahoe starts with a tolerable withdrawal process. Each person is well supported with nutritional help and one-on-one work with the staff. Unique relaxation and orientation exercises help each person leave the trauma behind and begin looking forward to a sober future.

This is followed by a deep detoxification to eliminate the residual toxins that drug abuse leaves behind. This procedure helps each person think more clearly and develop a brighter outlook. With these improvements he is ready to learn sober living skills that can last a lifetime.

With the additional factor of beautiful alpine surroundings, the Narconon program in Lake Tahoe can be the most positive turning point in a person's life.

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Exterior of the Narconon rehab center in Lake TahoeLake Tahoe California drug treatment center

Narconon Lake Tahoe California

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