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Drug Rehabilitation Center
Dimitrovgrad Russia

Narconon Dimitrovgrad

narconon center in Russia
Drug Rehabilitation & Prevention
Pereulok Lugovoj 1
Poselok Dachnyj
433510 Dimitrovgrad City, Russia

Phone: (7) 84235-93-210 /93-190 /93-176


In a grassy corner of Dimitrovgrad, Russia, those who had no hope of every getting sober again can find new hope. Here, in a homelike setting, it's possible to find the new understanding that sets one on a better path.

Inside, you'll find all the resources needed to bring about recovery. An on-site sauna is used for the deep detoxification step that helps give each person a brighter outlook on life. Many people also say it helps with cravings. Down the hall, there's the classrooms where life skills are taught. This is how people learn to come to grips with the trauma of the past and how they recover their own personal integrity and morals.

There's room to catch one's breath, too. When the lessons are done for the day, perhaps a walk through the garden or a quiet moment with a friend or a book will put a finish to the day. Finally, once has found a safe environment in which to build a new life.

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