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There are five Narconon drug rehab centers in California. They are long-term, residential drug treatment facilities that use no drugs at all in their treatment, where addicts cleanse their bodies of drug residues that may trigger cravings, and then learn the life skills they need to make drug-free decisions.

Taking three to five months for most people to complete, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has enabled thousands of people worldwide to leave drugs behind. Instead, they now find they have the ability to live productive, enjoyable lives. Once again, they can care for their families, themselves, and their communities.

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Drug Abuse in California

California is a state rich in resources. Its riches reside in its varied and beautiful terrain, its mineral and agricultural resources, and its people. More than 36 million people live in this state that stretches from the Mexico border into the volcanic mountains and redwoods of the Pacific Northwest.

Its earliest history is with the Spanish conquistadors and Catholic missionaries who accompanied and followed them. It was a quiet, rural area.

Then less than two centuries ago, Yankee prospectors looking for gold in the Sierra foothills started arriving in the ‘Rush.’ These rugged settlers were followed by the movie industry, and then World War II veterans who had been based in the state during the war, and finally people looking for a gentler climate, and finally many millions of immigrants, legal and illegal.

Unfortunately, this abundance attracts not only honest people who wish to share in the wealth but also those who intend parasitically to derive wealth and power from unwitting victims. Drug traffickers.

Illicit Drug Distribution in California

Drug traffickers come from Mexico, Colombia, Southeast and Southwest Asia, Canada plus many other countries, as well as arising from within the state. They traffic in marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamine, illegally distributed prescription medications and other drugs. The victims are school children, housewives, professionals, musicians and artists, college students and every other demographic.

It was a state practically designed to make drug trafficking easy with hundreds of miles of coastline, extensive rural areas for growing or manufacturing drugs, remote airstrips and the busiest ports of entry from Mexico. The number of Hispanic and Asian immigrants makes it possible for drug traffickers from these areas to mingle inconspicuously.

Using aggressive and sophisticated methods, drug traffickers bring marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin up from Mexico and cocaine from Central and South America. Superlabs capable of producing as much as a hundred pounds of methampethamine per production cycle were established in California’s Central Valley, more recently operating just across the Mexican border. Fertile national parks became fields for the production of thousands of tons of marijuana each year. The northern border saw the trafficking of highly potent ‘BC Bud,’ the strongest variety of marijuana available anywhere, grown hydroponically in British Columbia. Most of the PCP (angel dust) in the country originates in Compton in Southern California, and much of the LSD originates in Northern California. Across the state, more and more houses are being dedicated to indoor hydroponic growth of marijuana.

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