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A person addicted to drugs or alcohol does not always realize the devastating consequences of his addiction - the harm caused his family, his friends, his health and his future. An addict can feel quite numb to it all. As his life slips away, he may not conceive of the physical harm that could result, such as serious illness or even death. If a loved one is caught up in this trap of drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to find him an effective drug rehab in California so he can achieve lasting sobriety. The solution is finally available at the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

The Narconon Redwood Cliffs drug rehab center for Watsonville, California, is about an hour and a half away from San Francisco and provides a holistic recovery treatment. This is where an addict can achieve lasting recovery from drug abuse in comfortable surroundings. This residential facility serves all of Northern California with the same effective treatment as some 40 Narconon centers worldwide

Detoxification Clears the Body and Mind at Narconon

Unless a person has studied the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body, he may not be aware that drug residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues. These stored drugs can stay in the system for years, even after drug use has ceased. An important part of the Narconon program is to flush these poisons from the body. Otherwise they cause confused and muddled thinking and have been known to be involved in the triggering of drug cravings long after a person has stopped taking drugs.

One aspect of the recovery process is a thorough detoxification of the addict’s body, with the Narconon New Life Detoxification. Using a combination of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low-heat sauna, this detox gets rid of all the residual drugs in the system. Once these are eliminated, those finishing this part of the program often say they feel cleaner and mentally brighter. Many recovering addicts say that their cravings have disappeared completely.

Two Other Key Aspects to Recovery with Narconon

An addict does not need to dread withdrawal at Narconon. The drugless withdrawal is accompanied by careful monitoring and assistance from caring staff, with unique relaxation techniques used to help ease the difficulties of withdrawal. When addicts first arrive, they are often confused and somewhat disoriented in their surroundings. Reorientation exercises are used to help the recovering addict get oriented in their new drug-free environment.

An addicted lifestyle destroys many aspects of an addict’s life. The loving relationships they once had exist no more. Prospects of a fulfilling career are ruined. Many bad situations are left behind when they enter drug rehab - ones that will face them when back out in the world. The Narconon Life Skills Courses provide a vital education in how to re-enter life, this time one without drugs. They learn how to repair bad situations and relationships, restore integrity and find the path to a happy future.

An example of one in this series of courses is the Way to Happiness Course. Here the student is given twenty-one common-sense concepts in a non-religious moral code. These are guidelines that, when followed, help the recovering individual live an ethical and productive life.

An Effective Drug Rehab for San Francisco Must Save Addicted Lives

With San Francisco’s excellent supply of transportation resources, it is a natural center for drug trafficking activity into the West Coast. Supplies can come into the area using the highways, airports or seaports. Local criminal elements then take over distribution of these illicit supplies, such as Bay Area entertainment company that was closed down in 2012. This company, purporting to promote various rap artists, was charged with the distribution of massive amounts of MDMA (Ecstasy), crack cocaine and heroin. When the individuals in this group were arrested, more than 45,000 MDMA pills and four pounds of crack cocaine were seized at the same time.

In another typical example, eleven pounds of methamphetamine were found hidden in the hollow legs of a massage table being transported as luggage through a nearby airport.

To save addicted lives in San Francisco, it is imperative to have an alternative choice to the rehab centers providing drug replacement therapy or those who say that lasting recovery is impossible.

When you have been looking for a lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction and want to achieve lasting sobriety, Narconon is your choice. You have found the solution to get an addict on the road to turning his life around and living a productive and happy life without drugs. Contact the Narconon center today.


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