Drug Rehab for Sacramento, California

An addict can be desperate to escape from the trap of his addiction, but achieving lasting sobriety always seems to be just out of reach. He wants to stop the downward spiral he has entered, losing friends and family and leaving behind him so much tragedy and despair. However, the cravings are too intense and there simply seems to be no way to get out of this trap. An effective drug rehab in Sacramento must give a chance to find lasting sobriety. With the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center lasting recovery is finally a reality.

Many drug rehab programs have a confrontational style in attempting to break down an addict’s defenses. They try and convince an addict that he will always be an addict. They say that “relapse is part of recovery.” A person entering the Narconon program won’t have to deal with concepts such as these.

The Narconon Vista Bay drug rehab centers in Watsonville and South Lake Tahoe, California, are residential treatment centers where an addict can find relief from his addiction and achieve a drug-free life. This holistic program begins with drugless withdrawal and then offers not only a thorough detoxification but also a series of courses that give an education on how to go back into the world and not have to reach for a drink or a pill to deal with the challenges of life.

A More Tolerable Withdrawal at Narconon for Sacramento Addicts

No one ever said withdrawal was easy. The effects of withdrawing from drugs create much discomfort and difficulty. However, at Narconon the drugless withdrawal is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support. Providing generous nutrition strengthens the body so it better copes with the stresses of withdrawal. Essential nutrients that were depleted through long-term drug use are replenished.

Additionally, the experienced and trained staff carefully monitor the recovering person, ensuring he or she is eating and sleeping well and is as comfortable as possible. They administer unique relaxation techniques that help to ease the aches and pains of withdrawal.

Detoxification Thoroughly Done Helps Prevent Relapse

Drugs are not all eliminated from the body when one stops using drugs. Residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, causing foggy and confused thinking and dullness. These stored drugs also have been involved with triggering drug cravings even years after someone comes off drugs. The Narconon New Life Detoxification flushes out these stored poisons through the use of moderate exercise, time in a low-heat sauna and vitamin and mineral supplements. Once these drug residues are eliminated, the person can feel brighter and have a more positive outlook on his future. Many state that their drug cravings have completely disappeared.

A person addicted to drugs has created a mess of his or her life. Addiction leads to making all kinds of wrong decisions, alienating family and friends and leaving behind situations that he will have to confront if he wants to turn his life around. The Narconon Life Skills Courses provide an education to the recovering addict so he can go back home and face the stresses and challenges that await him.

An Effective Drug Rehab in Sacramento Must Heal Addicted Lives

Sacramento, California, within the Central Valley High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, knows its share of drug-related crime. The city is on major channels bringing drugs from the Southwest Border to other regions in the US. Significant quantities of heroin, cocaine, ice methamphetamine and marijuana make their way through the region, creating a wide availability to citizens of Sacramento. It’s imperative to find an effective drug rehab that can help an addict leave drugs behind and live an ethical and happy life.

Narconon’s alternative recovery program provides lasting sobriety to an individual addicted to drugs. You can count on effective services which address the whole individual. Contact one of our Narconon drug rehabs in California today.


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