Drug Rehab for Oakland, California

Families and friends of those addicted to drugs and alcohol fear for their loved one. They see the days that should be the best of his life become a disaster of lies, deceit and hopelessness. An addict loses all sight of the goals he once had for a prosperous and happy future. His life is ruined from drug abuse. The only solution is to find a drug rehab for Oakland that can provide him with a way out of this catastrophic trap. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center gives just this solution with lasting recovery at last attainable.

Leaving Drugs Behind with the Narconon Treatment Program

The Narconon Vista Bay drug rehab centers in Watsonville and South Lake Tahoe, California, are residential facilities that address the core issues that bring about lasting recovery.

Using substitute drugs is not the best way to alleviate the difficulties involved in leaving addiction behind. Since these drug substitutes, such as methadone, buprenorphine and Suboxone are themselves addictive, it is simply exchanging one addiction for another. Narconon uses no drug substitutes in any part of its effective program.

Accomplishing Lasting Recovery with no Substitute Drugs

The first step in the Narconon program is a drugless withdrawal. A person about to embark upon a withdrawal might anticipate it with dread. Perhaps he has tried withdrawal before without success, due to experiencing much difficulty. With withdrawal at Narconon, there’s no need to fear the process. It is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support. Experienced staff also administer innovative relaxation techniques and reorientation exercises that help ease the aches and discomforts as well as assist the recovering addict in becoming better acquainted with his new drug-free surroundings.

Soon after withdrawal, the participant starts the Narconon New Life Detoxification. Here the drug residues that have lodged in the fatty tissues of the body are flushed out by an exact regimen of moderate exercise, time in a low heat sauna and generous nutritional supplements. This is extremely beneficial to the recovering individual since these residual drugs have been known to contribute to triggering drug cravings even years after drug use has ceased.

Next in this effective alternative program comes the Narconon Life Skills Courses. These courses give the individual the education he needs so he can make the right decisions when back home. He left behind many bad situations and destroyed relationships from the lifestyle of addiction. These courses show how to repair and restore these areas of his life. An example of one of these courses is the Ups and Downs in Life Course. This course can help the recovering addict understand how others in his past may have influenced him to use drugs and how to avoid being harmed by this type of person again.

Oakland is Tied to Heavy Drug Activity

Oakland is no stranger to drug smuggling operations and trafficking. Just a couple examples in the news call attention to the need for effective drug rehab for Oakland. For example, recently twelve people were arrested who were tied to a criminal drug trafficking ring, transporting heroin into the Bay Area. In another incident eleven were taken into custody for growing marijuana in an East Oakland warehouse. Assault rifles, other weapons and thousands of dollars in cash were also recovered.

Being adjacent to a major metropolitan area such as San Francisco, Oakland has a wealth of transportation resources. Each resource, such as airports, seaports, interstates, trucking lines and shipping companies, enables the movement of illicit cargoes as well and legitimate ones.

In addition, Oakland is well known for its thriving medical marijuana distribution industry. There is even a business in downtown Oakland that offers to teach marijuana growers how to grow a successful crop and run a prosperous business. While many of these businesses operate within the current law, there may be an influence on the thinking of young people that marijuana is safe to abuse, which can unwittingly lead them into addiction to marijuana or other drugs they then choose to try.

With such an availability of illicit drugs and so much crime involved, there is a great need any addict to be given a real chance at a lasting recovery.

With exposure to drugs and drug-related crime and violence in and around this California city, it is imperative that those addicted are able to find a drug rehab for Oakland that will give them a chance at a happy and productive life without drugs. Narconon is that holistic rehabilitation program. Here an addict can leave drugs and alcohol behind and live a better life. Contact Narconon today.


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