Drug Rehab for Sydney, Australia

Aerial view of greater Sydney area

Sydney is the heart of Australia, not only serving as the capital of its most dynamic state, but also as its cultural, business and educational center. Thus, when Sydneysiders fall to addiction, the destruction may spread out to other parts of the country. There must be a reliable way for the citizens of Sydney to recover from addiction.

There are methadone and buprenorphine drug substitutes administered in some programs. Some people may find that some rehab facilities offer prescribed benzodiazepines or other drugs as a way of lowering a person’s anxiety related to getting off drugs. But all these options keep a person imprisoned by drugs. A more positive approach is the Narconon drug rehabilitation program located in Melbourne that offers an exact path back from the destruction of addiction to lasting and complete sobriety.

Narconon Melbourne center servicing Sydney Australia

This is a path that has been tried and tested for five decades. This program has steps that zero in on the exact types of damage done by addiction and replaces the damage with wholeness, ability, and health once again.

When addicted, a person loses the ability to say “no” to drug or alcohol abuse. Satisfying the cravings becomes a stronger motivation than taking care of oneself or one’s family. After the thorough detoxification, counseling and life skills training of the Narconon program, graduates have the tools they need to create and live sober lives.

The Unique Narconon Detoxification Phase

As part of the overall recovery program, Narconon provides each person with a thorough detoxification service. This service utilizes time in a sauna, daily exercise and a strict regimen of nutritional supplementation as a way of activating each person’s ability to flush out drug residues. These residues are the remains of drugs that have become lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. They have been proven to be involved in the triggering of cravings, even years after drug use stops. This phenomenon helps many people understand how a relapse can occur without warning.

After this detoxification program, it is common to experience a resurgence of energy and a recovery of mental brightness. Many people say that their outlook improves and most talk about the reduction of cravings.

Building Sober Living Skills

Once a person recovers the ability to think more clearly, he (or she) is ready for the Objectives and Life Skills training. On the Narconon drug recovery program, the Objectives helps improve a person’s perception of his current environment and remove his attention from the past. Anyone around a loved one with an addiction problem knows how foggy and dim an addict’s perceptions can become. When life looks bright again, the future can begin to be faced again.

This is followed by a thorough series of life skills training courses in which a person builds an understanding of how to deal with or avoid the problems that might lead back to drug abuse once again. These are skills that the addicted person often lost years or decades before. Once he has a better skill set for sobriety, he has a much better chance of lifetime recovery.

Sydney Drinking Levels Create Problems for the Young

In Sydney, underage drinking is an issue getting more attention. Some people are pushing for an increase of the legal drinking age from 18 to 21. This is due to the destruction seen on weekend nights among underage drinkers.

In New South Wales, it is legal for those who are underage to drink at home or at a meal when the alcohol is purchased by a parent or guardian. According to ABC News in Australia, two-thirds of 14- to 17-year-olds drink, and when they drink, they usually drink large quantities.

It’s older adults who have the greatest problems with other drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine, heroin or cannabis. Whatever the drug, Sydneysiders need a solution like the one at Narconon Melbourne to keep their great city going in the right direction.