Drug Rehab for Melbourne

Melbourne Australia

Beautiful Melbourne, Australia has emerged as the cultural treasure of the country. From architecture and film festivals to live theatre and music, Melbourne and Victoria have much to offer. But like any other part of Australia and indeed, any other country in the world, there are those in Melbourne who profit by trafficking and selling drugs. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Melbourne has come to provide Melbournians with an effective method of escaping from that curse.

Narconon Melbourne rehab in Warburton

Not a Twelve Step program, not looking for a dual diagnosis that requires medicating, the Narconon program is based on five decades of experience making people sober. Outside of any medical wean down required in special situations prior to starting the rehabilitation program, no substitute drugs are used as part of treatment. At Narconon, it’s felt that the use of methadone or buprenorphine, both addictive opiates, keep people trapped in a continuing dependence on drugs.

How Narconon Brings About Recovery

The idea behind the Narconon program is to repair the specific types of destruction caused by addiction. And what are these? Loss of integrity; destruction of relationships and trust with family members, friends, employers and community members; dull perceptions; slow, unclear thinking; lack of confidence; inability to look other people in the eye and communicate clearly; destruction of morals and much more. The Narconon program puts each person in recovery through a service or series of steps that enable them to gradually replace these losses with hope and ability.

It doesn’t happen in a set 28-day program. This kind of damage takes time to repair. That’s why the Narconon program is open-ended: each person goes through at their own rate. The average person completes in 8 to 12 weeks, but some may take longer. Their guilt over misdeeds committed while addicted may require longer to face and repair.

Prescription Drugs are a Rising Problem in Victoria

Australia has long had a problem with heroin, stimulants like amphetamines, cannabis, and alcohol. In recent years, drug cartels from South America have targeted Victoria for distribution of cocaine. And in the last several years, abuse of prescription pain pills has increased at such a fast rate that healthcare officials have become deeply concerned.

A recent analysis of prescription statistics and fatalities related to oxycodone showed the extent of the problem. Between 2000 and 2009, prescriptions for oxycodone, a strong painkiller, increased nine-fold. In 2000, the per capita distribution was 7.5 mg and by 2009, it was 67.5 mg. But fatalities associated with the drug went up 21-fold in the same time range. Only four people died from oxycodone in 2000 but 97 people died in 2009.

Alcohol is also a threat to the health and lives of Melbournians. Nearly three out of ten drownings in the state involve alcohol and one in four traffic fatalities. In fact, most traffic fatalities involved blood alcohol concentrations more than three times the legal limit. Alcohol rehab is just as important as drug rehab—perhaps more so since drinking is legal for anyone over 18 and in some situations for those younger than 18.

Don’t let someone you care about risk their life and future due to drug or alcohol abuse. Call Narconon to learn about this uniquely effective rehabilitation program.