Drug Rehab for Australia

For any country to realize its full potential, drug abuse and addiction among the population must be resolved. When a country’s citizenry are lost to addiction, their productivity, their bright ideas, and their leadership are gone too. The Australian government’s reports on drug use show that some recent indicators are up and others are down, but the drug problem down under shows no signs of being beaten yet.

When Australians run into the problem of addiction in a loved one, they must know they have some place to turn where this problem can be ended. It’s not enough to just create temporary sobriety. Sobriety should last, the addicted person should learn how to build a new life that does not rely on drug or alcohol abuse. This is the usual result of the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. In Australia as well dozens of other countries, the addicted receive help from Narconon centers to eliminate the guilt, cravings and depression that could otherwise make addiction a lifetime curse.

Each person who becomes addicted suffers from guilt for the harm done to loved ones and self, experiences cravings that threaten to drive the person back into substance abuse, and needs help lifting the depression that accompanies drug dependence. These are focal points of the Narconon program. When these points are resolved, the person can look forward to a long, sober future.

Alcohol Use Levels Among Adults Remain High for Most of Life

Using the National Drug Strategy Household Surveys as a source, it can be seen that once Australians hit the age of 20, alcohol consumption stays very high for both sexes through age 49. Underage drinking has declined considerably in the last few years, falling from about 75% to around 65%. The fewer people who abuse alcohol as youth, surely the fewer people who will become alcoholics when they are adults.

However, in each age group, the number of “risky drinkers”–those who drink large amounts per sitting–has remained about the same.

Other Drugs Endangering Australians

Cannabis use has been growing in the last several years, but ironically, not among the young so much as adults. In teens, use has fallen slightly. Ecstasy is the second-largest threat in the country after cannabis, and presents the dangers of both sudden death and addiction. The number of people completing treatment for Ecstasy has increased five-fold since 2002. Still, Ecstasy has not killed as many people as amphetamines or heroin.

Heroin in particular is a problem among older adults and these older adults run into more drug-related problems requiring treatment than the young. But 24-35 year-olds die most often from the heroin abuse.

While methamphetamine abuse declines, prescription drug abuse grows, with the latter trend canceling any benefit from the former.

Saving Australian Lives

As far off the main drug trafficking channels as Australia is, it cannot escape this curse entirely. The allure of any country that has not yet been subjected to bombardment with supplies of narcotics must be too great for trafficking organizations to resist.

And so it is that Australians who saw the problem many citizens were having with addictive drugs founded a Narconon drug treatment center in Melbourne. Drug education classes fan out from this rehab and Narconon drug prevention groups to prevent abuse in the young. At this drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, it’s possible for the addicted to get the time and the guidance they need to leave addiction behind for good. To find out more about Narconon in Australia, call Narconon.


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