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Drug Addiction treatment

When addiction strikes a home, a business or a community, the vital solution is addiction treatment drug rehab. Sometimes it happens that an entire community can be stricken by a widespread addiction problem. The same as when addiction hits a single family, the solution is still effective drug rehab.

It may only require one drug dealer or one small drug-dealing cell to poison an entire area. This may be the way that adjacent cities Lawrence and Lowell, Massachusetts started down the road to being the prescription opiate addiction capitol of the entire region. One bad doctor, one supplier of diverted prescription drugs and the problem spreads like an infection through a region, a state or larger area.

When President Dwight D. Eisenhower mandated the national system of interstate highways, he intended them to serve in disaster situations to help evacuations and access of defense or emergency equipment. While they do provide this service, the national interstate system also serves drug traffickers of all sizes. These are the primary channels used to transport drugs north and south, east and west.

Whether the problem is large in scope, like an entire state, or small, as in a single household, the solution is addiction treatment and that normally takes the form of drug rehab.

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a long-term program has a better assurance of success, a program of more than 90 days. But the program must offer something in this 90-plus days that really addresses the core causes of addiction and the factors that keep people trapped.

It is apparently hard for nearly every addict to see the damaging effects of drugs. It's almost ironic that one of the primary effects of drugs is to lower one's awareness. So as soon as a person starts losing ground to addiction -- withdrawing from loved ones, failing to perform job functions, misusing money and even getting rid of valuable possessions -- they fail to perceive the loss. As relationships fail and disappear, it's characteristic of addiction that the addicted person will blame someone else.

But even these changes can be reversed when an effective addiction treatment or drug rehab is located and used for recovery.

The Narconon drug recovery program, located in centers around the world, has one of the best track records of any rehabilitation service in dealing with this lowered awareness, the damage to personality created by addiction, and the destruction to one's life that results from addiction. With a comprehensive, eight-phase program including thorough detoxification, communication skills and life skills training, the Narconon program offers a 70% success rate based on follow-up surveys up to two years after graduation.

Drug Addiction treatment

If you are searching for an answer to your own addiction, or if you are trying to save the life of someone you love, contact the international headquarters of Narconon in Los Angeles by calling 800-775-8750 today. You'll be able to talk to someone who can help you learn all the details and find a Narconon addiction treatment program to help with your drug rehab needs.

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