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Drug Use in the Italian Region of Basilicata

Drug Use in Basilicata

Basilicata, also known as Lucania, is a small region in Southern Italy, nestled between the tip and the heel of the Italian "boot", with a population of about 600,000. The capital is Potenza, an ancient city subjugated by the Romans in the 4th century B.C. Even though with lower values than the national average, in recent years the Region of Basilicata has witnessed an increasing growth of drugs and alcohol abuse. In the main cities of the Region, Matera and Potenza, the situation is serious, and unfortunately there have been deaths due to overdose, while the problem is often the centre of debates of local government councils. A particular worry is the rise of cocaine addiction, especially among young people who underestimate the risks, often considering it a "light" drug.

Several initiatives have been taken by the regional administration to counter the phenomenon, both with regard to drug abuse prevention and drug addiction treatment; but the programs are not always as effective as planned at the beginning, in part also due to the constant evolution of the phenomenon, in terms of typology, characteristics, distribution and changes in the methods of using the different drugs.

According to official data, in the Basilicata Region there are six public centers for services for drug addiction, and seven private therapeutic communities. The public services do everything possible to provide the necessary basic services in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and medical treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as in promoting a lifestyle that opposes condemns any drugs, legal and illegal, including the so-called "New Drugs". The public services of Potenza, Melfi and Matera, deal also with the diagnosis and treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism among the inmates of penitentiaries of the region. The therapeutic communities are providing assistance, care and treatment of drug addicts, working also from the standpoint of personal rehabilitation of the addict, which based on effective principles and methods can bring about a future of hope and freedom from drugs.

The Narconon rehab program can help Basilicata in the fight against drug abuse

The Narconon drug rehab program , after assisting the drug addict in the withdrawal phase, and move him through a thorough drug detoxification, place particular emphasis on his complete ethical, moral and personal rehabilitation. At the end of the program, the graduate of Narconon will have also acquired skills and competence needed to be able to face life once again, and overcoming obstacles without having to resort to drugs. That's why Narconon, like in the rest of Italy, can contribute to the fight against drug addiction in the Basilicata Region. Narconon centers are spread throughout the Italian peninsula, and the nearest center -- Il Gabbiano -- in the neighboring region of Apulia is considered by its staff members "The pride of Narconon Centers of Europe". The testimonials and success stories of former addicts and alcoholics who graduated from the Narconon program speak for itself.

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