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Drug Related Deaths in Rome

According to the annual report of the Italian State Police anti-drug services, in 2008 the drug deaths in Italy were 502, concentrated mainly in the 25-40 age group. 14 of those deaths occurred among teenagers between 15 and 19 years old, and another of the victims was not yet 15.

Drug Related Deaths in Rome

Unfortunately, Rome holds the negative record as the city with the largest number of drug deaths in Italy with 69 victims. As in the rest of Italy, drug rate proportions became problematic in Rome already in the 1970s, and since then have continued to grow and evolve, due also to the greater availability of drugs, the general decrease of their cost and the presence of new drugs ever more readily available on the market. The drop in the age of drug users is another factor unfortunately constantly dropping. From the official reports of 2009 regarding the Italian capital, the first contact with drugs is actually between 14 and 18 years old, typically at school. From an assessment of the users of the municipal services for drug addiction in Rome, the drugs most used are heroin (47%), cocaine (27.8%), alcohol (10.4%) and cannabis (3.4%).

General increase of cocaine use in Rome

During 2008, the Department of anti-drugs policies, of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy, estimated a progressive increase in the use of cocaine in Italy, especially among youths between 15 and 24, and young adults between 25 and 34.

The phenomenon appears to be growing also in Rome; this data recently emerged from a survey conducted on approximately 1800 youth of the capital (ASL Roma F, 2009) on the perception of the risks linked to the use of drugs. The survey revealed that about 50% of young people between 14 and 19 consider cocaine a non-dangerous drug and, on the contrary, consider cocaine consumption a way to show one's personal success and as a way to gain popularity.

Need for better services to fight drugs and addiction

Rome needs additional and more effective services both for drug addiction treatment and for alcohol and drug abuse prevention. The Narconon drug rehabilitation program is a response to the drug problem in the capital. With a total of eleven centers in Italy, between drug rehab centers and drug education and prevention, spread throughout the Italian peninsula, the Narconon program is ready to help everyone who needs assistance for drug-related problems.

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