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Drug Addiction in the Abruzzi Region of Italy

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Drug abuse in the Italian Region of Abruzzi is concentrated mainly along the popular southern coast of the region and in the metropolitan areas of main cities like Pescara and Teramo. Inland, L'Aquila, the capital, is not exempt from the problem, and a few months ago, during a police operation, an attorney of the city court ended up in handcuffs for possession of several grams of cocaine and material for packaging the drug in individual doses. "Light" drugs, such as cannabis, are consumed almost everywhere throughout the territory, while alcoholism is prevalent in cities like Teramo and Chieti and in the southern part of the region. The local newspapers are an ongoing source of news on illegal drug abuse and trafficking, but are the official reports that give a clearer and more detailed picture of the situation.

Per the data in the 2010 Italian Report on Drug Addiction, the year before Abruzzi was among the Italian regions with the highest number of cases of hepatitis B and HIV-positive. Again, in 2008, Abruzzi was the region with highest rate of hospitalization among teens under the age of 15, with over 18 hospitalizations every 100,000 residents of the same age group.

In another official report, the 2007 Report of Health Department of the Abruzzi Region, what is quite striking is the data on the situation in the local adult's prisons, where about 30% of the total admissions was traceable to drug abuse, possession or trafficking. Nationally, the same percentage is around 28%. Similarly, compared to the national statistics, the percentage of people in Abruzzi who return to prison for the same crimes are also higher: 32%, compared to 27% nationally.

From this data it is once again recognizable that, in order to defy drug abuse and addiction, an effective strategy must also include drug prevention and education, providing information to school students, as well as their families, teachers and anyone who is involved in the education and the well being of youths. With regard to drug addiction treatment, along with detoxification, any drug addict needs a complete personal rehabilitation, in order to be able to return to life and society with the necessary confidence and skills to avoid in the future the same mistakes that would lead them to relapse into drugs and crime.

The Narconon drug rehab program

Narconon drug rehab program aims precisely at this: to provide the individual with the skills needed to handle life and overcome difficulties and barriers without resorting to drugs or alcohol abuse. The Narconon program includes a drug-free withdrawal step, in which the addict is helped to overcome any symptoms without the use of any other drugs; body detoxification, through saunas and vitamins and other supplement intake; and finally a series of skill learning courses to address the person's behavior and problems with the right educational approach. The Narconon centers work also with medical doctors to ensure that any necessary medical treatment is provided during the program. Close to the Abruzzi region are several Narconon drug rehab centers, like Narconon Il Gabbiano or Narconon Astore, where highly specialized staff members provide a safe, caring and comfortable environment in spacious and fully equipped facilities.

For more information on the Narconon drug addiction program, or for direct assistance, please contact a Narconon drug rehabilitation counselor.

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