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Drug Abuse in Bologna, Italy

Bologna is one of the "youngest" cities of Italy, a favorite destination every year for thousands of students, even foreign ones, who attend one of the largest universities in the country. It makes an important contribution to the economic activity of the city. But precisely because of the presence of so many young people, Bologna and its territory are also an ideal market for drugs, usually coming from Spain, Holland and the region of South-Eastern Europe. The area around the University is notorious for the trafficking of marijuana and hashish, and the pushers - mostly foreigners - often compete for control over the area. An example is just from last year, with numerous arrests by law enforcement agents, who defeated a criminal group, mainly North African individuals, seizing more than 300 kilos of hashish, directed from Spain just to Bologna, the capital of the region of Emilia Romagna.

Bologna, Italy Drug Abuse

Bologna Drug statistics

An official study conducted on 4,809 people of the metropolitan area of Bologna in 2009 reported that 65.6% of the individuals had used opiates, 24% had used cocaine and 9.4% cannabinoids; 11.8% of them had also used alcohol and 23% multiple substances. Heroin is still the most-used drug, although the number of its consumers is falling alongside the number of cocaine users, but amongst both heroin and cocaine consumers, the study found an increasing number of people who smoke or sniff the drugs. Finally, it must be taken into account that the number of individuals, mainly women (15.9%) had abused psychoactive drugs, antidepressants, barbiturates and other prescription drugs.

In 2009, among all the people admitted in the hospitals of the city for drug related problems, the drugs traditionally considered "heavy" (28.4% heroin and 13% cocaine) were not the only substances responsible for the admissions, but psychoactive drugs (12%) and cannabis (3.6%) had to be added to the list as well.

What Narconon can do for Bologna

With such a prevalence of youth as that of the city of Bologna, it becomes especially crucial to have an effective drug abuse prevention plan, in order to fight first-time drug use and reduce over time the demand for drugs. Narconon offers a safe answer to such needs, through drug prevention and education programs that are organized for schools, universities, community groups and social groups, as well as educators and public officials. Furthermore, the aim of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program is the drug rehabilitation of the addict, and their integration bacl into the world as ethical, healthy and productive persons, therefore able to live a new drug-free life and to contribute to society. About an hour and a half drive south of Bologna, near Pesaro, two Narconon drug rehab centers, Narconon Astore and Narconon Alfiere, are ready to take care of anyone who needs it. For more information, write to, or visit the page of our Narconon centers in Italy.

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