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Alcohol in the Media

Alcohol in the MediaThe odd thing about alcohol in the media is that it tends to be fairly invisible. One gets so used to it, there's so much of it, it is so pervasive and so deftly crafted into appealing messages that they almost go unnoticed. But over time, these pervasive, subtle nudges to consume alcohol pack a powerful punch.

One thing is for sure. The alcohol industries are using some of the best talent in the entertainment industry as their artists. According to the website, two Oscar-nominated film directors (David O. Russell and Darren Aronofsky) recently turned their talents to making commercials for Ketel One vodka. They join a long roster of musicians, actors and directors who have taken up shilling alcoholic beverages. Even Jennifer Anniston got into the act with a commercial for Heineken beer.

Some beer commercials in particular have had an unfortunately tendency to be quickly absorbed into popular culture. For example, the Budweiser frogs of several years ago, their more recent ?Whassup?? commercias. Alcohol ads also piggyback on celebrities' fame as when Charo and Pamela Anderson hawk Miller Lite and Sean Connery sells Suntory whiskey. Carlton beer in Australia, the Guinness brewery in Ireland, the Danish Carslberg beer, they've all gotten into the game of big production ads that achieve a certain amount of fame in their own right.

But that's just talking about commercials. Product placement is another matter. Probably no one has missed the fact that television shows and Hollywood movies feature paid placements of products. These products are often alcoholic. Like the Tecate beer drunk by Hellboy or the Johnny Walker drunk by Angelina Jolie in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Sporting Events Riddled with Ads and Sponsorships

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Sporting events from hockey to NASCAR to the Superbowl are riddled with alcohol ads. With the arrival of YouTube, these expensive ads produced for television events can be seen hundreds of thousands times after the sporting event is over and forgotten - even millions of times. There's a Bud Light commercial on YouTube with nearly five million views. An extremely complex Heineken commercial has had 3.7 million views and is supported by extensive paid placement. Captain Morgan rum, Absolut vodka, Suntory whiskey, Jim Beam bourbon - none of these companies missed the opportunity to post their ads on YouTube.

There's ads and then there's sponsorships. Coors Light is an official sponsor of NASCAR. Anhauser-Busch is a sponsor of the NFL. Jim Beam is a sponsor of the Kid Rock music tour. Olifant vodka sponsors the Snoop Dogg tour. Bud Light chose beach volleyball tournaments to sponsor. In Ireland, Carling beer sponsors the Four Nations Football Tournament. Molson Canadian displaced Labatt Breweries as the sponsor for the National Hockey League. Singha beer from Thailand reached all the way around the world to sponsor European Grand Prix auto racing events.

Music Videos Provide New Venue for Alcohol Marketing Communications

Recent years have presented the alcohol industry with an entirely new venue for subtle or not-so-subtle promotion. Music videos. Some product placements are subtle like Jamie Foxx's music video Fall for Your Type video featuring Nuvo, a new, pink, sparkling liqueur. Some are horrifically explicit, featuring unrestrained consumption of alcohol or an array of drunken bodies lying draped across couches and on the floor. Music videos appeal, of course, to young people who digest the alcoholic message that is carried on the back of their music every time they see the video.

Add to this billboards, in-store signage, magazine ads, low-flying planes towing signs over popular beaches and what you have is a continuous landscape of advertising for an addictive substance. In fact, it is not just addictive - it is the number one addictive substance in the world.

World Health Organization Reports on Millions of Deaths Each Year from Alcohol

Alcohol Related Deaths

The number is 2.5 million deaths, worldwide, related to alcohol. And since the greatest demand for any drug is from the problem users, it's those who are abusing alcohol and those who are addicted to the substance that run the greatest risk of loss of health or even their lives. Deaths result from a long list of types of injuries and illnesses: traffic accidents, falls, burns, drownings, alcohol poisoning, violence, cancers, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many other similar causes.

Alcohol Rehab Provides the Answer

When a person has lost the ability to control their drinking especially when they see the harm being done to their life, they need professional help to quit and get that life back on track. This is when an alcohol recovery program can mean the difference between life and death.

An effective inpatient alcohol recovery program like the one offered at Narconon substance abuse rehabilitation programs removes the person from temptations that may just be too strong to overcome on one's own. After years of heavy alcohol consumption, a person's body becomes so accustomed and adjusted to the presence of alcohol that the road back to sobriety may require constant monitoring, exact nutritional support to help the body begin to normalize and guidance through the process of relearning the life skills that will result in an alcohol-free life.

The Narconon alcohol rehabilitation programs delivered in inpatient recovery facilities around the world has a track record of helping seven out of ten graduates from alcohol recovery programs stay clean and sober after they go home. This is just the kind of help a recovering alcohol addict needs when they really want to get sober. Contact Narconon to find out how this program can help someone you love, today.

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