Cycle of Drug Use

Bobby Wiggins - Cycle of Drug Use

In its absolute simplicity this is the cycle of drug use;

  1. Drugs numb the body for a short time – the person does not feel physical, mental or emotional “pain” during this period.
  2. The drug “wears off” – physical, mental or emotional pain comes back (often times more intensely)
  3. The person needs the drug again to eliminate the “pain”
  4. The drug destroys nutrients that are needed to keep the body healthy.
  5. This can cause new physical, mental or emotional problems.
  6. The person needs more and more of the drug to eliminate the “pain.”

What is interesting is that the SOURCE of the physical, mental or emotional pain is usually not located during this drug use as it is “covered up” by the drug.

This can lead to a very interesting trap which many people find themselves caught up in!

Bobby Wiggins is a Drug Prevention Specialist at Narconon International. You can contact him at

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