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Narconon South Europe Zonal Officesouth europe regional office of Narconon
Via R.Leoncavallo, 8
20131 MILANO, Italy

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Narconon South Europe 27th Anniversary

Narconon South Europe anniversary eventOver 300 people attended the 27th anniversary of Narconon South Europe in Milano, Italy, on the 13th of December 2008. Giovanni Citterio, Executive Director of Narconon South Europe, expressed his thanks to the prevention and rehab staff for their 24/7 dedicated work.

Some of the highlights were the annoucement of the inauguration of the new building of Narconon Albatros on the 6th of December 2008.

Senator Adriana Poli Bortone, who has been following Narconon's progress in Italy over the last 22 years, presented her best wishes to Narconon on this occasion.

drug rehabilitation centerThe Narconon staff training center in Villafranca was acknowledged for professionally training 34 staff to deliver the drug rehab program. Also, all South Europe staff were given a special acknowledgement for achieving the highest number of drug-free lives this year.

Three people were presented with the Felice Cantu International Award for their dedicated work: Pilerio Plastina, Franco Pietramala, the Director General of ASL of Cosenza, and Danilo De Stefanis. Danilo graduated 10 years ago and was a key person in the establishment of the new Narconon Albatros drug rehab center.

Narconon graduates - drug freeNearly 100 graduates attended this year's celebration!

Story pictures from top: Giovanni Citterio, Executive Director of Narconon South Europe; Narconon South Europe celebrating 27 years of saving lives!; nearly 100 graduates got up on stage to be acknowledged.

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