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Narconon Drug Education Curriculum

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No matter where you are located, you can now bring the award winning Narconon drug education program right to your classroom.

The Narconon drug education program has been effectively reaching kids with the truth about drugs for decades. Our live interactive presentations with high school students are captured on video and presented with additional footage from young people who’ve “been there”. Extensive research in the development of this curriculum enabled us to provide a program that is not only easy for you to use in the classroom, but gets results with the kids.

The demand for the Narconon drug education made it necessary to package our hightly successful program in a video format that was easily replicable by teachers and available to students anywhere.

Six Session Drug Education Series

This complete educator’s kit includes a six-session series embracing simple, but key information that has shown to increase young peoples perception of risk regarding drugs. It is designed for easy use in the classroom, with new session worksheets that are short and to the point with simple instructions on program administration. The curriculum is designed to be flexible with easy access to critical program “review sessions” in each video. It is the perfect companion to your existing drug education program or as a stand alone component

Educator Videos and Lession Plans

Drug Education Video Students

Also included in the kit is a teacher DVD which provides information on our unique approach and its use with your students, along with eye-opening social insight about drugs, teenagers and family situations. The teacher guidebook includes lesson plans and session worksheets that make for easy use in the classroom.

Narconon Drug Education Video Curriculum includes:

  • Marijuana the Myth DVD – Session 1 & 2
  • Xtasy the Real Story, Part 1 DVD – Session 3 & 4
  • Xtasy the Real Story, Part 2 DVD – Session 5 & 6
  • Educator DVD – Containing 4 segments:

    • Behind the Real Story- includes interview with instructor Bobby Wiggins
    • Why Parents are the Last to Know
    • Why Kids Take Drugs
    • The Misery of Ecstasy Educator guidebook – including full outline of the program, lessons plans and session worksheets

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