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Narconon Sports Activities

Narconon All-Stars Softball Team Narconon has long been known for its sports activities that promote a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.   From celebrity softball games, to the Narconon Miracles Hockey team, to european football games, Narconon staff and volunteers have been very active over the years.

Narconon Miracles hockey team Kids and adults who are involved in sports are much less likely to use alcohol and other drugs. Through our sporting events, we can demonstrate that playing a game in life is far more fun and rewarding that using drugs, and far and wide we've been getting this message out for decades.

If you would like to connect up with one of our Narconon drug rehab and drug education centers and find out how you can be involved with this program, or help create a new one, please visit our worldwide directory to find a center near you.

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