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Narconon Reaching Out to Millions to Prevent Drug Abuse

Narconon Community Activities

Boy Scouts in Pakistan with Narconon drug education bookletsThe purpose of Narconon groups and organizations around the world is to eliminate substance abuse and addiction. We pursue this goal by delivering our long-term drug recovery programs to those those who have become addicted. But drug rehab alone will never handle the entire problem. Those who have not yet begun to use addictive substances ? particularly schoolchildren ? need to be educated on the problems drugs cause so they can make the educated choice to stay sober.

Year after year, in country after country, Narconon staff and volunteers reach out to professionals, educators, legislators and community members to offer drug prevention, awareness of the scope of the problem and effective solutions.

From concerts to major sporting events, from the classroom to the boardroom, the message goes out. Narconon drug education lectures have been delivered in person or distributed on DVD to hundreds of thousands of people in ten languages. If you would like to find out how you can help, contact Narconon International at 323-962-2404 or email

Community Drug Education Projects

Narconon Drug Education Project Activity

By pairing with sheriff's offices, schools, youth clubs, athletic leagues and community groups, we have been able to extend our drug education efforts much farther than if we operated alone. As there are many other groups and professionals working for purposes that align with those of Narconon, cooperative efforts make us both stronger and more effective. Please keep reading to learn about ways we have been able to provide services into organizations and communities around the world. If our purpose aligns with yours, consider how we might be able to help each other. Please feel free to contact us at 323-962-2404 or email us at to take a closer look at the possibilities.

Responding to Mexican Drug Violence

Response to Mexican Drug Violenece - Narconon Mexico

Violence between Mexican drug cartels has killed tens of thousands and terrified entire communities. Narconon Mexico and the other Narconon groups in Mexico have responded by providing drug education classes in schools and companies to keep people from starting to use drugs or becoming involved in cartel activities. When the Federal District Commander saw the effectiveness of our drug education to schoolchildren in the city of Pedro Escobar, he asked for training for his police officers to help them understand the effects of drugs on the mind. He stated that when his officers better understood what drugs do to a person, they would be able to interact with that person more effectively and safely.

The Colombian Anti-Drug Campaign

Colombia Anti-Drug Campaign Activity

Narconon Colombia, a Narconon drug rehabilitation and education center in Bogota launched a huge anti-drug campaign that stretched across hundreds of miles of the country. Tens of thousands of people heard the message in Medell?n, Nieva, Pereira, Quind?o, Armenia, La Mesa and Bogot?. Among the groups educated on Narconon's anti-drug curriculum were schools, universities, civic groups, mothers' groups and a juvenile camp of 400 young people. El Tiempo, the national newspaper, featured stories about Narconon's anti-drug efforts. Through these projects and radio and television broadcasts, nearly ten million people across the country have been reached.

Helping Hawaiian Parents Fight Back Against an Epidemic of Methamphetamine

Narconon Hawaii Drug Prevention Activity

While "ice" ? crystallized methamphetamine ? first invaded Hawaii from the Philippines in the early 1980s, by the turn of the millennium, use of the drug had reached epidemic status. This quickly-addictive and physically damaging drug began to show up in nearly 40% of those arrested for criminal activities, showing the social damage that could be done by the drug. Narconon Hawaii conducted a statewide drug education campaign assisted by Hawaiian-born actress Kelly Preston.

Drug education classes were delivered to tens of thousands of young people in schools and youth groups. Then a drug education kit titled "Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free ? What Parents Need to Know" was created especially for Hawaiian parents and 9,000 copies were distributed throughout the islands. One father reported that his son had initially decided not to go to college because he could make more money selling drugs. But after the father received the kit and showed the video to his son, the boy said he finally understood the harm drugs could do so now he wanted to go to college and learn how to make an honest, drug-free living.

Making Drug-Free Drivers in South Africa

Drug-Free Drivers South Africa Activity

Engen Petrol operates more than 1,200 gas stations across South Africa. So a collaboration with the Narconon Cape Town drug prevention center meant that tens of thousands of drivers could be reached as part of a "Drug-Free Driving" campaign. Volunteers manning Engen Petrol stations invited drivers to sign pledges to be drug-free drivers and gave them stickers attesting to their pledges. In all, more than 15,000 Narconon drug education booklets were distributed as part of the campaign.

The Narconon Drug Education Video Reaches Millions

Alcohol Dependence

In the beginning, the Friends of Narconon began to record the Narconon drug education lecture so that recordings could be distributed to students who might never be reached by a drug education specialist. Over time and with donations from individuals and businesses, thousands of Friends of Narconon recordings made their way to more than 7,000 US schools. As a result, more than nine million students received the Narconon anti-drug message, far more than the number that could be reached by sending out drug education volunteers.

Narconon Drug Education Specialists Team Up with the Drug Enforcement Administration

Narconon Drug Education Presentation Delivery

After the Drug Enforcement Administration opened a museum with an anti-drug message in Times Square, they invited drug education specialists from Narconon to present anti-drug classes to visiting schoolchildren. Every day, Narconon drug educators gave multiple presentations, reaching thousands of children with accurate information on the damage done by drug abuse. While they were in New York, educators also visited local schools and the Bronx Hospital to take their message even farther.

Bringing Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation to Frontier Areas

Drug Prevention Honduras Activity

Nations facing worsening drug problems often have inadequate resources to thwart the trends. It can be impossible to keep up with changing situations such as the expansion of addiction among the young in Ghana, the explosion of heroin addiction in Russia and China, methamphetamine abuse spreading across Asia, increasing cocaine abuse in Iran, and so on.

Narconon staff and volunteers have come to their aid of the citizens in these areas who live far outside the usual routes for Narconon drug education and thousands of miles from the nearest Narconon rehabilitation center. They've traveled tens of thousands of miles to deliver presentations on effective rehabilitation and drug prevention techniques at international conferences in India, Pakistan, China, Seychelles and Iran.

Narconon has also provided training for staff members who will return home to pioneer areas so they can consistently deliver a standard Narconon drug rehabilitation program or a drug prevention curriculum. Staff have come for training from as far away as Honduras, Philippines, Pakistan and Ghana.

Helping Parentless Children in Kazakhstan

Narconon Helping Orphans

Kazakhstan has been on the main route for drugs and other contraband from Asia into Europe for many decades. But in 1991, Afghanistan became the top producer of opium in the world. Trafficking of heroin through Kazakhstan doubled, then tripled and continued to grow. And along with it, drug abuse and addiction among Kazakhstanis also increased, accompanied by more arrests and incarcerations for drug crimes. Children made parentless when father or mothers are imprisoned on drug charges are often overlooked when it comes to addressing the problems created by drug trafficking. To help these abandoned children, Narconon trained a corps of business volunteers on how to deliver effective anti-drug presentations for these children, concentrating on communication, life skills, and revitalizing their goals in life.

Philippines Anti-Drug Staff Learn Narconon Drug Prevention Methods

Philippines Learn Narconon Drug Prevention Methods

At the invitation of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), Narconon International delivered training in both drug rehabilitation and prevention to members of their staffs. Philippine DEA agents went on to deliver drug prevention lectures to more than 200,000 students in their country. Then, in collaboration with the DDB, Narconon also ran intensive training sessions to teach staff from six drug rehab centers on how to do drug-free withdrawals and teach recovering addicts drug-free life skills.

Helping Honduran Street Kids with Detoxification

Narconon Helping Honduran Kids With Detoxification

In 2006, an Atlanta, Georgia doctor who volunteers each year at an orphanage for Honduran street children approached the Atlanta Narconon center. He had heard about the remarkable sauna detoxification program delivered in Narconon drug rehabilitation to reduce drug and other toxic residues in the body and wanted to know more. Could it help the children who had persistent cravings for street drugs or the glue they sniffed when they lived in the streets? Narconon Georgia trained the doctor and the orphanage's Program Director on the detoxification protocol, then sent a Narconon instructor to Central America to train other delivery personnel and supervise the implementation.

Results of the sauna detoxification program have been splendid. Aggressiveness has greatly reduced, the children have become more sociable and affectionate and now say they are "genuinely sorry for misdeeds." Staff report that the children now express goals to complete school and to "grow up and become good men." Many of the program children are scoring better grades and several have won awards for academics.

Pakistan Anti-Narcotics Efforts

Pakistan Anti-Narcotics Efforts

In 2002, Narconon International staff traveled to Pakistan and conducted workshops on Narconon drug-free withdrawal methods in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Karachi. The Pakistan Anti-Narcotics Force then printed and distributed thousands of Narconon drug education booklets. Headed by Dr. Mohammed Sharif, a medical doctor and Master of Public Health, Narconon drug prevention has since been carried nationwide. Every year, Dr. Sharif stages a march through Hyderabad in support of a drug-free world on the UN's International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

India's Doctors and Professionals Learn About Narconon Drug Rehab and Prevention

India Learning Narconon Drug Rehab Prevention

The President of Narconon International traveled to Mumbai three times to present Narconon program results and supporting science to Hope Conferences, also referred to as the International Conferences on HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse. These prestigious conferences are attended by professionals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Italy and other European countries.

Also in Mumbai, staff from the Narconon International offices provided drug prevention training to students at six colleges, to doctors at a medical university and to other civic groups. Narconon New Delhi staff deliver drug education as well as Narconon First Step services (drug-free withdrawal and communication skills)). In the plans for the future is a residential delivery center for the Narconon program in New Delhi.

Chinese Professionals Learn How Narconon can Help Alcoholism

Helping China With Alcoholism

Alcoholism has long been a problem in this massive country of more than one billion residents, but recently, drugs like heroin and methamphetamine have also become serious concerns. To help with these concerns, Clark Carr, president of Narconon International, traveled to Shanghai to present Narconon program information to the First China International Symposium on Alcohol and Health. Soon afterwards, a professor at the World Health Organization Collaborating Center invited Mr. Carr to return to deliver intensive drug educator training. Mr. Carr returned to instruct fifty-three health teachers that represented every district of Shanghai. At the end of the training, the teachers stated that they appreciated the simplicity of the anti-drug message in Narconon's drug prevention curriculum.

International Health Professionals Learn Narconon's First Step Program

Narconon First Step Briefing in Iran

At the International Conference on Traditional and Complementary Medicine in Sari, Iran, Clark Carr, President of Narconon International, briefed 300 attendees on how they could use the Narconon First Step Program's drug-free techniques to aid addicts in their withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. The conference was attended by addiction recovery experts from Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other nations. Since then, Iranian professionals have traveled to Narconon's European training center in Copenhagen to fully train on the drug rehabilitation program.

Ghanaian Children Start to Receive Narconon Drug Education

Ghanaian Kids Receive Narconon Drug Education

After a Ghanaian came to Narconon International to train as a drug educator, Narconon International staff traveled to Accra, the capital city, to help establish a Narconon Ghana drug education center. Since then, Narconon Ghana staff have delivered drug education to thousands of children and adults annually in schools and other venues across the country.

Seychelles Ministers Learn about Narconon

Seychelles Ministers Learn About Narconon

In Seychelles, located off the east coast of Africa, Narconon participated in the annual ECSA Ministers of Health Conference attended by 16 nations. ECSA refers to the ministers who come from East, Central and Southern Africa to attend. Narconon International staff briefed the national health ministers and other dignitaries on Narconon drug education and rehabilitation technology. Now Seychelles government employees in charge of drug abuse reduction are working with Narconon Johannesburg to train more Seychellois to utilize Narconon methodology.

Sporting Events Send the Right Message

Narconon All-Stars Softball Game

For decades, Narconon has used sporting events to demonstrate that playing a game in life is far more fun and rewarding than using drugs. The Women's Sports Foundation validated this practice in their recent study which showed that playing sports results in reduced risk for all illicit drug use for both female and male athletes.

Over four decades, Narconon groups have hosted and organized celebrity softball games, European football games, local or international marathons and golf tournaments. The Narconon Miracles hockey team and the Narconon All-Stars softball team carried their message to all the teams they played against and their supporters. Narconon volunteers and staff consistently utilize community sports to promote a healthy, drug-free lifestyle as well as to educate others on the dangers of drugs.

Narconon Centers Reach Out to Create Drug-free Communities

Canadian Sea Cadets Learn the Truth About Drugs

Providing successful drug rehabilitation services is only one part of Narconon's overall purpose. The broader purpose includes reaching out with prevention programs to youth and adults to proof them up against the false lure of alcohol, and other drugs. To that end, Narconon staff and volunteers have been active in their communities for decades, working with local social organizations, teachers, politicians and police. In short, we'll ally with anyone fighting drug abuse. Local Narconon staff and their community supporters are endlessly inventive in coming up with ways of delivering a fun but effective anti-drug message. Like these examples:

  • An anti-drug sailboat delivering drug education along a lakeshore
  • Helping provide drug and crime-free high-school graduations
  • Hollywood stunt presentations
  • Organizing whole communities to make a clear statement that most people support drug-free and ethical living.

The list goes on and on. It's not only fun to deliver this message ? it works and it saves lives.

Downtown Atlanta Events Keep Narconon Staff Busy

Drug Education Atlanta Georgia Activity

Participating in downtown Atlanta activities, such as the annual Red Ribbon Week. They also collaborated with a local community group's summer enrichment program for children, teaching learning skills and providing drug ed presentations to all attendees.

Northern California Narconon Staff Encourage Students to Stay Sober

Drug Education Narconon Vista Bay Activity

As members of their local high school's Sober Grad Night Committee, Narconon Vista Bay staff volunteer at the annual graduation night event helping to provide a safe, drug and crime-free environment for the students and their families. Vista Bay also participates with the Santa Cruz Sheriff's Activity League Program for at-risk youth and they are members of the Santa Cruz Meth Project along with the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, United Way, and the Rotary Club.

Hungary Takes to the Water

Narconon Hungary Drug Education Sailing

Narconon Hungary brought drug education to the waves, entering their sailboat in one of Europe's premier sailing races on Balaton Lake. The real prize for area kids was having the sailboat glide up to their summer camp for on-site drug education on the grass.

Russian Narconon Staff Hit the Clubs to Provide Drug Education

Narconon Standard Drug Education Activites

Staff and volunteers from Narconon Standard drug rehabilitation center outside Moscow regularly visit nightclubs and other entertainment venues where young people gather. They provide excellent opportunities to enlighten young people on the truth about drugs and to set an example that a drug-free life can be cool.

Around the United States

Oklahoma Narconon Reaches Out to Schools and Professionals

Narconon Arrowhead Drug Education Activity

Staff from Narconon Arrowhead, the flagship drug rehabilitation and international training center, travel all over Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas to deliver drug education lectures. Annually, the drug education "road warriors" reach more than 50,000 schoolchildren each year.

Furthermore, Narconon Arrowhead has teamed up with the Eastern Oklahoma State College to provide accredited Continuing Education Units for professionals from drug rehabilitation, social services, and law enforcement fields.

Southern California Narconon Staff Help Put Out Fire Fires, Too

Narconon San Diego Fire Fighter Volunteer

In California's high desert, Narconon San Diego staff are highly trained members of the rural Volunteer Fire Department in their area. The Volunteer Fire Department provides vital service to this region that is frequently threatened by forest fires. They also provide emergency response care to highway accident victims.

Collaborating with People from All Walks of Life to Fight Addiction

Narconon Training Others to Fight Drug Addiction

Drug addiction does not discriminate. It can affect anyone:, rich or poor, professional or laborer. Narconon makes it a practice to work with people of all races, religions and cultures, and widely ranging professions and vocations.

Our collaborations have ranged from military to police forces around the world, to civic organizations such as Boys and Girls clubs and Rotarians, to businesses of all sizes.

Faith Communities Team Up with Narconon

Faith Based Drug Abuse Help Conference

An Oklahoma Faith-Based and Community Partners Conference was co-hosted by Narconon International and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA). Representatives from twenty churches and twenty-five drug rehabilitation programs met to share their most successful practices. The theme of the conference was "Faith communities partnering with rehabilitation professionals to save lives."

Diverse churches and religious groups use Narconon-trained staff to provide help members of their congregation. The African Methodist Episcopal Church even appointed Narconon-trained Rev. James McLaughlin to coordinate their drug rehabilitation efforts. Rev. McLaughlin has evolved a unique faith-based combination of Narconon methodology and scripture in creating his Faith Step, First Step seminars for pastors and parishioners across the United States.

Native Americans Learn How Narconon Can Help their Tribes

Narconon Helping Indian Tribes With Drug Addiction

Alcoholism and drug addiction are continuing crises in many Native American communities. From the very beginning, Narconon staff have worked closely with Native Americans tribes to offer their help. Recent programs include work with the Blackfeet in Montana, tribes in California and North Dakota and intertribal organizations.

Narconon Participates in Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events

MLK Day Celebration Drug Awareness

Too many African-American communities have been blighted with drug abuse for too long. For many years, Narconon staff have participated in the celebration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in the United States by partnering with others to provide drug education and public awareness events, as well as hands-on staff training.

The Positive Art of Hip Hop

Hip Hop Drug Awareness Event

Joining forces with groups such as Cease Fire (a violence prevention and intervention team), the Hip Hop Hall of Fame and local businesses, Narconon has produced VIP "hip hop" parties. The theme is "The Positive Art of Hip Hop." Local kids participate creating T-shirts personalized with their own anti-drug messages.

Closing Message from the President

Narconon International President Activity

Different people use different words to describe the effects of drug abuse and addiction. No matter what words are used, the facts remain the same: Substance abuse brings harm to every individual in every community and nation in the world. I am terribly proud of the accomplishments of the twelve hundred Narconon staff around the world who work dauntlessly and relentlessly to bring about a drug-free world. Our drug educators and community volunteers have been persistent and ingenious in raising public awareness, understanding, and commitment to dealing with this serious problem.

The global challenge demands more than any one organization can do alone. We must all work together. For decades, Narconon has led the way and joined willingly with communities and social organizations to do something effective about the problem.

Do not give up on the concept of safe and drug-free communities. Drug education works and works well. More must be delivered. Communities and service groups banding together can and do change conditions for the better ? we must not stop.

If there is anything a Narconon staff member, Narconon graduate or volunteer can do to help you or your community, please contact us. And, yes, your help is welcome and needed. Together let us make a healthier, happier future for our communities, children and families.

~~ Clark Carr
Narconon International

Hungary anti-drug event

Narconon soccer team in Sweden

Narconon auto race team in England

Anti drug march in Nepal

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