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First Step No. 1 - Drug Free Withdrawal

Narconon First Step
Drug-Free Withdrawal

Use very simple methods to get off drugs.

10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs

10 Things ... booklet

Teach your kids how drugs effect the mind and body with this illustrated booklet. Help expose the most common false information that kids may have about drugs to help prevent drug use.

First Step # 2 - Communication Skills

Narconon First Step
Communications Skills

Use the First Step Communication Skills manual to help your loved one stay off drugs.

Talking to Kids About Drugs

Talking to Kids
About Drugs

Learn how to talk to your kids about drugs in a way that they will listen. Find out how you can help your kid live a drug-free life.

Helping Someone Overcome Addiction

Helping Someone
Overcome Addiction

Learn about the cycle of drug addiction and what you can do to help.

drug facts booklet

Drug Facts

Get up-to-date drug information. Learn about drugs and their harmful effects including signs and symptoms, short and long-term effects, medical implications, etc covering Alcohol, Marijuana, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, LSD, PCP, Crystal Meth, OxyContin, Inhalants, Steroids, Ecstasy and more.

Narconon New Life Detoxification Program book

Narconon New Life
Detoxification Program

The whole story behind how drugs affect the body, and how the New Life Detoxification Program works to eliminate toxins from the system. This book explains the rationale and methodology of the detoxification process from beginning to end, including how vitamins help cleanse the body of drugs and other residues.

Drug education for parents

Narconon Parent Kit

Everything you need to help you talk to your kids and educate your kids about drugs in a way that they will listen.

Narconon Science References and Background

Narconon Science

In order to provide a more in-depth background of Narconon drug education presentations, we are presenting this compilation of scientific documentation from doctors, researches and professional scientists. These documents provide a more in-depth view of the facts presented in Narconon drug education presentations.

The Truth About Drugs: What Is It? (DVD)

The Truth About Drugs(DVD)

Show your kids how drugs can effect the mind and body. Included on this DVD are 2 additional video features, "Why Kids Take Drugs" and "Why Parents are the Last to Know".

Opening A Successful Narconon center

Opening A Successful
Narconon Center

Learn how to open a successful Narconon drug rehabilitation center, such as Narconon Arrowhead.

Marijuana the Myth (DVD)

Marijuana the Myth (DVD)

Many have heard that "Marijuana is natural" or "It can't hurt you" or "It only stays in your system for thirty days". Is this really true? Help wipe away false information that your kid may have about drugs. Included on this DVD are 2 additional video features, "Why Kids Take Drugs" and "Why Parents are the Last to Know".

Drug-Free Representative Kit

Representative Kit

Everything you need to get you started delivering drug education.

Xtasy, The Real Story part 1 (VHS)

Ecstasy, The Real Story: Part 1 DVD

Show your kids how Ecstasy damages the mind and body and how it can destroy a person's life.

The Narconon program has successfully rehabilitated thousands of drug addicts, and this set of books forms the core of the program. Learn to improve communication, learning skills, personal values, overcoming ups and downs in life, and more.

Clear Body, Clear Mind (soft-cover)

Clear Body Clear Mind (soft cover)

What causes drug and alcohol cravings? Can you get rid of drug and toxin residues in your body once and for all? Learn how you can rid your body from harmful toxins.

Narconon Basic Staff Hat Pack

Narconon Basic Staff Hat

Learn the basic functions, policies and different duties of a Narconon center. See what is needed to help your Narconon center operate successfully.

Running an Effective Narconon Center

Running An Effective Narconon Center

Learn what is needed for your Narconon center to flourish and prosper. The tested and practical know-how laid out in this manual is what produces the excellent results and the high level of care expected of any center that bears the Narconon trademark.

You can find more details about our drug books and drug videos below.

Drug-free withdrawal - First Step # 1 book
Drug education booklet - 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs booklet
Learn how to talk kids about drugs - Talking to Kids About Drugs booklet
Drug facts and information - Drug Facts booklet
What is addiction - Helping Someone Overcome Addiction book
Communications skills - First Step # 2 book
Keep your kid drug-free - Narconon Parent kit
Drug education - The Truth About Drugs VHS
Drug education dvd - The Truth About Drugs DVD
Marijuana effects - Marijuana the Myth VHS
Marijuana effects - Marijuanathe Myth DVD
Ecstasy effects - Ecstasy, The Real Story DVD

New life detoxification program - Narconon New Life Detoxification Program book
Science references and background - Narconon Science References and Background book
Open a Narconon center - Opening a Successful Narconon Center course
Deliver drug education - Narconon Drug-Free Representative kit
Functions of a Narconon center - Narconon Basic Staff Hat course
How to run a Narconon center - Running an Effective Narconon Center course
Program materials - Narconon Student Materials books
Drug Rehabilitation - An Overview of Results
Success video - Narconon Success Loop video
Gain happiness - The Way to Happiness booklet
Children's activity book - Children's The Way to Happiness Activity book
Effective purification program - Clear Body, Clear Mind

Drug Education DVDs

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