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Narconon Taiwan Stays Active in Offering Drug Prevention and Recovery Help

Narconon Taiwan distributing drug education bookletsOur staff and volunteers in Taiwan are always active! In these photos, you can see them getting out into the community to stop the use of drugs. In Taiwan, the widespread use of heroin and methamphetamine and the growing use of ketamine, the sleep aid Zolpidem and Ecstasy are creating many addicts. But if these enthusiastic drug educators have their way, addiction to these substances will soon be a thing of the past. Here you can see them reaching out to the public in and around the train station. The booklet they are handing out is 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know about Drugs, translated into Chinese.

Narconon Taiwan Outreach activities

Narconon Taiwan hands out drug education booklets throughout the city.

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Narconon Drug Education in Taiwan

Narconon taiwan Drug EducationThe Narconon Taiwan drug education and rehabilitation facility is located in Ji-An Township.

Recently Summer, the Executive Director for Narconon Taiwan delivered drug education to some students at the Kang-lo Elementary School in Hualien County.

Here is a photo of Summer and the kids holding up the popular drug education booklet, 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs, which has been translated into their language.

Here is another article about the Narconon Taiwan drug rehabilitation and education center and some of the activities they have been involved in.

Narconon Taiwan Brings Drug Education to 90,000 students in 2010

Narconon Taiwan has delivered drug education to hundreds of thousands of school children and educators in the past decade and reached over 90,000 students just this past year alone.

Narconon drug education presentation in Taiwan High School
Summer Tan presenting to students at one of the top High Schools in Taiwan.

They have received many recognitions from the schools they work with in appreciation of their effective presentations regarding the truth about drugs.
Won Hwa Junior High gives recognition to Narconon Taiwan
Principal from Won Hwa Junior High School recognized Narconon Taiwan for their good work.

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