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How Terrifyingly Easy it is to Start Using Drugs

I’ve just read through a dozen interviews from Narconon graduates in which they describe how and why they started using drugs. These interviews make so very clear that it’s incredibly easy for a young person to decide to just go … Continue reading

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How Might Your Child Hide Their Drug Abuse?

Most parents want their children to stay away from drugs while they are growing up. But when kids do start to use one drug or another, it’s not like they walk up to their parents and announce the fact. Quite … Continue reading

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Saving Our Youth: Study Finds Most Alcohol, Drug Abuse Starts in Teen Years

Recent surveys of teens and young adults have turned up a startling new fact. More than one study finds most alcohol, drug abuse starts in teen years. Just when our young people should be getting educations and preparing for their … Continue reading

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With More than Half of All High School Students Abusing Drugs, Should Parents be Using More Drug Tests?

Parents should take note of recent reports on drug abuse among teens and young adults and also those that find that when parents speak out against drug abuse, drug abuse statistics are lower. According to the most recent Monitoring the … Continue reading

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Narconon Nepal delivers Drug Prevention Services to Katmandu Police

Narconon Nepal staff and students delivered drug prevention to thousands throughout Nepal and surrounding countries. Television and radio broadcasts reach hundreds of thousands with the data necessary to make informed decisions regarding drugs.

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Narconon Drug Education | The Way to Happiness

Narconon International has been delivering the Narconon First Step program to The Way to Happiness school children in Mazatlan to help bring drug awareness and drug rehabilitation solutions to their community. One section of the Narconon First Step program utilizes … Continue reading

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