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Desperate Krokodil Addict Recovers

Of all the addictions, as terrible as they all are, perhaps the most desperate is an addiction to Krokodil. This is a drug that started being home-cooked in Russia by heroin addicts. Someone realized that they could buy over-the-counter headache medication that contained codeine and strip the opiate base out of it. Then when this drug was injected, it would have an effect similar to that of heroin but it would not last as long.

In these kitchen drug labs, the most caustic and damaging chemicals are used to strip out the opiate. Chemicals like gasoline, lighter fluid, iodine, lye and the phosphorus from the red tips of matches. There is some slight effort, usually, to filter impurities out of the resulting liquid but running the liquid through some paper filters would do nothing to remove caustic chemicals from the final solution. Continue reading

Narconon Celebrates 48 Years of Saving Lives

48 years“We’ve come such a long way from the early days of that behind-the-bars rehab program with a few dozen students,” says Narconon International president Clark Carr. He is speaking on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Narconon program, which was recently observed on February 19th. This date doesn’t refer back to the day when Narconon opened the doors of its first drug rehab center, but rather to the day when Narconon founder William Benitez originally made the decision to start the program. At the time, he was serving time in an Arizona prison, and it was there that he began delivering the program to the few dozen students to whom Mr. Carr refers in his remarks. Since that time, Narconon has expanded to one of the largest networks of drug rehab centers in the world, with locations spread throughout the United States and across the entire world. Narconon is now one of the most well known names in the field of addiction treatment, and it is widely recognized as having one of the highest rates of success in terms of getting people off drugs for good. Continue reading

New Story Published on Narconon Says Its Never Too Late

helpNarconon was recently the focus of a story in CityWatch, a Los Angeles area news publication which reports on local stories that are of interest to people in the City of Angels. “The Narconon Lesson: It’s Never too Late,” tells the story of Narconon’s development and its history over the more than 40 years since the organization was founded. It also discusses modern views on the Narconon program and the work that it is doing in the world, as well as addressing some of the most common misconceptions about Narconon. The author of the piece is Rosemary Jenkins, who is described by CityWatch as being a Democratic activist who serves as the chair of the Northeast Valley Green Coalition. In addition to her work as a reporter for CityWatch, she is also a published author with books ranging from poetry to composition and grammar. In the recent article, she does a good job of providing readers with an introduction to Narconon and a basic understanding of the program and what type of impact it is having on the world. Continue reading

Narconon Releases New Information on the Health Effects of Drugs

health effectsMuch has been made in recent years of the rise of prescription drug abuse. With increasing numbers of Americans taking prescription medication, more and more people from all walks of life are abusing their pharmaceutical drugs, and many of them get hooked or die of overdose. More recently, an alarm has been sounded over the fact that a new class of drugs, referred to as synthetic drugs and including substances such as bath salts, synthetic marijuana and Smiles or N-bomb, has emerged. These substances produce similar effects to common street drugs but are often found to be legal for purchase even at gas stations and convenience stores and are mistakenly thought by young people to be safer than other drugs. Even as these disturbing trends are taking place and deserve ample attention, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that the established street drugs that have been with us for decades continue to pose a major threat to public health. Recently, Narconon has taken action to refocus attention on the potential for health damage caused by illicit drugs by releasing a report on the risks of using cocaine. Continue reading

Narconon Puts Spotlight on Synthetic Drug Education Prevention

synthetic drugsAs one of the leaders in the field of addiction treatment, Narconon has its finger on the pulse of the world of drug use. Over the past several years, they have seen a fundamental change in the patterns of addiction, with increasing numbers of the people who reach out to them for help coming in after struggling with addiction not to traditional street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin, but to pharmaceutical drugs including the opiate painkillers OxyContin and Vicodin. More recently, there has been a shift back to heroin, as the authorities have been cracking down on nonmedical use of painkillers and addicts have transitioned to heroin as a cheaper and more readily available alternative. One of the latest developments has been the advent of synthetic drugs. The term, “synthetic drugs” refers to a category of chemical substances which have been found to get a person high in ways similar to many of the well-known street drugs. Spice and K2 are brand names commonly used to refer to synthetic marijuana, which can be any one of several different chemical formulations sprayed on plant material which is smoked much like naturally occurring cannabis. Bath salts are a type of drug known as cathinones, which have stimulant effects similar to cocaine and methamphetamine. Another common synthetic drug is known variously as “Smiles” or “N-Bomb,” and has effects similar to the hallucinogen mescaline. These and other synthetic drugs are not only similar in their effects to other drugs, but are also in many cases substantially more powerful and very often produce unpredictable side-effects due to the variable nature of their chemical composition. Continue reading

Narconon Outcomes Align With Top Government Criteria for Recovery

criteria for recoveryWhat does Narconon mean?

Since its inception in 1966, Narconon has been a drug-free rehab program. Unlike many rehab programs, Narconon does not use drugs in the treatment of addiction. Instead, Narconon focuses on increasing the ability, confidence and stability of a student (as patients are referred to in Narconon), through a series of counseling steps and life skills courses. The Narconon program has become widely associated with the sauna detox step, which involves a system of exercise, nutritional supplements and spending time in a dry heat sauna to sweat out the accumulated toxic residues left behind by past drug use. The sauna program, however, is a more recent development for Narconon. In the beginning, the program was primarily counseling and life skills courses. Narconon founder William Benitez developed the program after reading the book, The Fundamentals of Thought, by philosopher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. He based the program on the principles he found in this book, and for more than 40 years since that time people throughout the world have been using the Narconon program to recover from their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Continue reading

The History of Red Ribbon Week

red ribbon weekNational Family Partnership (NFP) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1980 by a small group of concerned parents. They were determined to play a leadership role in drug prevention. Nancy Reagan was an honorary Chair of NFP. Since its founding over thirty years ago, NFP has always been working towards the well-being of today’s youth. The NFP is a national leader in both drug prevention education and advocacy. “Our mission is to lead and support our nation’s families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug free youth.” One campaign that the NFP is well known for is the Red Ribbon Campaign. In fact, this year’s Red Ribbon Week is the last full week in October. Continue reading

How Narconon Treatment Restores Health

healthLong term substance abuse has a tendency to wreck the physical health of an addict. Drugs and alcohol are, fundamentally, poisons, hence the term, “intoxication.” In light of this, it is entirely understandable that living as an addict will all but inevitably result in devastating damage to the person’s health and physical well being. This was the case with Michael, who shares his personal story in a testimonial recently published by Narconon. “I came to Narconon a completely destroyed person,” he says, “drugs and alcohol had ravaged my life for almost 15 years.” As bad as a person may feel when experiencing a hangover on the morning after a night of hard drinking, an addict faces the stark reality of every day being the day after a full day or night of drinking or drug use, because the drinking or drug use simply never stops until he or she quits. Constantly poisoning oneself cannot but have dire health consequences, as it did  for Michael. “I was physically sick and deteriorating mentally at an alarming rate.” In many cases, it is the sudden realization of this deterioration and illness that finally gives a person the motivation necessary to make the decision to quit, to put everything else in life on hold and to go to the nearest Narconon drug rehab center. Continue reading

How Narconon and LA Ministers Are Fighting Back Against Addiction

city of los angelesDrugs are a major problem throughout Los Angeles, and one of the areas that has been hit the hardest over the years is South Central L.A. South Central has some of the highest rates of poverty and crime in all of Los Angeles County, and drugs are largely to blame for both of these problems. On the one hand you have Angelenos who have lost their jobs or are struggling to get by as a result of their drug use and addiction. On the other hand, there are countless petty criminals and gang members whose crimes are either directly involved in the illegal drug trade or are motivated by the need to get cash for drugs. In short, the people of South Central need help in fighting the scourge of drugs, and they will soon be getting that help from some of the members of the local clergy. Fortunately, churches still play a substantial role in the community of South Central, both in terms of providing a place for Sunday worship and as a point of social stability for the parishioners. In light of this, a group of ministers from South Central have recently taken steps to keep their congregations safe from drugs. Continue reading

The Daily Life of a Narconon Student

Narconon scheduleIf you are preparing to enter drug rehab at a Narconon treatment center or through another program, you may not know what to expect. Perhaps you have never before been to rehab, and have little or no reality on what it is like and what happens on a daily basis. On the other hand, you may have been through one or more other programs previously, but do not know what the Narconon program consists of. There are many different rehab programs in the United States and worldwide. Some offer a 28-day program, with the patient being checked out at the end of this period, often with results that fall far short of what was expected. Others keep the patients around for significantly longer, many times extending treatment for as long as it takes to get the person to a point of stable recovery. In most cases, students (as patients are referred to in the Narconon program) can expect to spend between three and five months at a Narconon treatment center, though some will end up staying longer when this appears to be necessary to ensure that the student is fully recovered before returning to his or her normal life. What will you be doing for the next 90 – 150 days or longer during your time in the Narconon program? Continue reading