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No Surprise that Drug Use Up as Jobs Go Away

Reports from Florida show that when economic stresses mount related to unemployment, more people may be reaching for a pill. Particularly, in this region, Oxycontin obtained illicitly, as from a drug dealer or by theft. Or it could be obtained by doctor shopping or prescription fraud. Whatever the method a person uses to get the drug, one thing is certain. The drug is seriously addictive. Speed of addiction does vary somewhat from person to person. Some people may dabble in Oxycontin for a while without being trapped but for many people, it may only take a few uses before the cravings begin to drive them back into more use of the drug whether they want to go there or not.

When drug use is up as jobs go away, it doesn’t solve the unemployment problem. Drug use will only impel a person further into depression and guilt. Most people feel stressed and may become depressed when they are unemployed. Pills, joints or drinks may make that feeling go away for a little while. But they don’t solve the unemployment. Nor do they help a person face the search for a job, employment interviews or the stress of a new job.

In Florida, the social services agencies are trying to help people get free from the drug use so they can look for new jobs. Drug abuse and addiction can lead unemployed people to crime instead of job hunting. In Highland County in Florida, the county clerk estimated that 60% of those who were being arrested had drug problems. It could be asked whether the problems caused people to hide in drug use or the drug use created problems. Probably both paths are correct for different individuals.

Solving The Addiction Problem So People Can Return To Work

It is very common for people to lose jobs when they become addicted. The grip that drugs like Oxycontin, Vicodin, heroin, cocaine or alcohol get on people becomes stronger than many people’s grip on their work ethic. Being at work begins to involve explaining absences, making excuses for work that isn’t done, covering up signs of drug or alcohol abuse, perhaps even shifting the blame to other workers to protect onesself.

The same excuses and shift of blame that occurs at work also occurs at home. A person who is addicted begins to spin tales for a spouse, make excuses to children, siblings, parents. The need for more drugs takes over as a primary concern in life.   Recovery from this obsession to get and use drugs must be thorough and complete for the sobriety to be lasting.

Narconon Services Cover The Many Aspects Of Addiction

For rehab to work and for sobriety to last, a recovery program must address the many kinds of injury that result from being addicted. For example, a person must recover their own personal integrity. They must learn how to face people again and communicate clearly families are all too aware that an addicted loved one has lost this capacity. He (or she) must also have a way to reduce the cravings that threaten him every time his guard is down for a moment. Narconon services cover each of these points thoroughly.  The

Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is a long-term program, one that gives the addicted person time to learn the basics of the life skills that are needed to overcome each of these kinds of damage. Then each person must have time and guidance to apply that new knowledge to themselves. As they do so, they build a new, drug-free life, step by step.  Addiction is not overcome in a month-long rehab.

It takes longer than that to repair and rebuild. In fifty locations around the world, the Narconon program guides those who are addicted through this essential process of recovery. Call 1-800-775-8750 to find out more about Narconon services.

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Despite Dangers Adderall Remains Popular Study Drug For Students

Go to any college campus and ask a student if he (or she) knows anyone who uses Adderall. It is very unlikely that you will find someone who will say no. Maybe they don’t use it themselves, but they will know others who do. A new report finds that Adderall remains a popular study drug for students.

They use it to stay alert when cramming for an exam or when finishing a paper that may be due the next day. But repeated abuse of this drug can be addictive, as Adderall is made of a mix of different forms of amphetamine. And it has been known for decades that amphetamine is highly addictive.

At one time, the people who took amphetamines were called “speed freaks.” Now they may be students who excel because of an artificially-increased ability to focus for long hours.   The downside is, of course, the possibility of addiction to Adderall. But there is a further risk when Adderall remains a popular study drug for students. And that is that those students may continue to rely on pills to moderate their moods. They may seek the services of a cooperative doctor and tell him what he needs to hear to prescribe drugs like Adderall, painkillers like Vicodin or mood changers like Valium or Xanax. As all of these drugs are addictive, anyone who relies on these drugs may find themselves trapped in addiction when that was far from their thoughts when they started out.

As tolerance to these drugs build, the next step is increasing the dosages. The person begins to acquire and consume more of these drugs and soon this begins to control the focus of his (or her) entire life. This is when Narconon services are needed to help a person escape from this trap.

Narconon Services Help Rescue Thousands Of People A Year

Around the world, there are fifty Narconon centers that provide the healing, holistic Narconon drug rehabilitation program. This is a long-term program that utilizes no drugs in the treatment of addiction, as so many other programs do. Each person is helped to detoxify the residues of past drug use, a proven aid to reducing cravings, and learn how to communicate clearly and solve life’s problems again. Without restoring skills like these and several others, a person may struggle daily to resist temptation. A challenge or a problem may tempt him to return to drug abuse unless he has learned how to address problems and overcome them.

Narconon services are unique in their thoroughness and simplicity. The Way to Happiness Course, for example, freshens a person’s grasp on a personal moral code that will guide him through the kinds of decisions that keep one on a drug-free path.   With this kind of help, seven out of ten graduates of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program maintain their sobriety once they get home. This is one of the best success rates in the field of drug rehabilitation.

Sobriety Is Achievable

Other rehabs seek to keep a person in compliance with a treatment program by continually medicating him with methadone, buprenorphine or anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax. But the person treated in this way does not get the chance to see what it is like to be sober again. He or she is still chained to a drug habit.   When withdrawal can be made tolerable, when life skills can be learned again, when morals and personal integrity can be restored, there is every reason to reach out toward sobriety and no reason to think that one must remain addicted. Call Narconon services at 1-800-775-8750 to get started.

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