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Adderall Abuse Becoming More Popular Among Teens But Are Parents Starting To Wake Up

There are plenty of stories covering the phenomenon of students abusing Adderall, the drug that is so often prescribed when a child seems too active or unfocused to a teacher or a school medical staffer. Young people in high school and college are relying on Adderall as a stimulant to help them stay up long hours and focus on studies far beyond their normal limits. Some students who don’t use Adderall by having a prescription or by acquiring it illicitly complain that the drug provides an unfair advantage to those willing to use any tactic to get ahead even a dangerous or addictive one.

According to a blog on the Huffington post, some students simply consume normal doses of Adderall, some take more of it than normally prescribed and some people snort it. Snorting the drug provides a fairly instant increase in energy, the same way that snorting cocaine or methamphetamine would. After all, Adderall is made up of different forms of amphetamine, very similar to the street form of this drug. With Adderall abuse becoming more popular among teens, it would be smart to understand the potential for addiction to this kind of drug or other drugs.

Adderall Classed With Cocaine And Morphine

Adderall is classed by the Drug Enforcement Administration in the same class as cocaine and morphine. Despite this, parents usually knuckle under when a doctor tells them that their child needs this drug in order to fit someone’s idea of normal behavior. Other students are willing to take an uneducated risk and ask friends who have prescriptions to sell some of their pills. Some students will also go to health services or family practitioners and tell the lies that will get them the pills, although student health services are starting to wise up and are restricting the drugs more than before.

Some young people who start using Adderall to give them a chemical “edge” in their studies may suffer two damaging fates: they may become addicted or harmed by this drug, being unable to stop taking it; or they may progress on to the abuse of other harmful and addictive drugs. One researcher found a clear link between the use of stimulants by youth with the use of cocaine in later childhood or adulthood.

Each year, almost 21 million prescriptions for these drugs are given, just for children between 10 years of age and 19. This number has increased 26 percent since 2007. The hand of medical doctors or psychiatrists must be seen in the fact of Adderall abuse becoming more popular among teens.

But here and there, some parents are starting to object and refuse to start using these medications or getting their children off them.

Narconon Rehab Centers Offer Help To Those Who Lost The Fight

When a person relies on a drug like this, it is easy to become addicted without ever realizing it is happening. A student finally realizes they cannot stop using a drug, or they are drawn to abuse other drugs. These people may find themselves in a Narconon rehab center, one of more than fifty on six continents around the world.

At Narconon rehab centers, they will find only healthy means of leaving drugs behind. That means they will not be treated with other prescription drugs that are themselves addictive. This is a vicious cycle that is experienced at many drug rehab facilities. Drugs such as Xanax, Valium, barbiturates as sleep aids, Prozac, buprenorphine or methadone are given at many other rehabs around the US and in other countries.

But Narconon only helps a person find complete sobriety through the use of nutritional supplements, one-on-one work with the staff to relax and find calmness, and the services of the program that quickly help a person achieve more stability.

The whole idea of the Narconon program is to make a person strong and capable, thereby able to build a drug-free life. At that point, the use of addictive drugs becomes unattractive. Find out how this program can help someone you care about who wants to leave drugs behind. Call 1-800-775-8750 today.


Two Dangerous Painkillers Which Is Worse Oxycodone Vs Oxycontin

What really is the difference between Oxycodone and OxyContin?

Oxycodone may be thought of as the lesser of the two evils because it is often combined with other medications. It is still an opiate but may be combined with ibuprofen or Tylenol in some formulations. A number of prescription pain relievers including Percocet, Percodan, Tylox and OxyContin all contain oxycodone. However, oxycodone is the only ingredient in the stronger version of the drug: OxyContin.

In the pharmaceutical world, “oxycodone” can be considered a generic name for OxyContin, as oxycodone is the active ingredient in the product. However, oxycodone is also the active ingredient in many other medications, so it is probably better to use a term such as “oxycodone extended release” to describe the generic versions of OxyContin.

The Varying Effects Of The Two Medications

The effects of medications that are combined with oxycodone are released immediately after taking the pill. Relief from pain may last for about 4 to 6 hours. OxyContin has stronger effects because it contains pure concentration of oxycodone and the formulation makes the drug intensely strong and highly addictive. This is a brand named pharmaceutical designed to be time-released and remains effective for about 12 hours.

However those who are abusing OxyContin will often tamper with or remove the time release, getting a very strong amount of the medication right away.

People who abuse the drug crush the tablet and swallow or snort it, or dilute it in water and inject it. This destroys the time-release mechanism so that the user gets the full effects of the narcotic. Users compare the high to the euphoria of heroin. Smoking OxyContin has also become a common problem in some areas of the country. OxyContin is arguably the most abused opioid in the US. It is a drug of choice for many prescription opioid addicts. But OxyContin side effects can be severe.

Those who are addicted to prescription drugs usually prefer OxyContin because of the strong dosage, as compared to oxycodone. Although both are prescription drugs, many people can find these sold on the streets. And one of the easiest ways users get both versions of the drug is from friends or family members’ medicine cabinets.

OxyContin Information & Dangers

What makes OxyContin dangerous is not only that it’s addictive, it can also be lethal. It makes you feel you can tolerate more, but it can precipitate respiratory failure, especially when used with other drugs like alcohol.
Street names for OxyContin include:
• OC
• Kicker
• OxyCotton
• Hillbilly Heroin.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), oxycodone has been abused for more than 30 years. But with the introduction of OxyContin in 1996, there has been a marked escalation of abuse.

Handling A Prescription Addiction Problem

Narconon rehab centers have many tips to help someone overcome a prescription abuse problem as these drugs are extremely addictive. The National Institute of Health said 3 to 5 percent of people who take pain medication eventually become addicted. They key would be to stay away from these medications if at all possible. If you have to use these prescriptions, be sure to seek help as soon as you think you may have a problem.

Narconon rehab centers also suggest that if you know someone who is struggling with this type of addiction, get them immediate help. One-third of people aged 12 or older who used drugs for the first time used a prescription drug for a non-medical purpose. According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, in 2011, more people died due to overdosing on legal pain medications than on illegal drugs.