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New Narconon Coloring Book Helps with Drug Prevention

Narconon coloring bookWhen you say the word “Narconon,” most people will think of the drug rehabilitation program that has been around for more than 40 years and is known for achieving a success rate where 7 out of 10 graduates stay drug free for a time period from 6 months to several years after treatment. Rehab treatment is not, however, all that Narconon does. Another program is Narconon Drug Prevention & Education, an organization that provides educational materials on the subject of drugs to young people in schools and community groups. This organization has recently announced the release of a new publication that has the potential to greatly contribute to efforts to keep young people away from drugs. Make Your Goals Come True: Say No to Drugs! Say Yes to Life! is a 16-page coloring book that features 35 unique illustrations along with helpful information that is aimed at steering children away from drugs and towards success in life. Each page of the book features a short lesson on different life skills that readers can put to immediate use in the pursuit of their goals. These precepts cover subjects such as hard work and industriousness, healthy habits for taking care of oneself, learning new skills and diligently practicing them to achieve true competence. All of these topics are included in the book for the purpose of bolstering children’s ability to thrive and succeed in life, thereby making it less likely that they will turn to drugs as a way to cope with stress and pressure. Continue reading

Narconon Colombia and City Hall Against Drugs

For decades, Colombia has been famous worldwide not for its beautiful beaches, nor for its section of the Amazon rain forest or the dramatic Andean peaks reaching heights greater than 18,700’. Instead, the word “Colombia” has typically gone hand-in-hand with the word “cocaine.” Until 2012, Colombia was the world’s largest producer of cocaine, and it continues to be the number one source of the cocaine that makes it into the United States. In addition to public health problems caused by drug use within its own borders, Colombia has also seen years of violence in relation to drug trafficking, from battles between trafficking organizations to political assassinations to random killings in the streets. Fortunately, there are people and organizations working to stem the tide of drug abuse and addiction in Colombia. The team from Narconon Colombia recently made inroads on the effort to salvage the nation and turn things around by working on the local level in Municipio de El Colegio, also known as the city of El Colegio, a name that translates roughly to “The School.” Continue reading