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What Does the 49th Anniversary of Narconon Mean to Us?

narconon-49-year-anniversaryOn February 19th, the Narconon network celebrates its 49th birthday. On this day in 1966, William Benitez made the decision to found a rehab program to be called Narconon. He was in prison in Arizona at the time and he wanted to first help other inmates who were in jail because they could not stop using drugs. It took several months for him to convince prison officials to let him run the country’s first inside-the-prison rehab program but he finally was able to gather other inmates who wanted to get sober and teach them about the personal abilities he had been able to rebuild by studying the works of humanitarian and author L. Ron Hubbard. After he was released from prison, he established the first Narconon center in Los Angeles, teaching the same principles.

Now, almost 50 years later, there are Narconon rehab and prevention organizations and groups around the world. More than 38,000 individuals have graduated from this rehab program and that doesn’t even count those who graduated in the early years, before we started keeping official records.

Likewise, we’ll never exactly know how many people have been reached with our drug prevention curriculum. In Russia, one of our drug educators reached more than 250,000 people in six years. In Southern California, one drug ed team reached 100,000 young people last year. And in Nepal, the center in Kathmandu has reached out to more than 650,000 people in person and via radio and television, to educate them on the dangers of drug use. Continue reading

The Major Focuses Of Narconon Drug Education During New School Year

focuses drug educationPrevention Is the Solution to the Drug Problem

Current estimates hold that that more than 20 million people in the United States are living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. To put that figure in perspective, it amounts to more than the entire population of New York state. Unfortunately, only slightly more than 10% of those who meet the criteria for substance abuse disorder or addiction receive the treatment they need. Instead, they continue to live lives plagued by drugs, always looking for the next fix rather than pursuing their dreams and goals. As though the current situation wasn’t already bad enough, it is steadily getting worse. Approximately 7,000 young people start drinking alcohol every day, and another 5,000 begin using drugs. In the face of such staggering statistics, it can clearly be seen that even the most effective drug rehab program is no match for the constantly increasing number of substance abusers and addicts. Drug rehab is a costly proposition, both in terms of resources and time. No matter how diligently those in the field of addiction treatment may work, they cannot hope to keep up with the ever increasing numbers of addicts. Narconon recognizes this fact, and they are taking effective steps to correct the situation.  Continue reading