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Is the Next US Drug Trend Going to be Heroin?

The Washington Post just published an article that could be predicting a terrifying trend. According to an April 6th article, Mexican farmers are pulling out their marijuana crops and planting heroin poppies instead. So cheap heroin (far cheaper than prescription painkillers) has been increasingly found crossing the border.

kid smoking a jointHere’s what I am concerned about. As more states authorize the use of marijuana for medical or recreational use, there will be more of that drug in circulation. Prices will come down. That is, of course, the main reason Mexican farmers are changing their crops. They want a crop with a higher price attached. What would a savvy businessman in the drug business do? Offer another product that might appeal to someone already using alcohol or marijuana that will make the farmer more money. Continue reading

Narconon Drug Education | The Way to Happiness

Narconon International has been delivering the Narconon First Step program to The Way to Happiness school children in Mazatlan to help bring drug awareness and drug rehabilitation solutions to their community. One section of the Narconon First Step program utilizes The Way to Happiness to help others live a happier life.



Narconon First Step and “The Way to Happiness” School for the children of Mazatlan.


A volunteer helps poor children in Mazatlan, State of Sinola, Mexico to learn about ethics and precepts toward happiness.


As a teacher of The Way to Happiness, I think the book is marvelous.

Really following the 21 precepts, we can flourish and prosper.


I learned many things in The Way to Happiness.

I learned that drugs are substances that damage your body

and make you not be in present time.

Also, that you should clear your misunderstood words so you can understand The Way to Happiness.

You should try to speak the truth. You should find the truth that actually benefits you.


We can be great.

I learned greatly how to detect false data.

And I know how to interpret this for my workshop students.

I let them know that when someone comes and gives them false data about drugs,

it is because of that person’s interest, his own purposes.

It’s for his own benefit. These people only intend harm,

to intoxicate the world with drugs.

Therefore, I let these children know they are truly valuable.


The book The Way to Happiness has helped me a lot.

For me it is a beautiful book.

It tells us many things to live better.

And the precepts have helped me a lot, too.

to treat others as I would like them to treat me, and to understand life more.


“Flourish and Prosper” –

means “You should not pay attention to other people.

who say you shouldn’t do something

that you can do, just ignore them.

Continue to believe what you believe, not what they say.


Following the 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness,

they will find something good, shining in their lives.

This is what I think of The Way to Happiness.


The book The Way to Happiness is one part of the Narconon First Step Program,

a charitable service of Narconon International for rehabilitation centers, schools, and prisons in Mexico.

Get more information on the Narconon First Step Drug Withdrawal

Narconon International First Step program bringing a helping hand to more of troubled Mexico

Not too much over a year ago, Clark Carr, president Narconon International, was invited by Laura Capaceta, a United States citizen born in Mazatlan, to offer the first Narconon First Step Workshop to drug rehabilitation centers in Mexico. They started with two Catholic 12 Step centers directed by Laura’s nephew, Victor Capaceta. Victor, himself a former drug addict, after doing 12 Step (Alcoholics Anonymous) work, had also gone to Narconon Navojoa in Sonora and graduated the full program.

The simple, practical First Step program was wildly popular with his staff and interns (students) and workshops were delivered to other 12 Step programs (known as “Anexos” in Mexico). And the word spread. That was then.

At the close of a Narconon First Step drug withdrawal Workshop to Tijuana drug rehab directors.Now, in just the last few months, Clark, Laura, and Victor have opened up Tijuana and Ensenada in the state of Baja California to the First Step. Almost 20 Baja drug rehab centers are now using vitamins and minerals and other hands-on assists to greatly ease symptoms of withdrawal along with other communication exercises that help students keep their attention in present time and better their communication skills. (picture: At the close of a Narconon First Step Workshop to Tijuana drug rehab directors.)

Communication drills as part of the Narconon First Step drug withdrawal programThere is not conflict between the Narconon First Step methodology and AA, quite the contrary. One Baja staff member wrote, for example, “All the tools that were handed to us were very interesting, especially the confronting and communication drills. I sincerely think that combining all this information with the 12 Step AA Program is only going to make rehabbing a lot more effective.” (picture: Doing communication drills at the Puerto Vallarta First Step Workshop – looks like a lot of fun.)

drug withdrawal in Guamuchil, Puerto VallartaClark Carr has gone on in the last couple months to deliver the two-day Narconon First Step Workshops in other cities, including Guamuchil in Sinaloa, where the First Step is now in use from Los Mochis in the north down to Escuinapa south of Mazatlan. Also 6 drug rehab ‘clinics’ in Cuernavaca, Morelos, down near Mexico City. And most recently in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. “I learned to confront life and people and not run away from it,” said one Puerto Vallarta attendee. “I learned not to be afraid of problems. The Narconon exercises seemed very entertaining and useful to me…for our clinic, Despierta la Vida, and to improve the life of the patients and their illness.”

As well, because of the rampant violence and criminality that still accompany the on-going battles between warring drug cartels throughout Mexico, Narconon International has reached beyond drug rehabs out to the community and businesses, giving them tools to address ethics and morality and to raise hope that, like Colombia has accomplished, Mexico can and will rise up from this chaos to become again the wonderful land of rest and recuperation it once was for so much of the world.

Students at a neighborhood Way to Happiness schoolThe little book called The Way to Happiness, with its 21 chapters on precepts or common sense choices that lead to a more ethical, prosperous, and happier life, is being much used by Narconon in its community service campaigns. Over 150,000 copies have been distributed around First Step rehab centers, by their own students and graduates, not just in quiet neighborhoods to churches, schools, and businesses, but in recently violent zones where killings, extortion, and kidnappings have occurred. “I believe that we have here the key to better ourselves in every aspect,” said one workshop attendee. “This is also really needed to help other people like us. We need to orient our children, teenagers, and young people with drug problems — and to teach them The Way to Happiness, the key to success.” (pictures: Above, students at a neighborhood Way to Happiness school at one of their weekly voluntary meetings and below, being interviewed at a Mazatlan morning TV show.)

Students being interviewed on TV about the Way to Happiness bookletFinally, in Mazatlan and other cities, business leaders are beginning to come together with Narconon International and Mexican drug rehab directors and many others from their communities to consider using and distributing large quantities of The Way to Happiness to help reinforce ethical values. This even includes a state-wide TV station in Mazatlan, Sinaloa playing a Way to Happiness precept daily for a month along with a live interview.

* The Narconon First Step program is a drug withdrawal program which doesn’t use other substitute drugs get off of them.

Tijuana First Step workshopLearning in Tijuana how Calcium, Magnesium, B vitamins and other nutrients help relieve drug withdrawal.

Communication exercisesPuerto Vallarta First Step workshop – Communication drills


Learning how to do drug withdrawal in Guamuchil workshop in MexicoStudents and staff at Guamuchil and Puerto Vallarta 12 Step rehab centers learn how to relieve pain with a simple Narconon First Step hands-on assist.

After the Cuernavaca First Step Workshop.After the Cuernavaca First Step Workshop.