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New Study Reveals the Way Marijuana Changes the Brains of Young Casual Users

Marijuana use has become a passionate subject, with strong advocates on both sides of medical or recreational use issues. It must be very hard for a parent to know what to think, and even harder for young people to understand … Continue reading

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Is the Next US Drug Trend Going to be Heroin?

The Washington Post just published an article that could be predicting a terrifying trend. According to an April 6th article, Mexican farmers are pulling out their marijuana crops and planting heroin poppies instead. So cheap heroin (far cheaper than prescription … Continue reading

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What if we didn’t focus on the heroin epidemic or marijuana but just raised drug-free kids?

I’m watching the headlines these days and there’s so much about this drug or that – Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death triggered plenty of media coverage on the increase in heroin abuse. Zohydro is in the news as a future opiate … Continue reading

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The Hidden Dangers of Medical Marijuana

Is medical marijuana safe? Marijuana is included in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Schedule I group of drugs. As such, it is legally categorized as being one of the most dangerous drugs, with the highest potential for addiction and with no … Continue reading

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10 Reasons to Stay Away from Weed

People who support marijuana over other drugs often point to an number of different arguments that they believe prove it to be safe or at least less harmful. Many of these center on the fact that marijuana is a naturally … Continue reading

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Marijuana Use Among Teens More Common than Cigarette Smoking While Alcohol Use Goes Down

What parents want for their children and what children are doing with their lives still seem to be on divergent paths. Parents generally want their kids to learn job skills or to prepare for careers, and to proceed safely through … Continue reading

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Marijuana Shipment Dumped in Ocean Cuts off Supplies for Teenage Drug Abuse

In late May 2012, more than one hundred bales of marijuana were found floating in the Pacific Ocean off the Orange County coast. The Sheriff’s Department hauled in the drugs that were then whisked away for destruction. Seagoing drug shipments … Continue reading

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Fake Marijuana May Be Endangering Young People Who Think it is Safe and Natural

Today’s young people are forced to make complex decisions regarding drug use and most of them lack the knowledge to do so wisely. To make matters worse, the list of drugs being offered to them keeps getting longer. Once it … Continue reading

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Colleges Turn Out to Offer Dangers as Well as Educations

The image of a young person, eighteen or so years old, heading off to college is one filled with hope and dreams of accomplishments and future careers. Parents look at their child going off to college with pride, but if … Continue reading

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Marijuana: Far from the Harmless Drug Many Would Make it out to Be

If you believe all the campaigners associated with medical marijuana, cannabis is the most benign of substances. Since it is now legal for people prescribed medical use in sixteen states in the US and has been decriminalized in several other … Continue reading

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