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Marijuana: What Are Users Really Smoking

The names “weed” and “skunk” do little to make marijuana sound appealing, but most people who smoke pot don’t care what the name is, as long as it gets them high. Do you think, however, that these men and women … Continue reading

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Heroin is Still Stealing our Young Adults

Probably the very best reason to keep young people from ever starting to use the gateway drugs (alcohol, tobacco and marijuana) is because how easy it is to migrate to the use of heroin. Look at this quote from one … Continue reading

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The Third Legal Drug

If you have any concerns about the spread of marijuana use across our country, that’s probably a good idea. One of our experts on the effects of this drug states feels that this use of marijuana constitutes a huge social … Continue reading

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New Marijuana Study Shows Relationship Between Pot Use and Poor Sleep

From the University of Pennsylvania comes a study of the relationship between cannabis use and sleep. Researchers correlated drug use and sleep quality and found that those who currently or previously used marijuana were more likely to suffer from sleep … Continue reading

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Another Hash Oil Explosion in Pyuallup, Washington

The video is jerky, it’s just a neighbor holding a video camera as he runs through the woods. Through the trees, you can see flames and hear one explosion after another – dozens of them. The man holding the camera … Continue reading

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Dramatic Increase of Traffic Fatalities Involving Marijuana

Since Commercialization of Medical Marijuana in Colorado, “Dramatic Increase” of Traffic Fatalities Involving Marijuana-Positive Drivers This blog post is not really about medical use of marijuana or even recreational use of marijuana. It’s just about the fact that some people … Continue reading

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Synthetic Drugs are Not in the News, But They are Still Causing Overdoses

The news media seems to have moved on to other topics than synthetics, perhaps because of all the furor surrounding marijuana in so many states. But at the same time that synthetics fell off the front page, that criminal industry … Continue reading

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New Study Reveals the Way Marijuana Changes the Brains of Young Casual Users

Marijuana use has become a passionate subject, with strong advocates on both sides of medical or recreational use issues. It must be very hard for a parent to know what to think, and even harder for young people to understand … Continue reading

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Is the Next US Drug Trend Going to be Heroin?

The Washington Post just published an article that could be predicting a terrifying trend. According to an April 6th article, Mexican farmers are pulling out their marijuana crops and planting heroin poppies instead. So cheap heroin (far cheaper than prescription … Continue reading

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What if we didn’t focus on the heroin epidemic or marijuana but just raised drug-free kids?

I’m watching the headlines these days and there’s so much about this drug or that – Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death triggered plenty of media coverage on the increase in heroin abuse. Zohydro is in the news as a future opiate … Continue reading

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