Karen in Addiction
November 13, 2017

Should Drug Addiction Prevent Someone from Buying a Gun?

Guns and addiction to alcohol or drugs could be a very bad mix. Should states allow a person using or addicted to drugs or alcohol to possess or use a gun?


Karen in Red Ribbon Week
October 18, 2017

For Parents: A Lesson in Effective Prevention for Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week occurs every October, offering communities a consistent anti-drug message to deliver to youth. It’s also a good time for parents to take a look at how to increase the effectiveness of their anti-drug messages to their children.


Karen in Marijuana
August 2, 2017

Have We Been Told the Truth about the Addictiveness of Pot?

Across the country, marijuana is being legalized. State by state, it’s legalized for medical use first and then later, recreational use. Now, it appears that Americans did not know the truth about this drug as they voted for legalization.


Karen in Impaired driving
May 13, 2017

In Fatal Traffic Accidents, More Drivers Are Drugged Than Drunk

A new report reveals that for the first time, a higher number of drivers who recently died in car crashes were drugged than were drunk. Forty-three percent of these drivers had used a legal or illegal drug compared to 37% who exceeded the legal limit for alcohol.


Karen in Workplace drugs
March 28, 2017

Increasing Positive Drug Tests Send American Jobs to Immigrants

While immigration controversies hit the front pages of news media over the last year, behind the headlines, America’s drug problem has been turning some jobs over to drug-free immigrants.


Karen in Gateway drugs
March 16, 2017

Maryland Sheriff Cites Marijuana as Beginning a Path to Overdose For Many

In Maryland, a recent poll showed that 58% of Marylanders are in favor of legalizing marijuana. Would they feel that way if they realized how many started with marijuana and ended up with deadly overdoses?


Karen in Drug Prevention
February 8, 2017

Three Reasons Parents Can’t Afford to Think “My Kid will Never Use Drugs”

In the last two decades, a whole new world of drug abuse and addiction with dangerous, and even deadly, consequences has opened up. The situation is such that now, no parent can afford to think that their child will be the one that never uses drugs, never becomes addicted and will never overdose.


Karen in Drug prevention
January 30, 2017

Ten Things Parents Can Do Right Now to Reduce the Chance of Drug Abuse

The majority of parents want with all their hearts for their children to grow up drug-free, healthy and successful. But this task has never been more difficult. Narconon offers ten things parents can do right now.


Karen in Drug prevention
December 30, 2016

Urgent Call to Action for All Parents: More Drug Prevention Needed

It’s never been more vital for parents to prepare children for the drug-filled environments they’re growing up in. It’s not just a matter of drugs being available – the drugs on the market have never been more deadly.


Karen in Marijuana
December 23, 2016

Should Parents be Tolerant of Marijuana Use by Teens or Young Adults?

One thing is for sure: There is plenty of confusing information circulating about marijuana. One faction claims it’s harmless and even medicinal. The other faction holds the opinion that this drug is dangerous in many ways. Caught in the middle are our young citizens. Teens and young adults can hardly be blamed for thinking the substance is benign. Should parents just give in and let youth do what they want?