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“What’s the Problem with Drug Use?”

Your kids probably will not come right out and ask you this question. Most kids are going to believe what they hear from other kids and see happening right in front of them: Their friends are smoking pot or drinking … Continue reading

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How Children are Affected by Drug Addicted Parents

With over 30 million Americans currently struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism, it is shocking to remember the byproduct and repercussions of such a deadly epidemic. Economically, at a state and federal level, the price of addiction manifests through lost … Continue reading

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With More than Half of All High School Students Abusing Drugs, Should Parents be Using More Drug Tests?

Parents should take note of recent reports on drug abuse among teens and young adults and also those that find that when parents speak out against drug abuse, drug abuse statistics are lower. According to the most recent Monitoring the … Continue reading

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Making Sure Your Child Never Needs Drug Rehab

The care a child receives in making sure he or she does not abuse drugs varies greatly from household to household. In some, parents monitor their children’s activities closely and educate their children on problems associated with substance abuse. Sadly, … Continue reading

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