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Young People and Life-Threatening Use of Stimulants

teens and drugs at partyAccording to national surveys of young people and drug abuse, thousands of young people begin using harshly stimulating drugs every day. What these young people lack the experience to understand is how these drugs affect the body and how they can threaten one’s very life.

Stimulants include drugs like Ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine and amphetamine, the so-called “study drugs” like Ritalin and Adderall, and most of the new synthetics on the market. While there are variations, in general a stimulant drug increases heart rate and body temperature. At the same time, the arteries constrict severely. The cumulative effect is that there is an enormous strain on the heart and the arteries. The heart is trying very hard to pump blood into arteries that are artificially constricted. The outcome can be heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke and a disintegration of the aorta or other major artery.

All this because a young person wants to party. Continue reading

The Effects Of Ecstasy On The Brain

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The drug Ecstasy has been labeled as one of the most popular drugs for teens, young adults and adolescents and one of the most dangerous and damaging drugs in existence.

According to Drug Fact research and statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, when used, ecstasy causes serotonin to rush to the brain, resulting in extreme feelings of happiness and well-being. There is new evidence showing that this drug can actually be neurotoxic, meaning that it can damage cells in your brain. Long-term users of ecstasy have displayed signs of depression and anxiety. This is most likely because of the lack of ability to naturally replace their serotonin levels.

Ecstasy contains MDMA, which affects the body’s ability to regulate its temperature, leading to overheating. Drinking too much water, as users often do, can flush out their bodies’ supply of potassium. This can cause their organs to swell, which has proven to be fatal. Along with the risk of overdosing, it is important that you know the signs of club drug use, which include elevated temperature, high blood pressure, increased heartbeat, hallucinations and vomiting. Continue reading

Rehab for Club Drugs

“Club drugs” refers to a category of drugs that are often used at parties, nightclubs, dance clubs and large musical events directed at young attendees. This class of drug includes mostly synthetic drugs of recent origin, while more familiar drugs like cocaine, marijuana and alcohol are also widely used at these venues.

The most popular club drugs are ones like Ecstasy, GHB, mephedone and ketamine. Older drugs like LSD and PCP may also be used but less often.

Ecstasy is the most popular and well-known drug. It is addictive, sometimes quickly so, and can cause death when a person overheats. It is a similar stimulant to methamphetamine, and as a stimulant, causes an increase in heart rate and body temperature. Party venues know this and offer bottles of cold water at high prices and even “chill rooms” with lower temperatures where dancers can go to bring their temperatures down.

One of the biggest problems created by Ecstasy is that the user experiences increased tactical pleasure and a false sense of closeness to others. This very often leads to unplanned, risky sex with a person the user only just met. One young woman would go to dance clubs where a man would give her Ecstasy. She would soon feel like she loved the man and he was “the one” for her. She would sleep with him and then the next morning, wonder why she had done that. But because the drug was addictive, the next night, she would repeat the pattern.

GHB is a dissociative drug, meaning that one loses touch with one’s surroundings and the people in it. It’s ironic that one of the nicknames for the drug is “Grievous Bodily Harm.” A video available on the internet showed a young man on GHB flailing his body around on concrete without regard for injury, while his friends stood by and watched, simply stepping out of the way when he rolled his body in their direction.

There’s one additional problem with these drugs. As they are synthetics, all a chemist has to do is change one molecule of the formula and they have a slightly different drug that may circumvent the laws. For the moment, that drug may be legal. Legislatures in many US states and European countries scramble to keep up with the chemical formulas, sometimes just resorting to outlawing classes or types of drugs so they don’t have to outlaw every single formula as it comes on the market.

Achieve a Lasting Drug-free Life at a Narconon Drug Rehab Center

Just like with heroin and cocaine or alcohol, when a person becomes addicted to club drugs, they need drug rehab. For most people recovering from addiction, a long-term program provides the best assurance of lasting sobriety. Experience at Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers has shown that drugs are not needed for a complete recovery. The club drug addict can achieve a lasting drug-free life when a thorough program like the one at Narconon facilities addresses the cravings, shattered life skills, destroyed self respect and replaces them with integrity and the ability to achieve sober goals. There are no Narconon meetings to attend. We do not believe addiction is a disease.

If you know someone who is using club drugs or any other drugs, call a Narconon drug rehab center today. You can help them to get back on the right track.