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Does America’s Academic Culture Practically Demand Addictive Drug Use?

When parents send their children off to college, few of them expect those children to become dependent on prescription drug abuse in order to succeed. After all, the earlier generation didn’t have pharmaceutical aids in such profusion. But on campus after campus across the country, increasing numbers of students are using Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall in an attempt to increase focus and improve their ability to study long hours to complete papers or prepare for tests.

Addictive Study Drugs

All three drugs are prescribed for those diagnosed with ADHD in both youth and adults. All three are strong stimulants and are associated with side effects such as insomnia, decreased appetite, dizziness, nervousness and other problems. In a few cases, use of ADHD drugs has led to strokes, heart problems or sudden death.

These stimulants are chemically similar to amphetamine and methamphetamine, both highly addictive drugs. Ritalin is often abused and is known to be addictive and Concerta is simply a time-release form of Ritalin. Some authorities claim that Adderall is not physically addictive but the drug is a form of amphetamine, a drug that is abused by millions of addicts around the world.

Study Drugs Broadly Used on Campuses Across the United States

Expos’s, investigative reporting and surveys done on US campuses show that between 6% and 20% of the students are using these drugs to get through their studies, depending on which campus you visit. The US Department of Health and Human Services stated that full-time college students were twice as likely to use one of these drugs, Adderall, as other young people who were not in college at or or who were only attending part-time. The same study showed that those abusing Adderall in college were far more likely to be using alcohol and illicit drugs as well.

Drug Addiction - Ruined Education

While occasional use for an all-nighter may not lead to addiction, continuous use or abusing the drug by crushing and snorting easily can. A young person intending to achieve a college degree may instead achieve an addiction that ruins their hopes for a higher education.

Drug Rehab for “Study Drugs” Can Put the Dreams of a Degree Back on Track

Narconon Drug Rehab Support

It can happen that a student or other young person may find that he (or she) can’t break himself of the habit of relying on a study drug to get through the school year. It also happens that sometimes abuse to get through studies can progress to more dangerous forms of abuse, such as taking higher dosages or crushing the pills and snorting them. Students may find themselves panicky, sleep-deprived, losing weight, jittery or suffering nausea, stomach pains, fast heartbeat or other odd problems. If they can’t get off these drugs by themselves, they need the support of a good and healthy drug rehab.

At Narconon centers around the world, students come to learn how to break free from addictive study drugs and achieve success soberly. A few months repairing the damage done by these strong stimulants and learning how to make drug-free decisions is well worth the delay in the school schedule.

Root of Drug Problem

In Narconon long-term, residential programs, the use of any pharmaceutical aids is avoided. Many other rehabs may diagnose personality disorders they say underlie the problem with study drugs and prescribe Valium, Librium, Xanax or other drugs, but this is not getting to the root of the problem. An addicted person needs to learn how to succeed and bring their life and study skills under their own control without drugs and that is what is learned at Narconon drug rehabs such as Narconon Georgia in Atlanta.

In a program running three to five months on average, each person has a chance to improve their skills in dealing directly with the challenges presented by life, doing a thorough detoxification to repair harm to the body done by drugs, and learning better how to set and achieve goals.

Narconon reviews appearing on websites verify that the result of the program is a bright new outlook on life and an understanding of how to build a better life without drugs. By pursuing sobriety in a residential environment, a student has a chance to fully focus on recovery before returning to the stress and competition of a academic environment.

Study Drugs Rehab

If you are seeking help for your own dependence on study drugs or if you want to help someone else who needs to break free from addiction, contact the international offices of Narconon at 800-775-8750 today.








Ryan’s Drug Use Experience

Drug Coalition Welcomes Narconon

The first time Ryan tried alcohol, he got a buzz off a drink a family member gave him. He was only ten years old. A couple of years later, he had a large dark beer in Europe that was quite intoxicating for the twelve-year-old. For reasons that are difficult to understand, this second drink was the beginning of a habit of stealing alcohol from friends, neighbors or family.

Stealing Alcohol from Neighborhood Houses

He hit many houses in his neighborhood to steal alcohol, sometimes more than once. At one house where the garage door was left open a few inches for a pet, he found he could slide under the door and get alcohol out of the garage refrigerator.

His ability to find alcohol and steal kept him and his friends with plenty to drink. As he and his friends got older, they started vandalizing things in the neighborhood when they were drunk. But he never got caught.

In High School, Drug Use Escalates

Tried Marijuana LSD and Ecstasy

As he approached high school, some of his friends had started using marijuana and harder drugs. He heard some positive things from those friends about their drug experiences but he was afraid to touch them. Eventually, his fear wore off and he tried the drugs his friends were using, starting with marijuana and moving on to LSD and Ecstasy.

Pretty soon, he was partying hard every weekend — but he was still able to keep his grades up in school. He started going to school high on marijuana and then progressed to smoking weed at lunchtime. Somewhere in this time period, he started using cocaine as well.

By his junior year in high school, the drug use began to catch up with him. His first consequence came when he was suspended for alcohol use at school. The next consequence came when he was kicked off the soccer team and lost his chance at the soccer scholarship that was supposed to pay for his college.

Ryan’s Home Life Begins to Fall Apart

Drug Paraphernalia

His home life began to unravel as well, as his parents caught him with drug paraphernalia and began to discover his lies. He said, “I managed to make it almost all the way through high school, right up to the end when I crashed and burned. I got expelled from high school.”

Ryan attended a remedial school so he could get his diploma and went off to Bozeman, Montana for college. Montana is a beautiful spot, but he said, “It’s full of drugs.” He told himself, “You can party but you’ve got to buckle down and get some good grades.” It only took weeks for him to start skipping class and using every drug he could find. He even tried heroin for the first time. “By this time, I was lost,” he commented.

He Even Tried Heroin

About this time, he began to get sick, being laid out with pneumonia and mononucleosis and not recognizing that he was harming himself through his drug use. A trip home enabled him to return to a more robust condition. When he was well, he thought he’d go back to school and try it again but immediately fell into the same pattern.

Arizona and Methamphetamine: A Bad Combination for Ryan

Tried Methamphetamine

After struggling through one year in Montana, he joined a college friend in Arizona. That was the environment that introduced him to methamphetamine. He lost that robustness, dropping more than 40 pounds to “skin and bones,” as he describes it.

To make some money, he joined in with others to start moving small quantities of drugs around the state. A threatening run-in with one of the drug dealers resulted in his having to leave town so he went home. Not surprisingly, his parents were appalled at his gaunt appearance. They started helping him clean up his life.

Ryan Again Loses the Battle for Sobriety

As he got his life back on track, he tried to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. He went west again, intending to complete college in Colorado.

But it all rapidly went south again. He started using drugs again but this time, added heroin to the mix. And while he had tried heroin before, this time he was addicted. He was also using cocaine and methamphetamine.

He went through withdrawal from heroin at about this time, and thought he was going to die. He tried to restrict himself to heroin use only once every second or third day so he would not have to go through withdrawal again but it would never last. He’d be back to using heroin within a few days. Then he overdosed and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Rehab and Jail Fail to Help

Drug Rehabs Fail to Help

As unbelievable as it might seem, things got even worse after that. The using and selling of drugs got heavier and he lost more touch with any good values he had as a young man. He went to a couple of drug rehabs but there was nothing there he could identify with. He went to a doctor for help, but he only prescribed Wellbutrin and Ritalin after a short visit.

He started being arrested for drug possession and after pawning a stolen item landed him in jail for a longer period, knew he had to get clean for real. His parents said the only way they would help him was if he went from jail straight to rehab.

Parents Found Narconon Drug Rehab

Because he had not done well at earlier rehabs, his parents started looking for a different kind of rehab this time. They finally settled on a Narconon drug recovery facility. Ryan liked the fact that you could handle the effects of drugs on the body through the sauna detoxification step, called the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. The life skills portion of the program helped him begin to confront life again instead of running away from it.

Sober 7 Years

Once he had finished the Narconon drug rehab program, Ryan felt he had a lot to make up for so he spent the next several years working at the center that helped him turn his life around. That way, he could start others on the path to lasting sobriety. He’s been sober for more than seven years and has a beautiful wife and two small children. He now has a healthy life of his choosing, one that he never could have created as long as he was using drugs.

Call a Drug Rehab Counselor Today

Get more information on how the Narconon drug rehab program helps people like Ryan recover from alcohol and drug abuse.

Drug Rehab Narconon Arrowhead Facility

Here are some photos and success stories that we would like to share with our readers.

Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab Facility 

One of the top non-traditional treatment programs in the world. It is also
the home to the Narconon International Training Center. This is where
Narconon staff from around the world come to train and become educated in
the Narconon Program drug rehab techniques and theory.

Arrowhead Road View 

Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center is located in
the center of beautiful Arrowhead State Park. The park is known for being
well taken care of, clean, full of wild life such as deer, and is truly a
enjoyable location for the Narconon facility and it’s clients. Located
approximately 13 miles from the nearest town it is a beautiful and remote
location that gives clients on the rehab program time to concentrate on
their treatment and not the worries of city life.

Arrowhead State Park 

You also have the changing of the seasons at Narconon Arrowhead. A
beautiful time to be out doors and to really take in the beauty of ones
surroundings. Taking a walk. Going for a jog. The clients of Narconon
Arrowhead are able to get outside, enjoy the sun, and get an opportunity to
extrovert from the stresses of their lives and their addiction.

Narconon Arrowhead Ariel View 

The aerial view of Narconon Arrowhead drug and alcohol rehabilitation
center gives a overall perspective of the grandness and beauty of this
facility. On the shores of Lake Eufaula in Canadian, Oklahoma and nestled
in the center of Arrowhead State park, this center is a stunning location
that beacons to be enjoyed.

As part of the Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program
one of the techniques applied is called as “Assist”. An Assist is like a
light massage that is given to a client when they have an illness or an
injury in conjunction with medical treatment. Assists can greatly speed
healing and recovery time. This technique is often found to bring great
relief to the client.

Narconon Student’s Success Stories

When I first came into sauna I was sluggish and really just tired all the time. Now that I have done the sauna program that has all changed. I know that my body has gotten rid of all the toxins and now I feel like a new man. When I look in the mirror, I think Wow; I can see a tremendous difference in the health of my skin and body. I walk around with a smile on my face all day with a great attitude on life. My communication with others is also great. I talk with confidence of what I’m saying because my mind is so clear. When I wake up in the morning I am ready for the day and that hasn’t been the case in years. Now, I just have an overall better outlook on life. Also, my thought process has really improved. When someone asks a question I have an answer right away without the delay that has been plaguing me for years. CW

My major thing was dealing with my depression over my father’s death. I have been miserable over that for at least two years, but when my mind cleared I was able to appropriately grieve and move on. Then, I noticed my body inside and out feels clean. Before, I could take a shower and not feel completely clean. Now, I walk around and know I am clean. I know I have achieved my end phenomena in sauna because my outlook on the future is amazing. I live for each day instead of looking behind me. TP

I feel I have already gained a lot by coming to Narconon. I have met many people who have shared my same problems. By meeting these people, it woke me up inside and let me share their problems instead of blocking everyone out with drugs. My story with drug use began like everyone else. It helps me know I’m not alone. I can’t wait to call someone a year from now and tell them I have been drug-free for a year. It seems a long way off away right now, but I know it is just around the corner. MW

Drug Addiction Counselor Help


Narconon Admissions Drug Counselor

My name is Danna Sue. I’m an admissions counselor for Narconon. And as an admissions counselor for Narconon, I often get asked, "What are the factors of addiction? What are the things I should be watching for?"

There are three factors when dealing with addiction:

  1. The actual physical cravings – That’s the actual physical need for the drug itself.
  2. Depression – Because your loved one isn’t happy with where things have gotten.
  3. Guilt – Over the things that have happened.

Every addict is dealing with at least one of these factors, if not, all three.

Narconon specializes in not only handling cravings, depression and guilt, but they also handle the physical side of your addiction and the mental aspect of your addiction.

For more information on the Narconon drug rehab program, visit www.narconon.org or call a drug rehab counselor at 1-800-775-8750.

Narconon Riverbend Louisiana Drug Rehabilitation

Narconon Riverbend Louisiana Drug Rehabilitation

Narconon Louisiana Drug RehabNarconon Riverbend is a Narconon drug rehabilitation center located in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Narconon Riverbend opened the doors in 2006.

Just like the other Narconon drug rehabilitation centers, Narconon Riverbend helps people get off the most addicting drugs as painlessly as possible using drug-free withdrawal methods.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program helps handle the physical cravings for drugs through a sauna detoxification process.

A series of life skills courses that the students complete through out the drug rehab program helps to put the student back in control over his or her life and gives them the tools necassary to succeed in life.

Here are a few Narconon graduate success stories of students who were in the begining or middle of their program:

“When I first started the whole program, I had been reducing my drug and alcohol intake and thought I was feeling good.  All that changed when I started Sauna.  At first, I didn’t think it would work.  The first day I had a manifestation.  I smelled like beer.  That changed my mind.  I started working the sauna program exactly as I was instructed.  The first few days I had a few manifestations and re-stems, but no skin reactions to the Niacin.  At 1,000 mgs I had my first and last major reaction.  I had a full-body flush.  I was miserable.  From that day on, I could feel my body and mind start undergoing major changes.  I could tell my stamina had improved immensely and I didn’t get tired while running, something I hadn’t been able to do in years.  My thought process started to clear and I was able to look at things the way the really are.”  TP

“I am currently in the beginning of book 1 and my body and mind are starting to feel good. Each and every day that I’m here I feel better about myself. While I was using I wasn’t aware of how clouded my mind was. After being here a little more than a week I’ve already started to notice the change that will occur in a new life of sobriety.” JB

“I knew very little about the Narconon Program when I arrived. Now that I’ve been here a few days I am very touched by the care and sincere concern the staff exhibits for each student. Everyone has offered all the time, effort and support necessary to help me move forward with my life. I am already more in touch with myself and the present moment and I can feel the difference. I know I will have good and bad days in the weeks ahead, but I look forward to completing the Narconon Program.” TW

“When I first came to the Narconon withdrawal program, I totally didn’t want to be here. Now, after being in withdrawal for some time, I am so grateful for it. My sleep is back to normal. I’m eating well and I feel absolutely great. It is a bit emotional because I was so suppressed by anti-depressants and drugs. The withdrawal program has made me more comfortable in my own skin and has let me clear my head of negative thoughts. I have a great start to getting my life back and that in itself is exciting. I am looking forward to the next phase of the program and what I can continue to do to live a happy, sober life.” LR

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Narconon Drug Rehab Graduate Stories

Narconon Drug Rehab Success StoriesI believe that his program has saved my life. I have learned so much here. I don’t know where to begin. I am so happy and I am ready to move along with my new life. JS

How do I express my heart-felt gratitude for this technology? It has saved my life and has given me a new life and ways and means to live my new life happy, successful and sober. That is how I will express my gratitude, by leading and living the precious gift of life I have been given. Thank you! DS

This program has saved my life. I have learned so much. I have learned how to confront other people and situations in my life. The sauna was my favorite part of the program. I got to get rid of all the toxins in my body. I felt wonderful once I finished the sauna. I have never felt better. I have learned a lot of great technology in books five through eight. I have learned about social and anti-social people. I know I should stay away from the anti-social. I experienced great relief. Book 8 was a good book. It was stuff I should have already known, but wasn’t doing when I was using. With the knowledge I have now, I know I will flourish and prosper in life. I feel great. JS

I have completed the program. I am very glad to have been given the opportunity to come here. I have learned a lot since being here that will aid in my future to be a productive, ethical member of society. I am also glad to have been given the opportunity to stay and train. LS

What Narconon has given me is beyond words. I came here to quit drugs. That and so much more happened. I found out who I am. I let go of all of my pain. I am no longer trapped in my head. I confronted myself and the bad things I have done. This allowed me to no longer have to live with these things. I have learned what it means to be a good person. I am happy and free. I am comfortable in my own skin. My life is manageable. I have hope and confidence. I no longer view other people as the enemy. I trust and love again. I know I will be able to help others and I am no longer a danger to society. I feel better than I ever imagined possible. KD

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Narconon Arrowhead Oklahoma Drug Rehab Center

The Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center is on the shores of Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma set in a beautiful remote location in the center of Arrowhead State Park. With 24 hour security and staffing, the Narconon Arrowhead center is a center that you can have confidence in the safety and care of your loved one.

Narconon Arrowhead Back PatioArrowhead is a Medium Term Rehabilitation center which means that on average a client may be in the Narconon program for 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 months or they may need to remain in the program as long as 5-8 months. Each persons program is designed on a individual basis. So not everyone will need the same length of program.

Narconon Arrowhead East WingThe Arrowhead building was formerly a resort and has been completely remodeled and made into a state of the art facility. This is a very calm environment and allows the addict to have the ability to concentrate on themselves and handling their addiction with very little distraction from the outside world.

Narconon Arrowhead Course RoomIn each course room of the Narconon Arrowhead Program you will find that trained course supervisor’s  primary purpose is to help the clients of the program to feel comfortable. This helps them to understand each section of the program and helps them learn to apply the course and technique in their personal situation. This technique of teaching allows every client personal time with the staff so the client can be confident in what they’re learning.

Narconon Arrowhead Sauna AreaThe New Life Detoxification Program addresses the physical aspect of addiction. Also called the purification program or sauna detoxification program. This program consists of a combination of light aerobic exercises, sweating in a dry heat sauna and a specific vitamin regimen.

These are a few pics and details about the Narconon drug rehab program. If you would like more information about this particular program, please contact us.

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A Few Success Stories From the Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab Center

After each student completes a step of the program, he or she writes a success story. Here are a few that we would like to share with you from the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab center located in Oklahoma.

“After completing sauna I feel like a brand-new person.  I am now free of all drugs and toxins that were in my body.  I have become precise in my thoughts and actions.  I can see clearly and my sense of smell is back to normal.  The arthritis in my knees has gone away.  My blood pressure has lowered and stabilized and my skin is soft and clear.  I sleep all through the night and have energy all day.  This program is the best thing that I have ever done.  I am truly clean.”


“After completing sauna, I have felt the effects of all my drug usage erased in a matter of weeks.  My head has cleared up and I am ready to move on and focus my life on other things with a clean slate.  I don’t feel the chronic laziness I used to feel when I was smoking weed.  I don’t have to worry about the effects of drug residuals still in my body.”


“Before I came to Narconon I was frightened of where I was in my life and I didn’t know where I was going or what I was going to do with my life.  I had no hope at all.  If I kept using drugs I probably would have died.  I needed to change what I was doing and go get help.  So, I came to Narconon and it was the best decision I made in my whole life.

I arrived at Narconon and I was nervous of going to withdrawal and didn’t want to be here for a long time away from my family, but I knew I had to do it.  I got out of withdrawal in a couple of days and moved on to book 1.  Then, I wanted to leave.  I was doing everything possible to leave, but I decided to stay until after sauna. In sauna, I was actually having fun, which I never thought would be possible.  My body was feeling a lot better and I was actually sleeping again.  I figured that if I felt better, then something must be working.  I decided to stay for the rest of the program.

I started on book 3 and it was definitely one of my favorite books.  I learned how to learn, which helped me with all the other books.  I moved to books 4a and 4b.  In book 4a I worked on my TRs so I could use them in objectives.  Objectives was my number one favorite part of the program.  I had a lot of amazing wins and I am grateful for that.  I moved on to books five through eight.  Those books helped me mentally which I really needed.  I got so many amazing wins out of this program and the biggest one of all, is that I have my life back.”


The Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab center is one of the Narconon network’s model centers. Here are some photgraphs and information that you might like to see.


Narconon Arrowhead Rehab Center

Each suite of the Narconon Arrowhead Center has a nice sleeping area, a dresser for your clothes, a night stand, chair, table, and carpeted floors. A large bay window with a view of Lake Eufuala and Arrowhead State Park. Each room features a private restroom, shower, and sink area. Each room allows the client the ability to have a personal space where they are comfortable and able to have a friendly safe environment.

Narconon Oklahoma Drug Rehab Center

The Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center located in Arrowhead State Park in Canadian, Oklahoma. On the shores of beautiful Lake Eufaula this location provides not only the ability to be sucluded from the hustle and bustle of city life but allows for the serenity of being surrounded by the beauty and calm of nature. An opportunity to be out doors, take a walk, go for a run, and really take advantage of the open space around you.

Narconon Arrowhead Bedroom

Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center is a state of the art center. The Narconon Program is what is none as a non-traditional program. Meaning that it is not a 12-step or religious based program. It is a comprehensive program that is individually designed to help each client come to the realizations as to why they have become addicted to drugs or alcohol and then provide a extremely high standard of care to help the client learn tools and techniques that will assist the client in becoming rehabilitated.

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Susanne Lawrence Narconon UK Graduate

Susanne: My name is Susanne Lawrence and I completed the Narconon program way back in 1976.

Man speaking: Susanne would you say that Narconon saves lives?

Susanne: It certainly saves lives and it certainly saved mine.

Susanne: Well I was on drugs for about 5 years, but I would like to say before that when I was a bit younger I was actually an international swimmer and I swam for great Brittan. So it’s kind of of odd that a few years after that I ended up starting to smoke and I was very very fit and then eventually living in London and going to the artwork festival which is the place that I very first took marijuana and from there on it was a downward trend. Up to that point I was still fairly fit and I was living life and enjoying it and then I start smoking marijuana.

Question: Why did you start taking drugs?

Susanne: So it was totally okay for most people my own age to do drugs and it seemed to be a solution to something. When you have a problem in life and you can’t deal with it and you feel said or if you lost your family and somebody comes along and says well have a joint you will feel better makes it very very easy to think oh yeah I wanna feel better so you take the joint and you snort the sulfate (Low grade snortable cocaine) which is what I used to do. So that’s how it was for me in those days.

Prescription Drug Use

I used to get together with lots and lots of people and we sit in a room and somebody would get the marijuana going around and a few lines of sulfate or perhaps get the coke out and everybody would start using it and start laughing and thinking it was the greatest thing since sliced bread without realizing the consequences were going to be in the future. And 5 years later I had the feeling that I was dying and I was very lucky in that time to meet someone who knew about the Narconon program and introduced me to it at that time.

Susanne: You know I took the program in 1976 and the program still works. You don’t use drugs on the program and it works and it has ever since it was first developed.

SO here I am so many years later since 1976, completely rehabilitated. I have no attention on drugs what so ever and all I can say is thanks to L Ron Hubbard because it works.

Although I have to admit when I finished the program and graduated and all the guys gathered around to congratulate me to finishing it. I felt like a million dollars! That’s how it makes you feel!! And the rest of life, you get the rest of the million dollars.

Question: Did the fact of having done drug rehabilitation affect your later life?

Prescription Drug Use

Susanne: Well in terms of value fact, to be honest no. I mean sometimes you might think well somebody is not going to employee me if I been a druggy, but in actual fact what happens to me is when people find out that if I been a drug addict they look at me and say, “No, you look like you never taken the drug.” And I say, “Oh, but that’s the specialty of the Narconon program when it’s finished.” You really do get rehabilitated. And rehabilitated is that return to former condition. So I am as bright and shiny as I ever was before I took drugs.

Question: Did you get a chance to work with William Benitez? (William Benitez is the founder of Narconon)

Susanne: I did have the opportunity to work with Mr. Benitez. I was with him for 3 days when we were opening a Narconon program in a place called Chilocco in the United States.

And I think probably the thing that struck me the most about Mr. Benitez was the way he cared. And I think that was one of the things that made the program when he first started running it in the prison successful. He really cared about people and he cared about you as an individual. And when he heard about my completing the Narconon program he validated me a lot and I could see in his eyes that he was really happy that something he had done made it possible to change my life. So I think Mr. Benitez certainly did something that has really changed drug rehabilitation and made drug free rehabilitation available and taking Mr. Hubbard’s technology and making it usable in prisons and usable in residental centers. So I have a lot to say. Thank you Mr. Benitez for a lot.

Question: How is your life now?

Prescription Drug Use

Well, I’m enjoying life as a pension believe it or not. I am 61 years old of age. So at the moment I’m thoroughly enjoying my life with a painting hobby which I started years ago, which I always wanted to do before I got into drugs. So now I am realizing that. I became a dancer and I’ve done acting. I really love my painting. That’s my passion at the moment. I’m also a writer and I’ve been published and I’ve written articles that have been published on the drug scene and getting out of drugs and saying no to drugs because that’s a really good answer if someone offers it is to say, “No thank you.”.because it’s really not good for you to do it. And life can be very wide ranging. I had a wonderful career, I’ve been in public relations, I’ve been in advertising, Ive been in sales and I had a wonderful life. I have two wonderful children. Lovely husband at the time. And things are just really really good.

What’s really nice is sometimes you see a person come through the program and their artistic abilities comes out and they start doing things that are artistic. And I am no exception. I am now really an artist and I enjoy it.

Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab Recreational Activities

Narconon Arrowhead recreational activitesThere are many different recreational activities at the Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program.

There is basketball, volley ball, tennis, wall ball, weight lifting, pool tables, board games, reading, walking and running.

Being able to be busy and staying extroverted is an excellent way to enhance your program and well being.


Success Story from Narconon Arrowhead

“I have gotten incredible wins out of the sauna.  Physically I feel amazing.  It’s the best I have ever felt in a long time.

I sleep throughout the night with no problems.  I can wake up in the morning right on time. My appearance is a whole lot better.  My skin is a lot softer and clearer.  The dark circles under my eyes are completely gone.

One thing I noticed was, and that was huge; the whites of my eyes are extremely white.  The “hazy” look is completely gone.  I am eating regularly and my energy levels are amazing.  I am more alert during the day and I am aware of things going on around me.

More importantly, I am more aware with what is going on with my body and mind.  I can mentally grasp things a lot better than I ever could.  I can retain a lot more information than I could before.

I am very excited that I am free of drugs toxins, which gives me a very positive outlook for my present and future without drugs.  I also noticed that I’m a lot more patient with people.  My mood is very good and I’m very happy.

I’m very pleased with what sauna has done for me and for my body.  I know my body is free of all toxins because I have stopped having any manifestations from toxins in my body.

I also know I’m free of toxins because physically and mentally I am back 100%.”



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