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Bringing Back a Culture of Sober Living to America

It has not been that long since drug use was something that few people struggled with or talked about. Before the 1960s, marijuana was just used in isolated areas and heroin use was restricted to certain circles of the population, … Continue reading

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Twisting the Prescription Drug System for Profit

We all know the way the prescription painkiller distribution system is supposed to work. A person with real pain that reduces the quality of his (or her) life visits a properly licensed doctor. To help that patient with the pain … Continue reading

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Teaching the Risks of Marijuana Use

With all the changes in our country in the last few years, it can be hard to know what people really think about marijuana. After all, the voters in twenty states and the District of Columbia have legalized the use … Continue reading

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Making Sure Your Child Never Needs Drug Rehab

The care a child receives in making sure he or she does not abuse drugs varies greatly from household to household. In some, parents monitor their children’s activities closely and educate their children on problems associated with substance abuse. Sadly, … Continue reading

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Southern California Children’s Fair Features Drug Education in a Fun Format for Kids

The Challenge: How do you express to thousands of young people at a children’s fair that staying free from drug use is the right way to go – and keep it fun at the same time? The Answer: Make it … Continue reading

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Narconon Drug Education in Taiwan

The Narconon Taiwan drug education and rehabilitation facility is located in Ji-An Township. Recently Summer, the Executive Director for Narconon Taiwan delivered drug education to some students at the Kang-lo Elementary School in Hualien County. Here is a photo of … Continue reading

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Narconon Drug Education Workshops in the Philippines

Back in 2003, the statistics of drug abuse in the Philippines were escalating. Especially for  methamphetamine. Today the drug problem is still an issue and needs some help to solve it. Back in 2003, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, launched an anti-drug campaign. … Continue reading

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Narconon Drug Education Activity in South Africa

One of the greater drug problems in Cape Town would be the crystal methamphetamine use. The drug is very cheap and can be bought from almost anywhere. People with not much income can also afford it. http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/frontpage/tik-meth-in-cape-town.html “Tik” is the … Continue reading

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Narconon Drug Education Surveys in South Texas

The Narconon drug education program in South Texas is doing very well. They have delivered drug education presentations to thousands of school children. Our primary goal delivering the drug education presentation in schools are: Helping children stay away from drugs. … Continue reading

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Narconon Taiwan Brings Drug Education to 90,000 students in 2010

Narconon Taiwan has delivered drug education to hundreds of thousands of school children and educators in the past decade and reached over 90,000 students just this past year alone. Summer Tan presenting to students at one of the top High … Continue reading

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