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Cocaine is Popular as a Party Drug but Use Can Still Result in Disaster

While cocaine has been around for many decades, abuse of this drug in the US really kicked into high gear in the 1980s. It took a little longer for usage rates to climb in Europe because of the distance from the major cocaine manufacturing countries in South America.

Cocaine popular Party Drug

But it didn’t take very long for the damaging physical effects of cocaine to start showing up. The first cocaine-induced stroke was diagnosed in 1977, and the death of basketball star Len Bias let plenty of people know about the damage that can be done to one’s heart by cocaine abuse.

This hasn’t quelled cocaine’s image as a party drug. Celebrity arrests and visits to rehab may continue to give the drug a glamourous allure, despite the health risks. But cocaine’s intense addictiveness can perpetuate the drug habit even when the user knows the risk.

Cocaine Creates Strong Cravings for More of the Drug

While cocaine use in the US and Europe both has declined in the last several years, there are still 1.6 million Americans using cocaine. Europe still consumes about 25% of the world’s cocaine supply.

Both crack cocaine and powder cocaine retain their customers by creating intense cravings that drive users into repeated use of the drug. Powder cocaine may be consumed in binges where the user keeps using cocaine over and over again for days until they run out of money, drugs or the physical ability to keep on going.

Trying to withdraw from cocaine use can generate withdrawal symptoms such as exhaustion, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and intense cravings, creating a formidable barrier to sobriety. Cocaine addiction rehab must provide support for the person in withdrawal to get them safely through this period. The Narconon drug rehab program, located in fifty centers around the world, offers a holistic, drugless rehabilitation program that provides those addicted to cocaine with a strong hope of lasting sobriety.

Narconon Long-Term Cocaine Addiction Rehab Has Excellent Track Record of Success

In order to help a person achieve lasting sobriety, the reasons a person began to abuse drugs must be addressed and handled. In the Narconon drug recovery program, a person has the time and the guidance to repair the damage done by addiction and build new life skills.

Nutritional support and one-on-one work with the Narconon staff help make withdrawal tolerable. Gentle reorientation exercises and physical assists help calm the body’s reactions to the changes going on.

Lasting Sobriety Narconon Rehab

When safely through this phase, each person furthers their recovery by completing the intensely therapeutic Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, one step of the larger program. This program utilizes a low-heat sauna, a strict regimen of nutritional supplements and moderate daily exercise to activate the body’s ability to eliminate toxins left over from drug use. These toxins are attracted to a body’s fatty tissues where they tend to remain until the right conditions exist to be flushed out. This is what this drug detoxification program provides – the exact help the body needs to flush these old residues. When the residues are gone, those completing this step state that they feel brighter and more energetic, that the dullness of the years of drug use is gone and that their cravings have gone with it, in most cases.

But cocaine addiction rehab is not done until a person learns how to choose a sober life over drug use, no matter what challenges are faced. Treatment continues at a Narconon center by guiding each person going through cocaine addiction rehab through the life skills training that keeps them safe and sober once they get home.

Narconon can be the answer you need for someone who is struggling with cocaine addiction. Contact a counselor to find out more  about the Narconon objectives and why  this program is so effective.





Mixing Cocaine with Other Drugs Contributes to Higher Adverse Effects

Cocaine Addiction Help

While it’s probably very hard for a non-drug user to understand the possible benefits of mixing addictive drugs, polydrug use is a very common phenomenon. According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, polydrug use represents a significant proportion of medical emergencies. Simultaneous use of illicit drugs, alcohol and/or prescription drugs can cause interactions that take a toll on the user’s health. New, toxic substances can be formed through these interactions.

Also, use of one substance like alcohol can impair one’s ability to keep track of how much of another substance, like cocaine or heroin, was also used. This can lead to an overdose. Polydrug use can also contribute to an increased risk of traffic accidents.

But according to users, the skillful combining of drugs can enable them to tailor the effect they want. Use of benzodiazepines after stimulant use (like cocaine or methamphetamine) could enable a person to sleep.

Or the effect of an additional drug can offset an undesirable effect of another drug. Cocaine use can enable a person to avoid the sedating effect of alcohol and thus stay up longer and drink more. In some parts of Europe, the percentage of cocaine users who mix alcohol and cocaine reached 94%.

Speedball Use is a Mixture of Cocaine and Heroin

One of the original drug combinations that grew popular was heroin and cocaine together, either snorted or injected. However, this combination has resulted in the deaths of many people. In the US, entertainers John Belushi, Chris Farley and River Phoenix all died from this combination.

While use of new synthetic drug “bath salts” by itself is dangerous enough, when it was used with cocaine by a woman in Alaska, she suffered a cardiac arrest but managed to survive.

Essentially, polydrug use makes a dangerous habit – substance abuse – even more dangerous. This makes it all the more essential to help an addicted person engaged in polydrug use find sobriety through drug rehabilitation.

Polydrug Addicts Find Recovery at Narconon Drug Rehabs

It doesn’t matter if a person is addicted to one drug or several, the route to recovery is the same at Narconon drug rehab centers. Cocaine addiction rehab requires the same restoration of self-respect and personal integrity as addiction to any other drugs.

At a Narconon centers, cocaine addiction rehab involves helping a person come back to life after the deadness of addiction. In part, this is accomplished through the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, a sauna-based program that combines time in the sauna with moderate exercise and an exact nutritional regimen. This combination results in the activation of the body’s ability to eliminate old lodged drug toxins that are stored in fatty tissues of the body. When these residues are gone, those in recovery talk about better energy, sharper taste and smell, clearer thinking and loss of cravings.

Cocaine addiction rehab is furthered by the learning of the skills necessary to live sober and productive.

Narconon objectives of treatment are to enable each person to make drug-free decisions that maintain sobriety for the long-term, and to restore each person’s ability to live a productive, enjoyable life again. It’s not necessary to attend hundreds of meetings as is done with NA (Narcotics Anonymous); recovery can take place in just three to five months.

Help With Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction rehab can result in lasting sobriety when Narconon is the recovery program chosen. Find out more about this holistic treatment program today.





Cocaine is Bad for One’s Heart – in More Ways than One

Cocaine Affects the Heart

An article on the American Heart Association’s website outlines the various ways that cocaine is destructive for a user’s heart. According to the article “The Effects of Acute and Chronic Cocaine Use on the Heart,” cocaine is toxic to the heart muscle. It reduces the ability of the heart muscle to contract, and therefore pump blood. The heart muscle will receive less oxygen and this can lead to the death of some heart tissue. Even young cocaine users may suffer damage similar to that of a heart attack which can be hard for medical staff to understand since the risk factors for heart attack might not seem to be present.

Cocaine can also accelerate the buildup of plaque inside the arteries, leading to atherosclerosis. Direct damage to some types of heart muscle cells can lead to cardiomyopathy, where the heart becomes abnormally enlarged, thickened or stiffened, leading to less efficiency.

Overall, cocaine is a very bad choice for anyone wishing to preserve the health of his or her heart. But of course, when a person becomes addicted to cocaine, the damage extends far beyond cardiac effects.

One’s Emotional Heart Also Takes a Hit

When a person becomes addicted, it seems like the addiction makes the decisions instead of the individual. An addict becomes consumed with the necessity to acquire more of the drug he or she is addicted to before withdrawal symptoms kick in. This becomes more important than caring for his health, family, job or home. This abandonment of values is heartbreaking for the addict and only continued abuse of the drug makes life seem livable.

Financial ruin can follow cocaine addiction because of the high cost of the powder form of the drug. When crack cocaine is the drug of choice, healthful lifestyles are very often abandoned for whatever lifestyle will provide the drug, which can include prostitution or crime. But effective cocaine addiction rehab can turn this situation around.

The Narconon Drug Recovery Program Provides Effective Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Even those who have been addicted for years or decades can find rehabilitation at a Narconon drug rehab center. The innovative Narconon treatment program offers a sauna-based detoxification program that helps reduce or even eliminate cravings. Each person going through cocaine addiction rehab at Narconon is guided through this process of time spent daily in a low-heat sauna, an exact nutritional program and moderate exercise. This combination activates the body’s ability to flush out old stored drug toxins. When these toxins remain lodged in fatty tissues, they can be involved in the triggering of cravings, even years after drug use stops. When the toxins are gone, brightness increases and cravings decrease.

Recovery of one’s true love for life – and thus repair to the less-physical heart damage – comes from recovery of one’s personal integrity and self respect. Cocaine addiction rehab would be incomplete without emotional repair as well. The Narconon program offers life skills training that shows each person how they can regain respect for self and others and then guides them through the healing process.

Cocaine Recovery Help

Around the world, Narconon centers provide lasting recovery from cocaine addiction as well as addiction to many other drugs. Find out more today by contacting Narconon.



Cocaine Has Destructive Physical Effects Over and Above the Potential to Create Addiction

Cocaine Causes Physical Effects

It’s well known that repeated use of cocaine can turn a person into an addict. What some people may not realize is that the drug itself has harsh physical effects. In fact, these effects can be so strenuous as to result in the prompt death of the user.

This potential was largely unknown until the 1986 death of Len Bias, a healthy young basketball player who had just been drafted by the Boston Celtics. Perhaps celebrating the accomplishment, Len was using cocaine with friends when he died suddenly from heart problems. Before this time, little was known about the stresses this strong stimulant places on the heart.

Any stimulant increases heart rate and body temperature. Cocaine abuse also constricts the blood vessels. This combination of faster-beating heart and constricted veins and arteries can place so much pressure on the heart that it can fail. This pressure can also lead to a stroke.

Preventing Physical Damage May Require Cocaine Addiction Rehab

If a person were to ingest cocaine, which sometimes is done, it can constrict the circulation in the intestines so much that gangrene forms in the abdomen. That’s how strong this drug is.

While not a dangerous effect, a chronic cocaine user who snorts the drug may suffer a severe erosion of the tissues in the nose, so much that holes form between the two sides. Drug rehab will not cause this damage to heal, only surgery will fix it. The reason the cocaine user does not notice this happening is because cocaine also acts as a local anesthetic. In fact, cocaine is used to numb eyes for surgery.

Cocaine addiction rehab at the earliest possible moment in cocaine abuse can prevent the worst of this damage. In addition, treatment can also save a person from the financial, moral and emotional destruction that often accompanies cocaine addiction. Like binge drinking, bingeing on cocaine can lead to the most serious effects.

Addicts to Cocaine and Other Drugs Find Sobriety at Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers

The Narconon drug rehab centers around the world help addicts to cocaine and many other drugs find recovery. One of key features of the program is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. Those seeking cocaine addiction rehab find that this step that uses time in a sauna, moderate exercise and an exact regimen of nutritional supplements helps them overcome the cravings for more cocaine. Since drug residues lodge in the fatty tissues of the body, they can remain there for years, contributing to cravings. When this program flushes out these stored toxins, the person in recovery feels brighter and often remarks on his increase in energy.

The Narconon program goes on to guide each recovering person through life skills training that supplies stability and the ability to make the right choices even in challenging situations.

Help With Cocaine Addiction

Learn more about how the Narconon drug rehabilitation program can help with cocaine addiction and how it provides relief from cravings and long term sobriety.

Seeking Recovery for Crack Cocaine Addiction

When crack cocaine roared through the American landscape in the late 1980s, it tore many people away from their productive, enjoyable lives and their families. Crack is a toxic drug, very harsh and quickly addictive. Those who became addicted to crack in many cases quickly lost everything and resorted to criminal actions to support their habits. Men may resort to criminal acts like theft and muggings and some women may use prostitution as solutions.

When a person is at their worst in the midst of crack cocaine addiction, it may seem like an impossible dream that they would ever be able to recover from the addiction and be restored to that enjoyable life again. The Narconon drug and alcohol recovery centers around the world are places where this dream can and does come true.

The Narconon program starts out by helping a person withdraw from crack cocaine addiction without the depression, intense cravings and physical crash that can result without this support. As soon as the crack cocaine addict enters a Narconon center, he or she is given generous doses of the nutritional supplements that provide the body with real energy and stability. Years of crack cocaine generally rob a body of the resources it needs to generate strength, requiring these nutritional supplements to prevent a crash.

This phase is followed by a sauna detoxification program that again uses nutrition plus moderate exercise to flush out the toxins left behind after crack cocaine addiction. This detox has proven over decades of experience to relieve cravings, opening the door for each individual to be able to focus on the recovery of drug-free life skills. While cravings and depression haunt one severely, it is difficult if not impossible.

The Narconon life skills component addresses the loss of ability to communicate and to make drug-free decisions. In addition, each person must find relief from the guilt of acts committed while addicted and know how to maintain personal integrity in the future. The Narconon program provides techniques to teach each recovering person these skills. The result is a person who knows how to operate successfully, who understands and can steer clear of future pitfalls to long-term sobriety.

In rehab centers around the world, the Narconon program has enabled many thousands of cocaine or crack cocaine addiction sufferers to find lasting relief and sobriety. If you are the family member of a person seeking recovery from crack cocaine addiction, contact the Intake Counselors at the international offices of Narconon. They will help you find the closest Narconon center to your location and help you work out how to get your loved one started on this program.

You don’t have to suffer the pain of their addiction any longer. It can be over, without relapse after relapse. Contact Narconon now to learn all the details of the holistic, drug-free recovery program. Call now and get the relief of knowing that the future can be much better than the past for both you and your addicted loved one.

Overcoming Crack Addiction

He was a raw-boned type, looking like he’d spent years in the Texas oil fields or herding cattle. Dark hair, tanned and good looking despite the weathered skin and a certain reticence. This was V.C., survivor of decades years of drug use and addiction and a recent graduate of the Narconon drug rehab program. Quietly and calmly, he told his tale in a Texas twang.

He Started Smoking Marijuana at the Age of 14

Trying Marijuana

At fourteen, he’d started smoking marijuana that a friend of his had brought around. When he started driving and had more mobility, he graduated on to “speed” or amphetamines. Once speed entered his life, the floodgates were wide open to any drug he encountered but he conjectured that if he had not started with marijuana, he would not have progressed to other drug use. Once he first used marijuana, he wasn’t scared of drugs any more so he wasn’t afraid to use anything else he ran into.

Once he started using harder drugs like speed, he soon began to feel exhausted and sick and so gave up these but continued to smoke marijuana. He got married and had children — all the while, continuing to smoke grass. Things weren’t too bad for awhile, despite the marijuana use — until crack cocaine arrived on the scene in the late 1980s.

Hooked on Crack After the First Try

His friends told him good things about this new drug and he thought it over. “Well,” he told himself, “it’s just smoke. You’re already smoking marijuana.” He decided to try it when he got the chance. That was a fateful decision. As soon as he got a good taste of the drug, “it nailed me at the first lick. It was five minutes of pleasure and eighteen hours of agony behind it. You’d almost do anything to get another hit.”

Getting more Crack

Getting more of the drug justified anything he did — he hocked and pawned everything of value, telling himself he would get the things back when he got some money. But when the money came in, he bought more crack.

Then He Started Shooting Up

In those days, he and his friends were making their own crack out of powder cocaine, calling it “freebase.” Before long, he was converting some of his cocaine to crack and shooting the rest.


Commited Criminal Activities for more Drugs

Drugs and Jail Time
For the next 26 years, about half the time he was abusing cocaine and the other half he spent in jail. The jail time was never for drugs, but for all the criminal activities he did to get the drugs: thefts and burglaries.

He never dealt crack because if he had it, he was going to use it. There was never any extra.

21 Day Rehab Didn’t Help

Tried 21 Day Drug RehabHe tried a couple of 21-day rehabs in Texas and a detox. In his twang, he explained that the rehabs “just gave me 21 days of sobriety, other than that, it didn’t help me none.” He’d clean up some and put back on some weight he’d lost. It wasn’t until he found the Narconon program that he learned to get clean and get honest work once again. Soon after he graduated the program, he was back with the wife he had left four years before and making a new, sober life for himself.

Freed from Crack Addiction at Narconon

Free from Crack AddictionThe Narconon program was the tool V.C. found that enabled him to break the grip of decades of crack addiction.

Get the whole story on the way Narconon drug rehab helps long-term cocaine and crack addicts.

The Curse of Cocaine Addiction Can be Reversed with Narconon Drug Rehabilitation

In the US, at any particular point, more than 1.4 million Americans are addicted to cocaine. In addition to this, cocaine’s harsh effects are sending hundreds of thousands of people to hospitals – in 2008, more than 480,000 of the 2 million ER visits due to drugs were attributable to problems with cocaine.

Cocaine Withdrawal

Smoked cocaine (crack) or powder cocaine that usually goes up the nose — both drugs are brutally strong stimulants that increase heart rate and body temperature while they constrict blood vessels. They have been known to cause cardiac arrest or heart attack among seemingly healthy people like the famous case of basketball star Len Bias in 1986. Millions more people lose their health, their possessions, families, jobs and self-respect to the drug.

Millions of families seek addiction recovery for those trapped in crack and powder cocaine use so they can get their loved ones back.

Like any drug, cocaine has its own set of withdrawal symptoms that prevents addicts from being able to walk away from the drug whenever they want. Cocaine withdrawal usually starts with a severe crash of energy. The person in cocaine withdrawal will feel fatigued, agitated, anxious and depressed. He will usually feel restless and may be unable to feel any pleasure in any part of life. She will always feel an intense craving for that stimulating drug again. This all by itself can be so sharp and compelling that it sends the person back to crack or cocaine use again.

One of the reasons that the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is so effective among cocaine addicts is that is offers a tolerable method of getting off the drug and getting started with recovery.

For each cocaine addict starting the Narconon drug rehab program, withdrawal starts with generous doses of nutritional supplements. Research has shown that drugs and other toxic substances deplete the body of its nutritional reserves, and addicts seldom eat well or take good care of themselves. So those starting withdrawal at Narconon centers are usually in rough physical shape. Withdrawal is easier when each person starts getting nutritional help right away.

In addition to B vitamins and vitamin C, those in cocaine withdrawal also get generous doses of calcium and magnesium that relax the muscles and help ease aches. The Narconon supplement program for withdrawal also helps lift nutritional causes of the depression that can be so crushing at this time when you don’t have good support.

Every person in a Narconon withdrawal also is guided through simple, gentle exercises that extrovert the attention and provide relaxation. These exercises are repeated frequently throughout the waking hours. The result is most cases is that the person has mild and tolerable cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

When a person makes it through cocaine withdrawal in a positive manner and when they feel good at the end of it, this puts the whole recovery process in a positive light. No one has to suffer an agonizing, desperate withdrawal from cocaine when the Narconon drug rehabilitation program can make it a tolerable, positive start to a new lifetime of sobriety. Call now to find out how you can help someone you love recover from cocaine addiction.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab