The Vicious Cycle of Addiction

With horror, families of an addicted person watch their loved one destroy himself (or herself) with drugs or drink.  The damage is obvious to them. His health is declining. His morals and ethics are gone or nearly gone. Many times, there have been criminal acts such as selling drugs, thefts, assaults or worse. His family may be gone or about to go or the children may have been taken away. Everything valuable is long gone. “How can he do this to himself? And us?” they ask.

description of the cycle of addiction

So how can he keep taking the drugs or drinking? There have already been overdoses or blackouts or perhaps his life is just passing him by, neglected.

This deterioration is painful, as is the fear that something more dangerous will happen.

How can he possibly do this to himself? He was so bright and his life held so much promise. Doesn’t he see what he is doing to himself?

That’s the problem. To a marked degree, he doesn’t. Why is this? Continue reading

Goals for Getting Help Over New Years for Drug Addiction

new yearsNew Year’s Day is right around the corner, and millions of Americans will be setting goals for themselves to pursue in 2015. What will your New Year’s resolutions be this year? To lose weight? Make more money? Improve your relationships? Travel more? Quit drugs and alcohol? This last one may not be the most common, but it is certainly one that many people from all walks of life will be making. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Issues New Message in Remembrance to Those Lost to Addiction

lossDuring the holiday season this year, the staff and students of Narconon Arrowhead are busy celebrating Christmas with a variety of activities. They kicked off the holidays with a Deck the Halls party, where everyone helped to decorate the building and hang ornaments on the large Christmas tree in the lodge. They helped to decorate and run a float in the Christmas parades in two nearby communities, celebrating the season. Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing with an Addict in Your Life

14 Rules you must never break when dealing with addictionSince there are more than 23 million Americans struggling with drug or alcohol abuse problems, there are many millions more family and other loved ones suffering right along with them. This could make this problem one of our country’s most pervasive ills.

One survey reported that 64% of people have experienced addiction in someone close to them. A father, mother, child, uncle, close friend – it’s not hard to find someone who has lost control of their drug or alcohol consumption.

So it is both important and useful to have some guidelines when you’re dealing with an addicted person. To help you in this crisis situation, here are some Do’s and Don’ts.

Do: Maintain your own balance and integrity. Don’t let the addicted person draw you into using drugs or alcohol with him/her. Also don’t let him convince you that you’re wrong for seeing the problem.

Don’t: Expect results just by asking him/her to quit. It will seldom (if ever) do any good to say, “If you loved me, you’d quit.” The compulsion to get more alcohol or drugs is bigger then he is and it’s usually bigger than his love for his family. It’s just flat-out overwhelming. If you accept this, you can get started on the solution. Continue reading

The Special Addiction Problems of the Aging and Elderly

elderly woman prescription drugsFor a decade or more, businesses have been modifying their products and services to suit the needs of the growing number of Baby Boomers. And with good reason. At this time, there are about 41 million adults 65 and older. But in 15 years, that number is expected to increase to 73 million. When the elderly are addicted to either drugs or alcohol, there are often special considerations that must be taken into account for rehab to succeed.

Addiction among the elderly is increasing but not just because we have greater numbers in that age group. The rate of illicit drug use is also increasing. In 2002, only about 2.7% of people in their 50s used illicit drugs. By 2011, that number had more than doubled to 6.3%. Among men aged 50 – 59, the rate of illicit drug use reached 8%.

Today’s elderly were in the first large wave of Americans trying illicit drugs in the 1960s and may return to this practice if their later lives prove too stressful or lonely. The loss of a spouse or close friends may trigger drug abuse even if the person has been sober for decades. A person who is forced to give up their home and move into assisted living may use more pills than prescribed to cope with the stress. Continue reading

Alcohol in Country Music

Could These Songs Be Encouraging Young People to Drink even More?

girl drinking alcoholAn article on The Guardian website details the alcoholic content of recent country music songs. Sure, country music has always tended to have a pretty high proof. Singers like George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and Hank Williams, Jr. serenaded us about their lives, their problems and their drinking.

The difference today seems to be the proportion of songs that feature drinking. As The Guardian documents, just recently, we have seen these popular country songs:

• Jerrod Neimann, Drink to That All Night
• Little Big Town, Day Drinking
• Dierks Bentley, Drunk On A Plane
• Toby Keith, Drunk Americans
• Lee Brice, Drinking Class
• Brantley Gilbert, Bottoms Up
• Frankie Ballard, Sunshine and Whiskey
• Cole Swindell, Ain’t Worth The Whiskey
• Lady Antebellum, Bartender
• Florida Georgia Line, Sun Daze
• Blake Shelton, Neon Light
• Jason Aldean, Burnin’ It Down Continue reading

Narconon Italy Welcomes Many Guests to Grand Opening

italyThere are more than 100 Narconon drug rehab centers and prevention groups located throughout the world, and November 23rd of this year saw that number increase by one, with the grand opening of the Narconon Argo center. Narconon Argo joins six other Narconon centers in Italy, a country that has been hit hard by problems with abuse and addiction to drugs including heroin. Narconon has been active in Italy, and the centers that have already been delivering the program have achieved success in terms of reaching those in need and helping addicts to make a fresh start in life. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Issues Warning on Synthetic Pot Problem in OK

marijuanaOver the course of the past few years, more and more people have become aware of a drug known as synthetic marijuana. Also referred to commonly by the brand names Spice and K2, or by the euphemistic “herbal incense.” Whatever name you use to talk about this drug, it is a highly dangerous and potentially addictive drug which is in fact not a single chemical substance as is normally the case with drugs, but rather a class of substances which share similar chemical properties and which all have effects similar to cannabis when consumed by humans. Continue reading

Opiates Gradually Overtaking Alcohol as #1 for Treatment Admissions

So far, news media have broadcast stories about two states that report similar rates of rehab admissions for opiates and alcohol. This may not be startling news until you realize that in most states, most years, alcohol far outstrips any other drug in the number of people sent to rehab. Here’s some specifics to look at.

New Jersey: According to Governor Christie, nearly half of all New Jersey admissions to treat-ment in 2013 were due to opiates or synthetic opiates (opioids) like hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lor-tab), oxycodone (OxyContin, Percodan) or heroin.

chart of  rehab admissions for drugs 2007

Chart data source:

Compare that to this chart showing national statistics in 2007 for the drugs sending people to rehab. Alcohol was far and away the top drug driving arrivals at rehab centers. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Discusses Drug Abuse Dangers During Holiday

holiday abuseMany Americans look forward to the holiday season as a time of ongoing festivities, with parties and feasts where they can enjoy drinks with family and friends and overindulge in food and desserts. For others, however, the period from Thanksgiving through New Years Eve represents a time when the stress of trying to keep up with everything and live up to others’ expectations, when the constant reminders of how little one’s life has improved over the past year and how alone one is, and when the ready availability of alcohol all add up to a potential crisis. Many people who have already been struggling with something of a substance abuse problem go over the edge into having a full-blown addiction. Continue reading