What Are The Signs Of Heroin Use In A Loved One

Heroin is a very dangerous illicit drug. It is an opiate and is classified as a depressant. Heroin is highly addictive and many users have admitted being hooked after the first use. Another danger is that the drugs are not created equal. So users do not know the purity of the heroin that they are using. This greatly increases the risk of side effects, overdose and death.

Heroin is most often taken intravenously. However, it can also be smoked, snorted or taken in pill form.  Another method of use is to lace it with other drugs. The side effects can vary depending on the method of consumption.

The Main Warning Signs Of Heroin Use

There are many things to look for to indicate that someone may be using heroin or other drugs. One of the main things to look for are dramatic changes in the person’s life. Here are some areas of life that may be changed:

Performance – This can be work or school related. Is this person doing poorly in class or work where they used to do well? Is there poor attendance? No attendance? Look for area where a person used to do well but is now doing poorly.

Personal care – This is a common sign to many drug users. When a person is on Heroin they may no longer look like they take care of themselves. They may look like their clothes are dirty. Like they aren’t showering or brushing their hair. They can look like they generally don’t care about their personal hygiene.

Recklessness – Someone using heroin often may not care about the consequences of their actions. The may steal money or break the law in order to get their next fix.

Withdrawal from friends, family and activities – Another sign of heroin use could be withdrawal from normal activities. Heroin users often become withdrawn from family and friends that they used to be close to. They may become secretive about who they are spending time with.

There are also physical things to look for if you suspect someone of heroin use:

•    Weight loss
•    Runny nose (no other symptoms of sickness)
•    Track marks in arms from needles
•    Infections or abscesses
•    Loss of menstrual cycle for women
•    Cuts, bruises or scabs

Here is paraphernalia to look for from heroin users. Below are some common items that you might find:

•    Needles or syringes
•    Burned silver spoons
•    Aluminum foil and/or gum wrappers which have burn marks
•    Missing shoelaces. These are often used to tie off veins.
•    Straws with burns.
•    Plastic bags containing white powdery residue
•    Water pipes or other pipes.

In addition to the physical signs listed above, there are definite behavioral signs to look out for as well:

•    Lying or being deceptive
•    Avoiding eye contact
•    Increased sleeping
•    Slurred speech
•    Sudden worsening of job or school performance.
•    Decreasing attention to hygiene and physical appearance
•    Loss of motivation or apathy
•    Withdrawal from friends and family
•    Lack of interest in hobbies and favorite activities
•    Stealing or borrowing money from family and friends, or valuables go missing
•    Hostile behaviors toward family and friends
•    Wearing long pants or long sleeves even in very warm weather. The purpose being to hide track marks.

Help Through Narconon News

Narconon-news.org warns that if you notice someone displaying some of these signs, don’t ignore it. Heroin is a very dangerous drug and you have a chance to quite possibly save this person’s life. It is nearly impossible to quit heroin alone. Please contact us narconon-news.org. We have professionals who can help with the exact treatment needed to get someone off of heroin.