Science Supports What Some People Have Long Thought Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll Linked By Researchers

Parents naturally worry when their children grow to be teens and take off on their own for the first time. When those children head in the direction of drug use and rock and roll concerts, they are right to worry. Drug use is often associated with risky sex and other dangerous behavior.

Now, science has proven links between rock and roll concerts or music, increased drug use and risky sex. In the Netherlands, researchers interviewed nearly a thousand urban students on their musical preferences, attendance at rock concerts, drug and drinking patterns and sexual activity. The journal Pediatrics carried the results.

These three factors meet in an intersection of increased risk. Use of MP3 players at loud volumes correlated with frequent cannabis use; rock concert attendance was related to binge drinking and having sex without use of a condom.

In short, people falling into these categories are living at greater risk of injury, addiction and sexual problems such as unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. When sex and drugs and rock and roll are linked by researchers, the authors of the study naturally want to propose solutions. The tactics proposed in this study are likely to fall far short of improving the situation. Researchers suggested putting up posters at rock concerts to warn about alcohol abuse and unsafe sex, and regulating the volume that can be obtained from headphones. But these measures come far after the problems started.

The Beginnings Of Addiction  When a person begins to use drugs or alcohol, whether or not they use drugs or alcohol again or eventually become addicted has a lot to do with whether or not the experience seems valuable to him (or her). If the person feels less shy, if it seems that problems go far away, if he is no longer worried about failing school or what his parents think, if he feels like he fits in with a group he wants to like him, then the drugs or alcohol he was using will be valuable. He is likely to repeat the experience so he can feel the same relief or apparent improvement again.

Of course, as has happened to millions of people, this substance abuse can easily turn into addiction. Once the person has “solved his problems” with marijuana, alcohol, crack cocaine, heroin or prescription drug abuse a few times or more than a few times, the physical cravings and mental dependence may drive him back into that drug again whether he wants to go there or not. Some drugs take longer than others to cause addiction and some have more pronounced physical withdrawal symptoms than others. Some drugs are so strong that only a few uses can set a person up for addiction. Many people find crack cocaine, methamphetamine and oxycodone to be highly and quickly addictive.

Narconon-News.Org Can Provide Answers

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