Narconon Tijuana Celebrates One Year of Saving Lives

Narconon TijuanaCountries all over the world have felt the effects of rampant drug use. While individual drug users waste away and die from their addictions, society at large also feels the effects of drugs through increased rates of crime and violence. Nowhere has this been more important than in Mexico.

According to the Washington Post, drug cartels (or drug trafficking organizations) have operated in the country for decades, but the amount of drug cartel-related violence has been steadily increasing. In 2006, the Mexican government decided to involve the military in shutting these drug cartels down. Instead of lowering the number of people tortured and murdered by cartels, the numbers have climbed year after year, into the tens of thousands of deaths per year.

When Narconon Tijuana Was Established

Every decent citizen of Mexico knows that more needs to be done to slow the rate of drug abuse in Mexico and the United States. Without the demand for drugs, these cartels would have no one to sell to. With that end in mind, a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center has been established in Tijuana, Mexico. This is one of the hotbeds of drug trafficking, and the center aims to be a vital part of helping solve the problem.

To that end, the center recently held a celebration to mark one year of saving lives in this drug ridden major city. The center has already saved hundreds of lives and helped many addicts go back to living clean and sober. This celebration was a testament to those successes.

In order to celebrate, the staff of the center first held a mass at the Catholic church next to the rehab center. The staff of the center then had the opportunity to share stories of rehabilitation and lives saved with friends and neighbors.

The founder of the center, Padre Jaime Lares, was on hand for the celebration, along with his executive director, Juan Verdugo. Lares built the Narconon center along with his friends and supporters because he wanted to help the drug addicted of his city to live healthier, happier lives. He built the center with his own hands because it is a cause near to his heart. Lares has stated that he would also like to help Narconon programs spread throughout the rest of Mexico.

Along with the staff of the Narconon center, Clark Carr, the president of Narconon International, was present to help celebrate. Reporters from the local TV station and newspaper also showed up to view the opening and hear the rave success stories of graduates.

After the celebration, Narconon International representatives were able to start training staff from forty other rehab centers in the city. The Narconon International staff were able to help these other centers to learn new ways of helping addicts to withdraw from drugs.

On the occasion of their first anniversary, we wish Narconon Tijuana continued success in saving lives from drug addiction. For more information contact us today.

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