Conversion From Prescription Drugs To Street Opiates Means Heroin Abuse Worse With First Time Users Younger

As amazing as it might seem, there are some heroin users who maintain their addictions over decades. They become accustomed to dealing with the varying potency of heroin and any overdoses that occur are never bad enough to kill them. A heroin addict may manage to maintain a habit for forty years although he or she will probably live a marginal life of homelessness and criminality.

There are other heroin addicts that, once they get going, decline into an unhealthy state quickly and then there are those who overdose and lose everything.

The Switch from Prescription Drugs to Street Drugs

While addiction is a tragedy and while prescription drug abuse ruins many people’s lives, there was one advantage to the widespread abuse of prescription drugs that has developed over the last decade. The potency of those pills was predictable. Now, because of changes in formulation of some of the most popularly-abused prescription drugs to make them impossible to abuse, many young people are leaving prescription drugs behind and finding a street drug dealer to sell them heroin.

But this makes heroin abuse worse, first time users younger. And these inexperienced users are not as familiar with the ways of administering heroin so they are overdosing in increasing numbers. In cities across the US, communities are losing too many of their young members.    As usual, this new, destructive phenomenon proves that the only safety is in sobriety. With these factors, heroin abuse worse, first time users younger, we run the risk of losing many young lives before they have the chance to recover from their addictions in effective rehabilitation programs.


Narconon Reviews Show that This Program Provides Lasting Recovery

In more than a dozen Narconon centers across the US, several hundred people who have become addicted to prescription drugs or street drugs are recovering their sobriety at any particular moment. This program has been providing sobriety to seven out of ten people who go through the program and has had this excellent result since its early days.

Narconon reviews by families and those who graduate this program talk about this lasting sobriety those who complete the program achieve. Statistically, it’s seven out of ten graduates who maintain sobriety for the two years of after-program monitoring, or longer.   Graduates talk about how this program cuts back or even eliminates their cravings, an essential improvement if a person is to live a quality life after addiction.

Parents and siblings talk about having that person back that they love, that was once lost to addiction.   Once cravings are reduced, each person can focus on learning the skills that will enable them to steer a sober path in the future. There is even a phase of this recovery program that sharpens and freshens a person’s perceptions and ability to communicate.

Anyone who has lived with an addicted person knows that drugs drive them out of touch with reality and makes communication difficult, even disjointed. One person completing these phases of recovery said that her family told her it was the first time they had been able to have a coherent conversation with her in years. But she had always been unaware of the problem until it was relieved by the Narconon program.

According to Narconon reviews, this can be the program that brings someone you love back to you again, free from the grip of addictive drugs. Call today to find out all about the eight phases of addiction recovery in the Narconon program. Call 1-800-775-8750 today.