Increasing an Individual’s Responsibility Level on the Rehab Program

Narconon Arrowhead Course RoomThrough the use of the co-counseling portion of the Narconon Arrowhead program the addicts in recovery are helping each other improve their lives as they work on improving their own addiction issues.

Often addicts can be self-centered and focused primarily on themselves ignoring others in their life. By helping another addict to begin to regain control of his/her life over addiction the addict begins to break this pattern of behavior.

You will then begin to see a higher level of responsibility in the individual.

Success Story from Narconon Arrowhead

“I got hooked on drugs at a very early age.  Every drug I ever tried, it seems like I was addicted to it before I even used it.  I was always substituting one drug for another to try to get my habit under control, only to end up hooked on a different substance, one worse than the other, until I finally hit the big time, Heroin.

It cured me from my other addictions for some time.  It then, like all the others, took control and sent me spiraling into complete failure.  I tried many different rehabs and methods to overcome this powerful addiction, methadone clinics, N.A., A.A., 30-programs, six-month program and none of them ever worked.

I always ended up back on “the dope.”  I finally gave up.  I just figured it was hopeless to even try to kick this “evil Jeannie” that I had to have in my blood to breathe and keep me alive.  That was until I found Narconon, a totally drug-free facility.

I was nervous and scared, but still excited to come and end my addiction for good.  After a very painful and sleepless withdrawal, I felt hope and looked back on all the times I had tried to quit before.  It dawned on me that this time my kick wasn’t too painful or sleepless as it had been so many times before.

I knew then that this time would be the last.  I now have a drug-free, healthy life thanks to Narconon!!!”



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