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Desperate Krokodil Addict Recovers

Of all the addictions, as terrible as they all are, perhaps the most desperate is an addiction to Krokodil. This is a drug that started being home-cooked in Russia by heroin addicts. Someone realized that they could buy over-the-counter headache medication that contained codeine and strip the opiate base out of it. Then when this drug was injected, it would have an effect similar to that of heroin but it would not last as long.

In these kitchen drug labs, the most caustic and damaging chemicals are used to strip out the opiate. Chemicals like gasoline, lighter fluid, iodine, lye and the phosphorus from the red tips of matches. There is some slight effort, usually, to filter impurities out of the resulting liquid but running the liquid through some paper filters would do nothing to remove caustic chemicals from the final solution. Continue reading

John’s Drug and Alcohol Use

John is clean-cut and athletic, with short blond hair and sharp features. His quick movements and speech reveal his alert intelligence. But through all of his teens and young adulthood, he was headed for complete self-destruction through drugs. And it all started when he was just seven years old.

Drug Use Age 7

At that age, after a short multiple-choice test at his school, he was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Ritalin, a strong stimulant drug. His small initial dosage kept growing over the years until it had multiplied to six times his original dosage by the time he was 21 years old.

Ritalin Use to Feel Normal

His years of being given Ritalin by his mother and his doctor convinced him of one thing: He needed to take a drug to feel normal. From that idea it was a simple step to start abusing alcohol and marijuana in his early teens.

When he and his older brother started hanging out with older kids, he got introduced to LSD and mushrooms as well. He quickly found out that alcohol was the drug he preferred.

Abusing Alcohol Marijuana LSD

Drugs and Alcohol Start Ruining John’s Education

Drug Dragging Grades Down

By the time he was in high school, the effect of the drugs began to drag his grades down. He barely graduated and only made it into college with the help of a family friend. But then, since all he was doing was partying and using drugs, he flunked out in his first year.

That was the same year he began to abuse cocaine, finding the effect to be very similar to the effect of the Ritalin he was still being prescribed. The stimulating effects of the cocaine allowed him to stay up longer and drink more.

But the outside world began to interfere in his drugs and drinking. He began to be arrested for malicious mischief or DUIs. After he hit and broke a telephone pole while high on marijuana, his actions got the attention of his family who got him to rehab for the first time. It was the first time he wanted help too.

John’s First Rehab: Librium and Valium as Treatment

Librium Valium Prescribed by Rehab

This first program was a standard 28-day program. The primary treatment was medication and meetings. He was immediately given Librium and Valium and began to attend the meetings.

He left the program after 12 days but continued to go to meetings. In every meeting, he met people who had been trying to recover but were back in the meetings again after failing at sobriety, never recovering fully from their addictions. In his mind, this seemed to give him the justification he needed to start drinking again and in two weeks, he was back to hitting the bottle.

Back to Drinking Alcohol

Now he was convinced he had an incurable disease, like they had told him in the rehab. He got back into all his preferred drugs: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine. He was still taking Ritalin but most of the time crushed it and snorted it to get a stronger effect from the drug.

The Life of Constant Lying Begins

Soon he was living at home again, pretending he was going to college and picking up odd jobs as he could. Most of his money was going to the bar where he was doing his drinking. His drugs, he mooched from his friends. About this time, he said, “It was such a pit of existence that I was stuck in and I didn’t know how to get out. And it only got worse after that.”

His family continued to try to help him but he seemed unable to stay sober. He wanted to get away from their constant help and supervision and found a job selling furniture while traveling from state to state. This enabled him to keep using drugs without anyone trying to help him.

He was making plenty of money but most of it was going to drugs. Now that he was more flush, he started using more cocaine.

Using More Cocaine

He started using eightballs — an eighth of an ounce — per night. He hated the feeling cocaine gave him but found himself unable to stop.

His Father’s Death Brings John to a Turning Point

The turning point of his life came when he tried to go home to see his father just before he died. In a fateful coincidence, he got bumped to first class on the flight home, where he got all the free alcohol needed to get him completely drunk by the time he landed. His family refused to allow him to visit his father drunk. But by the morning when John was sober, his father had passed away.

Father Passed Away

He swore at that point that he would get his life together. It took a few months and one more car accident for him to turn that promise into action. After that accident, covered with blood but relatively uninjured, he looked at himself in the mirror and got honest with himself for the first time. He had to decide how to break the news to his family that he’d been using drugs because they thought he’d been doing great while he was on the road. The next day he was on a Greyhound bus for Narconon.

Greyhound Bus to Narconon

“I came to Narconon knowing that this was my last stop,” he said. “I knew I needed help and I was ready to do whatever it took.”

Getting Sober Wasn’t the Only Thing that Happened at Narconon

He not only got completely sober at Narconon, he also dedicated himself to saving others from drugs. Instead of going on the road to sell furniture and use drugs, John hit the road to deliver drug education classes in schools across the midwest states. In the next few years, he would reach more than 200,000 children face-to-face.

After feeling betrayed by his constant use of drugs, John’s family was upset with him for quite some time. Now, because of his lasting sobriety, John and his family are reconciled.

Narconon Drug Counselor

“The Narconon drug rehab program not only helped me get sober, it helped me understand why I had started using drugs in the first place,” John concluded. “And that helped me find lasting sobriety. Now I can bring my understanding to others through my drug education lectures to schoolchildren.”

Narconon Grad | Drugs: It’s all about the money!

Narconon graduate speaks out about how he went to the Narconon drug rehab program to get help.

Hey, not for nothing, but it’s all about the money. I got into the drug biz because the money was good. I justified whatever I had to do to get the money. God made weed and cocaine and it’s my job to move it.

Sooner or later though I figured out that I’m killing all my friends. If I front somebody a little bit of dope and he don’t have the money – what am I gonna do? Let him go? No I’m coming to collect. And then I figured out that when he leaves town with his wife and kids, then I’m responsible for that. That’s when the game starts to change. When I realized, you know what, I ain’t such a good guy. So the place that I went to to balance the scales was Narconon.

The Narconon drug rehab program has helped thousands of people recover from drug addiction. If you know someone who needs help, contact a Narconon drug rehab counselor right away.

Narconon Riverbend Louisiana Drug Rehabilitation

Narconon Riverbend Louisiana Drug Rehabilitation

Narconon Louisiana Drug RehabNarconon Riverbend is a Narconon drug rehabilitation center located in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Narconon Riverbend opened the doors in 2006.

Just like the other Narconon drug rehabilitation centers, Narconon Riverbend helps people get off the most addicting drugs as painlessly as possible using drug-free withdrawal methods.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program helps handle the physical cravings for drugs through a sauna detoxification process.

A series of life skills courses that the students complete through out the drug rehab program helps to put the student back in control over his or her life and gives them the tools necassary to succeed in life.

Here are a few Narconon graduate success stories of students who were in the begining or middle of their program:

“When I first started the whole program, I had been reducing my drug and alcohol intake and thought I was feeling good.  All that changed when I started Sauna.  At first, I didn’t think it would work.  The first day I had a manifestation.  I smelled like beer.  That changed my mind.  I started working the sauna program exactly as I was instructed.  The first few days I had a few manifestations and re-stems, but no skin reactions to the Niacin.  At 1,000 mgs I had my first and last major reaction.  I had a full-body flush.  I was miserable.  From that day on, I could feel my body and mind start undergoing major changes.  I could tell my stamina had improved immensely and I didn’t get tired while running, something I hadn’t been able to do in years.  My thought process started to clear and I was able to look at things the way the really are.”  TP

“I am currently in the beginning of book 1 and my body and mind are starting to feel good. Each and every day that I’m here I feel better about myself. While I was using I wasn’t aware of how clouded my mind was. After being here a little more than a week I’ve already started to notice the change that will occur in a new life of sobriety.” JB

“I knew very little about the Narconon Program when I arrived. Now that I’ve been here a few days I am very touched by the care and sincere concern the staff exhibits for each student. Everyone has offered all the time, effort and support necessary to help me move forward with my life. I am already more in touch with myself and the present moment and I can feel the difference. I know I will have good and bad days in the weeks ahead, but I look forward to completing the Narconon Program.” TW

“When I first came to the Narconon withdrawal program, I totally didn’t want to be here. Now, after being in withdrawal for some time, I am so grateful for it. My sleep is back to normal. I’m eating well and I feel absolutely great. It is a bit emotional because I was so suppressed by anti-depressants and drugs. The withdrawal program has made me more comfortable in my own skin and has let me clear my head of negative thoughts. I have a great start to getting my life back and that in itself is exciting. I am looking forward to the next phase of the program and what I can continue to do to live a happy, sober life.” LR

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Narconon Melbourne Drug Rehabilitation Center in Australia

Narconon Melbourne Drug RehabNarconon Melbourne is located in Warburton, Australia. Melbourne has been helping people get off drugs since 2001. Since then, hundreds of people have come to this center to get help with drug addiction.

Not only does Narconon Melbourne get people off drugs, but Melbourne also delivers drug education to the schools and people in their community to help prevent others from using drugs.


Here are a few success stories from some Narconon Melbourne Drug Rehab graduates.

“I came to Narconon eleven months ago, I was at a point in life where I wanted to no longer live. I had had enough and just didn’t want to go on. My journey here has been a rollercoaster. I have had many emotional days and just couldn’t work out the ‘whys’ to what was happening in my life but I stuck out the program and I will forever be in debt to Narconon and the fantastic staff. For people that didn’t know me, they knew me better than I knew myself. Many days I complained that they were trying to break me and didn’t know what they were talking about, but I was wrong. They know what they are teaching and I am now a better person, more confident and I owe it to all the staff for believing in me. A fantastic time here and I hope everyone can experience what I am right now. Thanks Narconon.”


“I am in a beautiful place surrounded by amazing people. I had a great birthday which I remember and will for time immemorial, because I spent it sober around true friends. I have started a job which I truly love and am on a path to a life I have always desired. My success is that I couldn’t ask for anything more in life and I couldn’t be any happier!!”


“I am a restaurateur. Being a waiter as my occupation, I enjoyed working with chefs and other waiters and waitresses as well as a social life with my patrons. As years went by I found myself having high cholesterol, partly causing by unhealthy food eating. So I have been told by my patrons that “red wine” may help lowering cholesterol. Since then I started drinking red wine and became habit, even my alcohol consuming kept increasingly. Eventually I became an alcoholic. I’ve been advised by my family members seeking for help with detoxifying rehabilitation. Luckily they sent me to Narconon for withdrawal. In here one part of the program I’m having is sauna which I recognized as the main key for my recovery. Surprisingly in my 13th day in sauna I discovered my face towel used for wiping sweat, that the “reddish colored look” stain appeared on my towel. I believed it is the residue of the “red wine”.

Here is an article about the Narconon Suncoast Drug Rehab Center.

Narconon Suncoast Florida Drug Rehab Graduate Success Story

Narconon Suncoast RehabilitationThe Narconon Suncoast drug rehabilitation center is located in Spring Hill, Florida.

Here is a success story from one of the graduates.

“At this moment and time I don’t even have the words to describe the sence of accomplishment I have right now. This program has not only given me my life back, but has changed it drastically.

Before I came to Narconon Suncoast my life was in shambles. I didn’t know my right from left or good or bad anymore. I came from a wonderful family with a great life.

At the age of 13, my father lost his sight from a stroke that hit his optic nerves. I went to sleep with my dad being able to see me and woke up with him not. I didn’t know exactly how to handle that at all so I started to smoke marijuana. My grades in school started to slip and my family and I were fighting constantly. I did that for a few years until it became more of a routine than fun anymore.

At the age of 16 my sister Jamie committed suicide and took her own life with anti-depressants and asprin. At that point I was ready to give up. The pot wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and took my first oxycodone. Within 6 months I was hooked and needing it to function every day. I was lying, stealing, cheating, getting arrested and loosing my family by the day. I was never home and if I was, I would be in my room hiding from my family and trying to escape from life.

The relationship that I had with my brother went from crappy to non-existent as well as the relationship with my mom and dad. I was sick everyday and didn’t want to live anymore. I lost trust, confidence and the feeling of loving life.

After I got out of jail for the last time, my dad came up to me and cried to have his little girl back. After a few days of suffering I finally gave in and expressed I needed help.

I went to detox and was tapered off the drugs.Then I came to the Suncoast Rehabilitation Center and started learning how to live life again without the use of any kinds of substances.

  • Book 1 really helped me to be comfortable with myself and my environment and confront my problems.
  • Book 2 or the sauna rather cleaned all the horrible things that were still in my body out and I felt renewed again sort of like a dirty dish that went through the dishwasher and came out clean. I felt like I did before I ever started using drugs. Physically I was back to my old self and felt amazing.
  • Book 3 got me to study correctly again, which I wish I could have known before I went though any college classes. That’s for sure.
  • Book 4 changed my life literally and helped me to realize the undenying problems I had and how to handle them.
  • Book 5 brought me to an understanding of why certain people act the way they do and how to handle, discover/disconnect from personal situations with friends or acquaintances.
  • Book 6 was a great book and I really took it to heart. You learn about the different areas in your life and how each one affects the other. You also learn to really step up and own up to the things in your life you’re responsible for. I was responsible for all horrible things that were happening because of my actions.
  • Book 7 helped me fix past conditions that kept me from moving on in life.
  • Book 8, The Way to Happiness, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a book that shows you “the way to happiness”.

I now have my life back. I am happy to be alive and happy to be clean. I have my confidence back, the trust and love of my family and a wonderful future ahead of me. The staff at Suncoast drug rehab saved my life and I thank them everyday for that. I am glad to say that the old Amada is back and better than ever, thanks to the Narconon program.”

– A.S. Narconon Suncoast Drug Rehabilitation Center Program Graduate

Narconon Graduate Success Stories

Narconon Graduate Success StoriesI have completed the Narconon program and I have my life back. This program has given me many useful tools to use in my life and to stay drug-free. I have enjoyed every step of this program. Thank you, Narconon. JC

I feel really good about my completion of the Narconon program. I got a lot out of this place. Most importantly, I got myself back. I am confident I can do a great job when I leave here and apply all the concepts I learned here. I am appreciative of all the people who helped me and I am excited about all the wins I’ve had. EB

It is an incredible achievement completing this program. I have regained my sense of self-worth, my dignity and my soul. Before this program I was a broken man with no direction and now after the program I am a man full of confidence and ambition. I know that I have a purpose on this earth and now I am ready to achieve it.

If you guide your life by “The Road to Happiness,” you will find happiness. You will have honor, respect, love, companionship, trust, belief, hope and a true sense of well being, which is security. Thank you Narconon! DB

Not only am I free from addiction, but this program is helping me become a better person with each passing day. RC

Today, I am 49-years-old. I am sober. I am happier than I have ever been. My spirit is soaring far above my expectations. I am still learning. HM

I feel empowered upon completing book 8. I know I have all the skills and knowledge I need to live a productive, drug-free life. I have never felt this good on the inside about myself and I have never been this healthy on the outside. Narconon has given me my life back and I am very grateful. I am a new person with drive, ambition and a new-found confidence. I am ready to take on the world! RW

Book 7 was my favorite so far. I have written my conditions and worked the formulas and I am in Normal on most. I can apply these formulas to all aspects of my life. TL

My conditions and my dynamics have been so out of “sync,” but since I have been at Narconon and understanding the technology, I realize I am in great shape now and will continue to work on improving my conditions. It is a win for me to know I was not an evil person in the past. I was a daughter, a good, great daughter who cared about my family and others, a daughter who was loving, kind and giving. I am a daughter, sister and a trustworthy friend, now. DS

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Narconon Drug Rehab Graduate Stories

Narconon Drug Rehab Success StoriesI believe that his program has saved my life. I have learned so much here. I don’t know where to begin. I am so happy and I am ready to move along with my new life. JS

How do I express my heart-felt gratitude for this technology? It has saved my life and has given me a new life and ways and means to live my new life happy, successful and sober. That is how I will express my gratitude, by leading and living the precious gift of life I have been given. Thank you! DS

This program has saved my life. I have learned so much. I have learned how to confront other people and situations in my life. The sauna was my favorite part of the program. I got to get rid of all the toxins in my body. I felt wonderful once I finished the sauna. I have never felt better. I have learned a lot of great technology in books five through eight. I have learned about social and anti-social people. I know I should stay away from the anti-social. I experienced great relief. Book 8 was a good book. It was stuff I should have already known, but wasn’t doing when I was using. With the knowledge I have now, I know I will flourish and prosper in life. I feel great. JS

I have completed the program. I am very glad to have been given the opportunity to come here. I have learned a lot since being here that will aid in my future to be a productive, ethical member of society. I am also glad to have been given the opportunity to stay and train. LS

What Narconon has given me is beyond words. I came here to quit drugs. That and so much more happened. I found out who I am. I let go of all of my pain. I am no longer trapped in my head. I confronted myself and the bad things I have done. This allowed me to no longer have to live with these things. I have learned what it means to be a good person. I am happy and free. I am comfortable in my own skin. My life is manageable. I have hope and confidence. I no longer view other people as the enemy. I trust and love again. I know I will be able to help others and I am no longer a danger to society. I feel better than I ever imagined possible. KD

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Story of Heroin Addiction and the Narconon Rehabilitation Program

Here’s a story that we would like to share with you of an ex-heroin addict who graduated the Narconon drug rehabilitation program in Russia.

Leonid Narconon Russia Drug Rehab15 years ago he was addicted to herion, methadone and other drugs. He thought that he could cope with only using a little bit of heroin here and there. He eventually ended up at the bottom.

Heavy pains, nausea, terrible emotional pains and growing anxieties, accompanied him anytime he didn’t have his dose.

Multiple drug treatments at different rehabilitation programs failed and so he always ended up back on the street looking for the next fix.

He eventually could not afford the expensive heroin anymore and so moved on to using other synthetic drugs, which “literally turned me into a zombie”, he said. He lost all of his belongings and friends. He didn’t feel human anymore.

One night he was laying down and thinking about what he was going to do to find a way out of the situation he was in and how he could beat addiction and go back to his former good state of life without drugs.

LeonidHe found a way to contact his family and found help through these hard times. Rather accidentally he found out about a drug rehabilitation program called Narconon.

He thought, “I should try it. I have nothing to lose anyway.” So he did.

He didn’t think the Narconon drug rehabilitation center would work because the other rehabs didn’t work out very well. After arriving and being on the Narconon program for some time, he noticed that he was doing better and was surrounded by good people. He realized that the rehabilitation program was really working.

After completing the drug detoxification process, he noticed his addiction was gone. The toxins had left his body and he regained his life.

He ended up staying to work at the Narconon center and is now helping others get off drugs.

Even after 15 years he can say that he no longer has the desire to use drugs.

Leonid aired on TVSeveral years ago he spoke on the Ukrainian TV channel, which aired the story of his life and how he got rid of drug addiction.

You can see his interview and performance by Marina Gribanovo famous Ukrainian anti-drug lecturer on the Russian Narconon blog.

Article about Narconon Russia Drug Education.

Narconon Drug Education Surveys in South Texas

The Narconon drug education program in South Texas is doing very well. They have delivered drug education presentations to thousands of school children.

Our primary goal delivering the drug education presentation in schools are:

  • Helping children stay away from drugs.
  • To inform them what drugs do to your body and mind.
  • Help them tell their family and friends the truth about drugs.

These are some of the schools that Narconon South Texas delivered the drug education presentation to:

  • Villa Nueva Elementary (3rd, 4th and 5th grade) 3-1-05
  • Rio Hondo Elementary (4th 5th grade) 2-25-05
  • Harlingen High School (North & South) New Direction group 3-1-05

Each time we deliver the Narconon drug education program we have them fill out a survey to tell us what they got out of the presentation.

Here are the Questions:

  1. Can you tell us what you thought of talk, and Why?
  2. Did your thoughts about drugs change after hearing the talk?
  3. How can you use what you learned?

These are some of the answers that the students filled out on the surveys:

South Texas Drug Education

  1. I thought it was good because I learned some stuff that I did not know.
  2. Yes, because I learned it can kill you.
  3. By telling my cousins not to do drugs.

  1. Make sense cause I’m starting losing my sight.
  2. Yes
  3. By telling other people.

  1. Very informational and really not as boring as every other speaker I have heard. You got you point a cross and let me see more than I have.
  2. Yes, I know it was bad and I loved the way you presented.
  3. I can tell my friends and anyone important to me.

Drug Education South TX

  1. It was very interesting and innovating because it helped me learn things I didn’t know about drugs.
  2. Yes.
  3. I could help prevent my family from using drugs.

  1. It was good because it may help someone understand who want’s to try drugs or is doing them.
  2. Yeah, but I never think of doing drugs.
  3. Tell someone family member’s or a friend how drugs will effect in way they may not know about.

  1. I thought it was very interesting.
  2. Yeah, a little.
  3. I can tell my family what drugs can do to them.

  1. It was educational. I thought it was good.
  2. No, I already had those thoughts.
  3. Tell other people about some of those things.

  1. Very good, good info.
  2. Yes.
  3. I’ll think twice before I do something again.

South Texas Drug Education

  1. It is good because it helps from getting in drugs.
  2. It changed my mind so I would no longer take drugs.
  3. I could use it by helping my dad.

Each one of these answers are from a student who attended the Narconon drug education and prevention presentation.

For additional information, please contact us any time and feel free to ask about our drug education or rehab program. We can answer any other questions you may have about drugs at or give us a call.